(Luisa Jung)
(Luisa Jung)

Big business pledged nearly $50 billion for racial justice after George Floyd’s death. Where did the money go?

George Floyd’s murder prompted unprecedented corporate giving towards racial justice causes. Most of the money went towards reducing the racial wealth gap, with only a fraction targeting police reform, the cause that sent millions of Americans into the streets last summer

Life of death row inmate who maintained innocence for 22 years may be spared after crucial vote

Julius Jones has been on death row half his life for the murder of Paul Howell during a carjacking. Oklahoma's Pardon and Parole Board ruled Monday that his death sentence should be commuted.

Boston’s quiet revolution

In Tuesday's mayoral election, four women of color amassed roughly 95 percent of ballots.
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'The monuments were murder'

In a conversation from 2017, then-Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu reflects on removing the last Confederate monument from his city, and the damage wrought by the myth of the Lost Cause.
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The Jan. 6 insurrection shows why the Robert E. Lee statue had to go

Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election has become the Lost Cause of our time.
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On Labor Day, we remember the Black women who helped win labor rights

100 years ago, Nannie Helen Burroughs launched the National Association of Wage Earners — part of her effort to integrate comprehensive labor reform into the movement for voting rights.
  • Sep 6

The U.S. is more racially diverse than ever. Will people of color unify politically?

African Americans, Asian Americans, and Latinos have very different concerns — until you remind them of their common experiences as people of color.
  • Aug 31

Lucille Times, civil rights figure who fought the same driver of the Rosa Parks bus, dies at 100

The bus driver who requested that Rosa Parks be arrested for not giving up her seat had repeatedly tried to run Lucille Times off the road months earlier.
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Should Greenbelt tackle reparations? Residents of this Maryland city will decide in November.

On Aug. 9, the Greenbelt City Council approved placing a referendum on the November ballot that will ask voters if the city should create a commission to study if and how the city should pay reparations to its African American and Native American residents.

He slashed their tires and shot into their home over their BLM sign. His Black neighbors forgave him.

Michael Frederick Jr. of Warren, Mich., was sentenced to four to 10 years in prison after carrying out a spate of hate crimes against his neighbors last year.

A Black officer was a rising star. The department’s ‘Jim Crow culture’ destroyed his career, lawsuit says.

Syracuse police officer Brandon Hanks alleges that the police department's “blatant and extreme racism” included noting how he "listened to rap music."

Why and when you need a coronavirus test for travel

Even if you're vaccinated, doctors are recommending testing again amid the delta surge.

Rockies say fan shouted Colorado mascot’s name, not racial slur at Marlins player

The incident happened Sunday at Coors Field, during a game between the Rockies and Miami Marlins, and drew significant attention.

Mississippi’s history of lynchings haunts grieving mother

A 21-year-old Black man was found hanging from a tree in Scott County, Miss., in 2018. Authorities ruled it was ruled a suicide, but his family says he was lynched.

‘Lynchings in Mississippi never stopped’

Police ruled the deaths suicides; the families say their loved ones were lynched.

150 years ago, Frederick Douglass predicted the United States’ dilemma today

Douglass foresaw three possible paths for an irreconcilably divided U.S. Which will it take this time?
  • Aug 6

White boys wrapped a strap around a Black kid’s neck at summer camp. A Vineyard town wants answers.

A Massachusetts summer camp has come under fire after a July 29 incident left an 8-year-old Black boy with an abrasion on his neck and a community outraged.

Stacey Abrams, Michelle Obama urge voters to join the fight to protect access to the ballot

The former gubernatorial candidate and the former first lady warn of "dangerous legislation" in states across the country that would limit the right to vote.

White Republicans and White Democrats are moving farther apart on race. Or is that just an education gap?

To find out, I looked at six ways to measure White attitudes on race -- and how those influenced their votes.
  • Aug 2

‘We’re still behind’: Public HBCUs see record investments, but still contend with legacy of state-sponsored discrimination

Public historically Black colleges and universities are benefitting from record government and philanthropic support amid deeper respect for the work they do with limited resources, but the legacy of inequity can complicate the reach of those dollars.

Michael Che shared cruel jokes about Simone Biles. He claims he was hacked.

The comedian shared jokes about the Olympian's sexual assault and her mental health.
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