Other states have shown reform is possible even in these difficult times.
Attempts at change are stymied by processes — the traditional processes protect institutional racism.
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If White people want to be effective allies, they need to quickly move away from center stage.
  • 4 days ago
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When it comes to the racial wealth gap, the Fed has a lot to answer for — not in its conduct of monetary policy, but in presiding over a radical deregulation that wiped out thousands of community banks, reducing the flow of credit to Black people and other people of color.
Both, new research suggests. It depends who’s looking.
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The protest, which remained peaceful for hours, devolved into violence in the early morning after protesters threw fireworks, water bottles and eggs at police, and officers answered with clubs, smoke bombs and tear gas.
“This is all about criminalizing peaceful protesting,” said Justin Jones, an organizer of the protesters who have camped at the state capitol for 61 days.
Demonstrators had surrounded the unmarked white buses in Bend for 12 hours, seeking to prevent the ICE detainees inside from being taken away.
In 1952, the newspaper publisher and activist joined a long-shot bid by the Progressive Party, paving the way for politicians like Harris.
The president has been turned off by national anthem demonstrations: "People are angry about it. They don’t realize they have enough politics with guys like me."
Here's the history to this shift.
  • 3 days ago
The boy’s arrest in 2018 for allegedly hitting a teacher in his Key West, Fla., elementary school, received renewed attention on Monday when body-cam footage of the incident went viral on Twitter.
Best, the city’s first Black police chief, leaves after months of turmoil that made Seattle a focal point for national protests against police brutality and racial injustice.
Chicago police said the rioting emerged from misinformation about a police-involved shooting earlier in the day Sunday.
Barr’s comments in the interview on Fox News represent some of his harshest critiques yet of the protest movement and of the Democratic politicians who have accused the attorney general of subverting the Justice Department to do Trump’s bidding.
Here's how our new study measured this under-acknowledged form of racism.
  • 4 days ago
The developments prompted the school to say it would widen an investigation it announced after allegations of negligent coronavirus protocols.
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