The house has undergone a handful of renovations over the years, the most recent by Mauck, Zantzinger & Associates. (HomeVisit)

A newly built house is a rarity in Georgetown. The venerable neighborhood diligently safeguards its historic homes. And while it’s a stretch to call this 1980 house “newly built,” it is a newcomer when compared with most of its neighbors.

The Georgian-style house is one of the homes in the Tudor Walk subdivision that was created after a pair of two-story apartment buildings were razed. Built in 1922, Mammoth Court Apartments and Tudor Place Apartments housed World War II heroes to government workers throughout the years. But by the early 1970s, the buildings’ decline prompted a story in The Post about their unsafe conditions. Before the end of the decade, the landlord sold the buildings to a developer. Because the buildings were outside the boundaries of the historic district, the Old Georgetown Board did not object to their demolition.

Larry Brandt, a D.C. real estate developer, built the house, which has undergone a handful of renovations over the years, the most recent by Mauck, Zantzinger & Associates.

The house’s whitewashed brick and the window boxes set it apart from its neighbors. The window boxes have an irrigation system that makes it easier to care for the plants, one of the home’s many automated features.

On the inside, the wood floors on the main level were stained dark to make them pop. The kitchen, with Boffi cabinetry, was retrofitted to provide a more functional peninsula with seating.

“The house itself is quite traditional on the exterior, but the interior is actually much more modern, especially with the Boffi kitchen and the continuous handrail on the staircase,” said Jonny Rogers, project manager.

The kitchen, with Boffi cabinetry, was retrofitted to make it more functional. (HomeVisit)

Rogers said he is most pleased with how the vanity in the master bathroom turned out. The custom piece was made with crotch mahogany, which has a V-shaped grain pattern because it comes from where a branch separated from the tree trunk. The front of the cabinet appears to have three sets of drawers, but there is a door in the center that opens to reveal a stool that slides out.

Despite its location, this is a modern house with gadgets that cater to 21st-century living. There is a video intercom system for the front door and the back gate, a whole-house audio and video system, a UV-light air-purification system, a water filtration system and a humidification system. The lighting is controlled by a smartphone app.

Few older homes in Georgetown come with a garage or a pool, but this house has both.

The five-bedroom, five-bathroom, 4,104-square-foot house is listed at just under $5 million.