Announcement from Multiplatform Editing Chief Jesse Lewis and Deputy Multiplatform Editing Chief Courtney Rukan:

We are pleased to announce that Whitney Juckno, a multiplatform editor and designer with the News Tribune in Tacoma, Wash., will join The Post as a multiplatform editor.

Whitney has been a copy editor and designer with several newspapers.Whitney has been a copy editor and designer with several newspapers. In addition to preparing news pages for the News Tribune in tandem with its sister paper, the Olympian, she has spent time at the Louisville Design Studio (the regional production hub serving Gannett’s Midwest newspapers) and at the Monitor in McAllen, Tex.

She also has extensive international experience, having worked in Asia as a national editor in Seoul with Korea JoongAng Daily (a partner of the International New York Times and South Korea’s top English-language newspaper) and as a weekend editor and associate editor at Cambodia Daily in Phnom Penh, which was one of the few independent news outlets in Cambodia before it closed last year.

Whitney is a graduate of the University of Missouri in Columbia and holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Please welcome her when she joins the multiplatform desk on Oct. 8.