The Lily, a women-focused publication from The Washington Post, today announced its new series, “When Used Correctly,” which delves into the most commonly asked questions surrounding contraception. Episodes can be streamed on Instagram’s IGTV and on Facebook Watch.

“There is an abundance of unchecked information about contraception on the Internet, so we created ‘When Used Correctly’ to address the concerns and issues women talk about the most in a way that is both relatable and informative. We want to address the questions we talk about when we’re with our friends, what we don’t know to ask our doctors,” said Amy King, editor-in-chief of The Lily. “Working with a new platform like IGTV builds on the success The Lily has seen with its platform-first approach to distribution.”

Each episode lasts two to three minutes and will feature personal stories about contraception from real women along with expert voices. Together they will tackle subjects such as how a woman’s body changes throughout her menstrual cycle to when birth control was first introduced in pop culture. Stories showcasing the intersection of contraception and topics like technology, law and history will also be featured.

In the first episode, women share their experiences of obsessively searching the Internet to find out more information on contraceptives, a search that often leads to misinformation and confusion.