Announcement from Local Editor Mike Semel, Deputy Local Editor Monica Norton and Local Enterprise Editor Lynda Robinson:

We are thrilled to announce that Jessica Contrera will be joining the Local Enterprise team.

Jessica, one of the newsroom’s most talented young writers, arrived at The Post as a Style intern in 2014. In just four years, she has established herself as a journalist able to find, report and write ambitious, compelling stories, whether about a group of Parkland kids struggling to be teens again, parents grappling with a white supremacist son after Charlottesville or a West Virginia health clinic where President Trump’s vow to end Obamacare threatened his supporters’ medical care. Jessica and Caitlin Gibson won a National Education Writers Award for The Screen Age, a series that featured Jessica’s breathtaking story on a 13-year-old Virginia girl growing up in the digital age.

Jessica, who graduated from Indiana University’s Ernie Pyle Scholars Program, grew up in Akron and adores LeBron James (even if he leaves the Cavaliers again) and all things Ohio. She even claims to love weather stories. She’ll be tested on that soon enough. Please join us in congratulating Jessica; she starts July 9.