The Washington Post today announced it will launch its first-ever World Cup newsletter that will guide readers to The Post’s latest World Cup coverage, recap the significance of the previous day’s matches and set the stage for the day ahead. Readers can sign up for the newsletter here.

“We tested this pop-up newsletter model for the Winter Olympics and found it was hugely successful,” said Tessa Muggeridge, newsletter and alerts editor at The Post. “The World Cup games will be played across 12 sites in 11 cities. With so much information to consume, the newsletter will serve as a single destination for readers to stay on top of the latest news, analysis and stats.”

The newsletter will be anchored by The Post’s Scott Wilson and feature his insight on the global tournament as a sporting event and forum for international politics.

“Putinism will hover over this event, which will be played in several former Soviet republics as well as Russia, just as it did during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. We want the newsletter to capture this magic and hidden camaraderie, plus the conniving and rivalry the game is also known for,” said Wilson.

Readers will be notified when and how to watch the matches, the latest standings and goal leaders and of in-depth features on players, managers and matches. The newsletter will be delivered by 6 p.m. EST each match day from June 13 to July 15, 2018.

The Post’s Soccer Insider blog will also be updated regularly with on-the-ground reporting and analysis from Sports reporters Steven Goff and Chuck Culpepper, Moscow bureau chief Anton Troianovski, Moscow correspondent Amie Ferris-Rotman, Foreign Affairs writer Ishaan Tharoor, and Contributing Global Opinion writers Afshin Molavi and Stefan Szymanski.

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