The Washington Post today announced the launch of “Anna’s Science Magic Show Hooray,” an original YouTube channel that brings variety show-style storytelling to science, health and technology. In addition to the full-length animated show, Anna Rothschild, science reporter for The Post’s Video team, will field children’s science questions in a weekly feature called “Anna’s Help Desk.”

“Anna is the best ambassador for science and curiosity on YouTube and now she is part of the world class newsroom of the Washington Post. This is an important and exciting step in audience building to speak to many generations with the values that are core to our mission – truth, storytelling and asking great questions,” Michelle Jaconi, executive producer of creative video said.

With a focus on audience interaction, Rothschild will answer viewer-submitted science questions in weekly “Help Desk” videos, bringing the answers to life through self-produced animation, interviews, songs and whimsical commentary.

Longer episodes of “Anna’s Science Magic Show Hooray” will be released every other month on YouTube and will feature a question from a celebrity, interviews with scientists and in-house animation. In the first episode, Rothschild explores the answer to wrestling star John Cena’s question, “Why do we have butts?”

Rothschild aims to create a family viewing experience that help kids and their parents learn more about science together.“From slime to outer space, this channel values inquiry – from the small to the big. There is still so much we have to learn, even about things that are part of our daily life,” said Rothschild. “I hope this show helps parents be emissaries of curiosity since kids absorb so much information when their parents are along for the ride.”

Rothschild is a science reporter known for her PBS/NOVA YouTube series, “Gross Science,” which has amassed over 22 million views and won the 2016 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award for Children’s Science News.

Watch “Anna’s Science Magic Show Hooray” on YouTube.