The president has left little doubt that he sees himself as leader of a modern grievance movement animated by civic strife and marked by calls for ‘white power,’ the phrase chanted in a video Trump retweeted last weekend.

Political arguments in the Villages have led at times to physical confrontations, prompting some septuagenarians to pack pepper spray and stun guns into the golf carts residents use to dart around the 35-square mile community.

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Reconciliation and progress come from addressing our past honestly.

  • Brandon Hasbrouck
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A black manager at Facebook is suing the company, along with two other African American applicants, alleging a culture of bias in promotions, evaluations, hiring and recruiting.

Along with the decision, the school's athletic director said he believes the Cowboys coach needs to develop better personal relationships with his players.

McClain died last summer in Aurora, Colo., after he was placed in a chokehold and injected with a heavy sedative by paramedics.

The president has abdicated his role as a moral leader, but everyday Americans’ cries for racial justice are heard around the world.

Elected leaders must use their mandate to push ahead in truly making education equal.

  • Nate Tinbite, Ananya Tadikonda and Matt Post
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Several other city judges have withdrawn from cases related to the controversial monument in recent weeks.

Ifeoma Ozoma and Aerica Shimizu Banks claim they were underpaid, faced racist comments, and were subject to retaliation for raising complaints. Other women are now coming forward with their own allegations of bias.

Civilians should be full partners in balancing the relationship between police and community.

  • Jeffrey H. Tignor
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Some have used memes to give attention to Breonna Taylor's death, but others question if they’re able to actually spark change.

Officials will debate removing what’s thought to be the only Confederate memorial on state land.

Nolan Davis, who is multiracial, told the crowd of adults and children that he worries about black people getting hurt.

Takelia Hill found herself in a suburban Detroit parking lot, staring into the muzzle of a gun, as the white woman aimed her weapon at Hill and yelled to move back.

The league also plans for “Lift Every Voice and Sing” to be played before the national anthem at every Week 1 game in September.

Maury, a Naval officer and oceanographer, left the Navy and joined the Confederacy at the start of the Civil War.

Senator calls for White House to withdraw nomination after discovery of a 1994 court filing.

As black Americans are leading protests against police violence in the United States, a new study shows they pay a disproportionate amount of the property taxes that help fund local police.

Black leaders started using the term “people of color” in the 1960s. Today, it means something more.

  • Efrén Pérez
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