Announcement from Foreign Editor Douglas Jehl: 

I’m pleased (but also conflicted) to announce that Mary Beth Sheridan, the deputy foreign editor, will return to reporting later this year as a Mexico and Central America correspondent, based in Mexico City.  

 For Mary Beth, this will also mark a return to Mexico, where she spent five years as a correspondent for the Los Angeles Times. She is a fluent Spanish speaker, a relentless reporter and a fluid writer – and, as anyone who knows her will tell you, she remains deeply invested in coverage of Latin America.

 A second chance to cover Mexico, Mary Beth tells me, was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up – and it was one that I couldn’t begrudge (though I will greatly miss her good judgment and wise counsel).

 Mary Beth began her career as a freelancer in Spain, then joined the Associated Press, where she served for four years as a correspondent in Rome. She was a Knight-Bagehot fellow at Columbia University and a Latin America correspondent for the Miami Herald, based in Colombia, before moving on to Mexico and the L.A. Times.  She joined The Post in 2001 to cover immigration, then homeland security, then diplomacy, and spent a year at Harvard as a Nieman Fellow. She is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross.

Since joining the foreign desk in 2013, Mary Beth has distinguished herself as a thoughtful, perceptive and dedicated leader. She took turns running our coverage of Asia and then the Middle East. Even after becoming deputy in 2015, she remained in charge of most Africa and Latin America coverage, overseeing some of our finest narrative storytelling.

In moving to Mexico, Mary Beth will work with incoming bureau chief Kevin Sieff. She will succeed Josh Partlow, who will return to the newsroom at year’s end after more than a decade as a foreign correspondent. We expect that Mary Beth will take up her new responsibilities in December, after some time preparing for the role.