Announcement from Sports Editor Matt Vita: 

I’m excited to announce that Les Carpenter is returning to The Post to cover the Washington Redskins.

This will be Les’s second tour with the Sports department. He came to us initially in 2005 from the Seattle Times to be a sports features writer with a focus on the National Football League. Les was an integral part of our Redskins and NFL coverage, writing game stories on the Redskins and covering Super Bowls in addition to profiles and features on the league. He was part of our coverage team at the Turin and Beijing Olympics, and wrote several memorable stories on the world of sports and beyond. These included a 2006 story on the 25th anniversary of the release of the 52 American hostages in Iran and what many of them did with a lifetime pass they had received upon their release to any major or minor league baseball game, and a 2008 magazine profile of a daughter of civil rights hero James Bevel and her effort to hold him accountable for raping her when she was a teenager.

Les left The Post in 2010 to become a senior writer at Yahoo! Sports, and in the past eight years has continued his outstanding work at Yahoo! and, more recently, The Guardian.

Les is an excellent reporter with a keen eye for stories, and a graceful writer who can bring them to life. We’re very happy to have him back.