There are quite a few companies that make general prefab homes. But there are also niches claimed by various manufacturers.

Tiny Texas Houses specializes in small cabins made with salvaged wood and other materials; from $35,000 to about $75,000.

BrightBuilt Barn of Maine makes simple houses with SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) and solar panels and no furnace, on the grounds that the occupants’ own body heat will keep the interior cozy inside the superinsulated interior; about $197,000 including transport but not appliances.

The Homb, designed by Skylab Architecture and made by Method Homes (of Seattle, is made with triangular modules, leading to interesting angles and outcroppings of glass; they start at $160 per square foot. Method Homes’s Cabin series houses start at around $185,000.

— Nancy McKeon