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Recent Book World Reviews

Turn up the volume for two thrillers and fascinating look at the 1968 baseball season.

  • Katherine Powers
  • ·

Anuradha Roy’s “All the Lives We Never Lived” offers a lyrical look at loss.

The famed scientist probes the big questions in accessible prose.

  • Kitty Ferguson
  • ·

Nathaniel Philbrick recounts Washington’s frustration with the French and his fear the cause would be lost.

  • Carol Berkin
  • ·

Paul Volcker decries the role private interests play in eroding sound money and good government.

  • Stephanie Mehta
  • ·

Stephen Carter’s tale of his grandmother reveals the paradoxes of a segregated America.

  • Cinque Henderson
  • ·

Amos Oz defends his country’s moderates and blames fanaticism for all its turmoil.

  • Dara Horn
  • ·

They turned a generation of schoolkids into readers.

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