The answers range from prisons to biodomes.

At the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation in Virginia, a partnership with the Department of Corrections is trying to make a difference.

The administration called the move "historic," while conservatives are decrying it as "social engineering"

Usually, when there's less competition, consumers lose out. But the reverse could be true in the wacky world of health care economics.

Germany should stop being a hypocrite, Thomas Piketty says, because it once benefited from the forgiveness of other nations.

The justices determined that federal housing laws prohibit seemingly neutral practices that harm minorities.

Can long-time residents and newly arrived money coexist?

The days of incremental innovation at Twitter are over. The company needs to do something big.

The famous stat about the stagnation of the middle class doesn't tell the whole story.

There were hidden pearls of wisdom scattered across the graduation circuit this year.

The women's World Cup, arriving amid FIFA's scandals, should remind us why women need to be part of the sport's governing body.

The payoff for mentoring may be clear, but how to get there is often less so.

Some programs have been proven to work.

Boxed CEO Chieh Huang said he would set aside a double-digit percentage of his personal stake in the company to pay for it.

The World Cup's massive reach makes it exceedingly hard for brands to walk away, even as their reputations suffer.

OMB Controller David Mader shares his thoughts on motivating employees, time management and his love of motorcycles.

Drama at work? Ask yourself two basic questions before trying to smooth things over.

New ideas for the old and worsening problem of abandoned buildings and vacant lots

If Watson cracks the DNA code of cancer patients, personalized medicine could become a reality.

One of the longest-tenured CEOs in Silicon Valley is passing the torch.

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