A team of Washington Post award-winning writers, photographers and designers will author a 128-page commemorative tribute book looking back at the Washington Capitals’ 2017-18 season that led them to win the Stanley Cup. “Worth the Wait: The Washington Capitals’ Memorable Journey to the 2018 Stanley Cup” will be published by Triumph Books and is scheduled for release on June 20, 2018.

“This has been a historic season for the Capitals, who have brought D.C. its first major pro-championship in more than 25 years,” said Matt Vita, sports editor at The Washington Post. “Through the tribute book, we have cemented all the major moments of the season leading up to the Stanley Cup in a special collectable item for their fans.”

Readers can pre-order the book here. “Worth the Wait” will be carried at D.C.-area Barnes & Noble, Costco, WalMart, 7-11, CVS and Rite Aid stores. An eBook edition will also be available.

Readers can also pick up an expanded print edition of The Post on June 11, 2018, which will include a special commemorative section dedicated to the Capitals’ win.