Announcement from National Editor Steven Ginsberg and National Assignment Editors Rachel Van Dongen and Sara Sorcher:

We’re excited to announce that Bastien Inzaurralde will join PowerPost as a newsletter researcher. Bastien will help curate and write the new cybersecurity and technology newsletters, while also lending his talents to The Finance 202.

Bastien joined The Post during the 2016 election and quickly became an integral part of our political video team. His ability to spot patterns in speeches led to a breakdown of Trump’s unique speaking style, as well as a video chronicling Vice President Pence’s penchant for discussing Trump’s strength and “broad-shouldered leadership.”

A skilled videographer and storyteller who speaks multiple languages, Bastien traveled from Juarez, Mexico to Denver with a group of workers with temporary U.S. visas to work landscaping jobs. He interviewed a George Washington University Hospital trauma surgeon about how assault-style rifles lead to more devastating wounds than handguns. And he was here in the office each time Congress came close to shutting down the government – or actually did –often working late into the night to ensure we didn’t miss a shot.

Before  joining The Post, Bastien was a freelance video journalist for The Guardian and the Associated Press in New York. He has also worked as a freelancer in Paris for the AP and the Christian Science Monitor. He grew up in France and studied journalism at Arizona State University as a Fulbright scholar in 2010 and 2011.

Please join us in congratulating Bastien on his new job, which will start on May 7.