When Rockville homeowners Andrea and Mike Druckman remodeled their master bathroom last year, they had only one request:

Take me out to the ballgame.

The two attorneys, both 47, transformed the small space to reflect their passion for Washington’s baseball team. “Nothing could beat a Nationals theme,” says Andrea Druckman on a tour of the red, white and blue bathroom.

Pulling back the “Go Nats!” shower curtain, she reveals the team’s curvy “W” logo and the entire seating plan of Nationals Park on wall tiles inside the stall.

Druckman then points to the floor in front of the granite-topped vanity. The ceramic tile is shaped like home plate.

Batters’ boxes are called out in rectangles of tan floor tiles around the toilet and entranceway. A turf field of grassy green mosaic tiles covers the rest of the floor.

The bathroom is only a part of the sports-themed decor inside the 1960s split-level shared by the couple and their teenage children, Nate and Hilary. “Baseball is my life and always has been,” says Andrea Druckman, who was a Mets fan while growing up in Flushing, N.Y., near Shea Stadium.

Now a Nats superfan, she collects all sorts of team memorabilia, from figurines and game tickets to a red dress emblazoned with the word “Natitude.”

Framed photos of the homeowner with her favorite player, second baseman Danny Espinosa, hang in the foyer along with other shots of the Nationals. An umbrella stand is decorated with team members’ names. A round rug resembles a baseball. Even her bank checks are printed to read “Danny Espinosa Fan.”

“I’m not as fanatical as my wife, but I enjoy a good game,” says Mike Druckman.

The couple decided to update the second-floor bathroom after they discovered an infestation of carpenter ants in the space and realized they would have to make substantial repairs. “It was the worst room in the house,” recalls Mike.

Seizing the opportunity to create the field of their dreams, the Druckmans hired Bethesda-based Case Design/Remodeling to work the baseball theme into every surface. “The project was a true collaboration with the homeowners,” says Case designer TJ Monahan. “My challenge was to turn their ideas into reality.”

Monahan initially suggested expanding the master bathroom into the adjacent dressing area to gain enough space for an on-deck circle. But the Druckmans didn’t want to give up any closet space, so they limited renovations to the existing room.

The bathroom measures only 4 feet by 10 feet, but it gave them enough space to incorporate part of their baseball collection. Displayed on the wall opposite the door is a row of six wooden bats, each actually a half-bat, cut lengthwise and glued and nailed to the wall.

The cracked one was used by Espinosa during a game last year. A medallion bearing his number, 8, was cut from the bat and also attached to the wall.

The Druckmans bought two of the Louisville Sluggers online and had them inscribed with the Nats logo and baseball slogans, including “we live for this.” They also supplied the imagery for the Nats-themed tile work inside the shower stall that was created for Case by Alicia Tapp Designs in San Antonio, Tex.

Neither the Druckmans nor the builder would divulge the cost of the bathroom renovation. Bill Millholland, executive vice president of Case, said: “A three-piece bathroom in a home of this age typically costs somewhere in the $20,000 to $25,000 range, depending on size, location, complexity and finish materials selected. To customize a bathroom to this level adds approximately 25 percent to the cost.”

The Druckmans, who do not hold Nats season tickets, say the new bathroom boosts their team spirit and helps them plan outings to the ballpark. Says Andrea Druckman, “While showering, we can look at the seating plan and decide where we will sit for the next game.”

Deborah K. Dietsch is a freelance writer.