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Hogan can’t explain away Maryland’s vaccine inequities. He needs a plan to fix them instead.

There is no justification for pointing to vaccine hesitancy when the real problem is vaccine access.
  • 1 day ago
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Children in distress aren’t criminals. Stop handcuffing them.

The juvenile justice system is not the place to address the behavioral or health needs of little kids.
  • 4 days ago
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The death of Elijah McClain was a scandal of incuriosity

A new report raises the question: Why were police officials so uninterested in this case?
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TIAA is the first company in Fortune 500 history to have two Black CEOs in a row

The succession marks the first time within the Fortune 500 that a company has handed the reins directly from one Black chief executive to another.

In Tennessee, GOP senators seek to ban protests during anthem, raising legal concerns

The East Tennessee State men’s basketball team became the latest to elicit outrage for kneeling during the national anthem, including from state Republican legislators.

Pro-Trump Florida doctor charged with hate crime in alleged attack on Hispanic man on Inauguration Day: ‘This is my America’

Jennifer Wright was arrested Friday and charged with a hate crime involving racist slurs in the assault of a Hispanic man in a Publix parking lot.

For younger job seekers, diversity and inclusion in the workplace aren’t a preference. They’re a requirement.

Millennial and Gen Z professionals are avoiding companies without a diverse workforce, clear promotion traffic and a commitment to confronting systemic racism in their ranks.
  • Feb 18

A popular podcast dug into Bon Appétit’s racism scandal. Then its own host was accused of creating a ‘toxic’ workplace.

PJ Vogt, the host of “Reply All,” apologized on Wednesday and said he would step away from the show over claims from a former staffer that he created a “toxic dynamic" for colleagues of color.

Civil rights groups ask Biden administration to oppose facial recognition

The groups argue the software "would facilitate the mass tracking of each person’s movements in public space — something intolerable in a free and open society."

Internal report cites HUD for lead poisoning in East Chicago, Ind., children. More could be at risk.

The agency’s inspector general flags missed opportunities to alert residents, jeopardizing their health.

A Black Lives Matter activist was accused of burning books by Trump and Ann Coulter. He was then fired from his job.

Cameron “C-Grimey" Williams was accused of removing the books from the Chattanooga, Tenn., library where he worked and then live-streaming a video of the blaze.

HBCUs are landing top recruits — but systemic change requires something more

Five-star recruits like Makur Maker are trying to change the game, but the system is still rigged against them.

A college’s basketball team protested the Capitol riot. Its president then forced it to forfeit.

NAIA school Bluefield College's president David Olive wanted to send a message. His school's basketball players have one of their own.

The Dallas Mavericks will resume playing the national anthem before games

The Dallas Mavericks will again play the national anthem before home games, a day after team owner Mark Cuban confirmed to The Washington Post that they had not played the anthem this season at his direction.

To learn about the Democratic Party’s future, look at what Latino organizers did in Arizona

Leaders like Alex Gomez and Tomás Robles connected the party to issues voters cared about.

Latina and Black women lost jobs in record numbers. Policies designed for all women don’t necessarily help.

Here's what our research found.
  • Feb 9

Black voters helped Biden get elected. His presidency will be defined by how he acts on racial equity.

Biden has diversified his cabinet. His policies to address structural inequalities will matter even more.
  • Feb 8

Parents wanted to opt their children out of Black History Month. A Utah school ‘reluctantly’ let them.

Maria Montessori Academy, a public charter school in North Ogden, Utah, with just a handful of Black students, backtracked after first allowing families to opt out of Black History Month.

When local police cooperate with ICE, Latino communities under-report crime. Here’s the data.

Such policies hurt public health and safety for upward of one-fifth of the country.
  • Feb 5

A Louisiana library got a grant for a voting rights program. Its board rejected the money, citing ‘far left’ content.

The Lafayette, La., Public Library Board said a proposed program on voting rights and voter suppression needed to ensure that “opposing positions” would be fairly represented.

Va. House votes to force public colleges to reckon with ties to slavery, create scholarships or other programs

The bill seeks to hold the College of William & Mary, the University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Military Institute and Longwood University accountable for the role they have played in the enslavement of people of African descent.

Virginia may abolish the death penalty. There’s a racist history behind why a few jurisdictions use it most.

Some jurisdictions "learn to kill" while others never do.
  • Feb 4
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