Announcement from Graphics Director Chiqui Esteban and Senior Graphics Editor Tim Meko:

We are happy to announce that Joe M. Fox is joining the graphics team as a graphics reporter.

Joe arrives from the Los Angeles Times, where he was a graphics and data journalist and produced unique visual takes on a wide range of topics, from the devastation caused by the Thomas fire, to the perfect seat to avoid sunburn at Dodgers stadium, to mapping every shot Kobe Bryant ever took —  all 30,699 of them. 

In addition to this coverage, he had fun creating twitter bots, in case you needed a color scheme, or were curious about what recent inventions would be if they were replaced by burritos

A native Ohioan and an Indians supporter, Joe is a graduate of Ohio University, where he studied not only journalism but also computer science and mathematics.

Joe’s first day with us will be June 18. Please join us in welcoming Joe to The Post.