The Washington Post today introduces ‘The Week in Ideas’ newsletter, which will be offered exclusively to Post subscribers. Curated by Editorial Page Editor Fred Hiatt, the newsletter will feature a collection of the week’s most intriguing opinion pieces on topics outside the headlines.

“I’ll be highlighting interesting pieces that are a little bit off the news, but that we think you might find uplifting, challenging, thought-provoking, moving or just fun to read on a Sunday morning,” said Hiatt.

‘The Week in Ideas’ is the first newsletter to launch as a subscriber-exclusive benefit and follows The Post’s introduction of “American Stories,” a podcast-style audio series available only to subscribers.

“As our readership continues to grow, we want to give our subscribers increased value for their investment and support,” said Miki King, VP of Marketing at The Post. “Newsletters are an attractive avenue, since they provide subscribers with a direct connection to our world-class journalism.”

‘The Week in Ideas’ will publish Sunday mornings at 7:00am EST.