Announcement from Graphics Director Chiqui Esteban and Senior Graphics Editor Tim Meko:

We are happy to announce that Kevin Schaul has been promoted to Senior Graphics Editor.

Kevin came to The Post in 2014, after graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in computer science. He has been a key part of some of our most successful projects, including the innovative experiences created for Raising Barriers and The Waypoint. He has also built the templates used in a wide array of projects. When we were contemplating distinctive approaches to James Comey’s congressional hearing last summer, Kevin came up with a way to track cable networks; chyrons live to compare how the networks covered the event. More recently, Kevin has been focused on politics, explaining the tax overhaul, the Democratic chances to take over the House,  and working on our new election results pages. 

Kevin is a great collaborator who has created very successful partnerships around the newsroom. He has become a source of innovation for the entire graphics staff and has made us more ambitious and successful. A native Chicagoan and a Cubs fan, Kevin is also immersed in photography and distance running.

Please join us in congratulating Kevin on his new role.