R. Albert Mohler, Jr
President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Mohler became seminary president after serving as editor of The Christian Index, the oldest of the state papers serving the Southern Baptist Convention.

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Donald Trump has created an excruciating moment for evangelicals

The moral credibility of evangelicals is on the line.

Have Americans really changed their minds on same-sex marriage? (COMMENTARY)

What explains the fact that the American people changed their minds so quickly on the question of same-sex marriage? A report from the Pew Research Center indicated that in 2001, Americans opposed same-sex marriage by an overwhelming margin, 57 percent to 35 percent. By 2015 those percentages had nearly reversed, with 55 percent supporting same-sex marriage and only 39 percent opposing it.

Atlanta is burning: A new and ominous threat to religious liberty (COMMENTARY)

One day Atlanta has a fire chief; the next day it doesn’t. Once again, a moral scandal takes down a public official.

Al Mohler responds: The evangelical unease over contraception

Is evangelical unease about contraception really just a cover for conservative white male evangelical leaders to keep women out of pulpits? Evidently some think so, or fear so, or perhaps even hope so.