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Campaign 2016
Emboldened by Donald Trump’s troubles and polls predicting an electoral-college landslide in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton is shifting her strategy to lift other Democrats. Her campaign is spending big, too: More than $100 million has been funneled to other Democrats from coast to coast.
In a speech outlining his vision for his first 100 days in office, the GOP nominee initially used the talk to accuse the media of biased reporting and vowed to sue the nearly-dozen women who have accused him of sexual assault.
The GOP presidential nominee's ability to embrace — or manipulate — average Americans’ anxieties is inspiring more raw and rough rhetoric in politics, darker and more somber popular music, and in TV, movies and other arts, an edgier, more nervous set of characters and themes.
“You see the pain it’s caused. You see the discouragement and frustration.”
— The Rev. Rigel Dawson
“We to this day do not have safe drinking water. . . . It’s mind-boggling.”
— Mona Hanna-Attisha
“There is no accountability. People die, and things happen. But for it to have been avoidable . . .”
— Troy Kidd
“If I really could afford to leave, I would. My son wants me to just walk away. But I can’t do that.”
— Elnora Carthan
(Photo by Brittany Greeson for The Washington Post)
(Photo by Brittany Greeson for The Washington Post)
(Photo by Brittany Greeson for The Washington Post)
(Photo by Brittany Greeson for The Washington Post)
(Photo by Brittany Greeson for The Washington Post)
(Photo by Brittany Greeson for The Washington Post)
(Photo by Brittany Greeson for The Washington Post)
(Photo by Brittany Greeson for The Washington Post)
Even now, the people of Flint, Mich., cannot trust what flows from their taps. More than one year after government officials finally acknowledged that the city’s water system was contaminated by lead, many residents still rely on bottled water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Promised aid has yet to arrive. In ways large and small, the crisis continues to shape daily life.
With a 5-0 win over Los Angeles, the Cubs will face the Cleveland Indians in this year’s Fall Classic. Chicago, which hasn’t won a Series since 1908, finally earns a chance to shed its “Loveable Losers” moniker.
Former magazine writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely described to a federal jury the phone call that made her realize the alleged victim had been lying to her.
No version of a cutback in rail hours will be popular, but some version is essential to give WMATA more time to work on the tracks.
If Sherman Brown, now 69, is exonerated, he would be among the longest-serving prisoners to be cleared of a crime in the history of Virginia and the nation.
Josh Norman. (AP)
Josh Norman. (AP)
Like the Redskins’ Josh Norman, the best players at the position combine speed, explosiveness and a deep reservoir of confidence.
Democrats are hoping for a repeat of 2008 when Barack Obama helped sweep a Democrat into office.
Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock and her Democratic challenger LuAnn Bennett spoke about Islamophobia and immigration. Their race to represent northern Virginia has tightened as Clinton has expanded her lead over Trump.
Five decades ago, Montgomery County schools were 94 percent white. Now they're 30 percent Hispanic, 29 percent white, 22 percent black and 14 percent Asian.
Lows should drop into the mid 40s tonight, but temperatures will climb back up to the upper 60s under sunny skies tomorrow.
Washington couldn’t hold a two-goal lead as New York scored three times in the second period on only five shots.
College Football
1 2 3 4 Total
MSU 0 14 3 0 17
MD 8 6 0 14 28
Recent updates
0:07 Team rush to the middle for a loss of 18 yards to the MD39.
0:07 Terrapins timeout.
0:50 Team rush for a loss of 2 yards to the MSU43.
Stat leaders
Michigan State
B. Lewerke
156 yards, 0 TD
L. Scott
20 rush, 128 yards
R. Shelton
7 rec, 89 yards, 0 TD
P. Hills
200 yards, 2 TD
T. Johnson
9 rush, 115 yards
L. Jacobs
9 rec, 67 yards, 1 TD
Scoring summary
1st quarter MD MSU
Terrapins Rushing TD, 2:51 Lorenzo Harrison 8 yd run (Kenneth Goins Jr. 2pt Rush) 8 0
2nd quarter MD MSU
Spartans Rushing TD, 9:41 LJ Scott 48 yd run (Michael Geiger kick) 8 7
Terrapins Passing TD, 5:41 D.J. Moore 36 yd pass from Perry Hills (Adam Greene missed kick) 14 7
Spartans Rushing TD, 0:38 Gerald Holmes 1 yd run (Michael Geiger kick) 14 14
3rd quarter MD MSU
Spartans Field Goal Attempt, 1:35 Michael Geiger 34 yd FG 14 17
4th quarter MD MSU
Terrapins Rushing TD, 13:49 Kenneth Goins Jr. 2 yd run (Adam Greene kick) 21 17
Terrapins Passing TD, 3:23 Levern Jacobs 9 yd pass from Perry Hills (Adam Greene kick) 28 17
Player stats
Passing: C A Yds TD INT
B. Lewerke 11 24 156 0 1
Rushing: Car Yds TD LG
L. Scott 20 128 1 48
B. Lewerke 10 79 0 18
G. Holmes 13 59 1 26
M. Geiger 1 4 0 4
Receiving: Rec Yds TD LG
R. Shelton 7 89 0 21
J. Lyles 3 57 0 24
M. Madaris 1 10 0 10
Player stats
Passing: C A Yds TD INT
P. Hills 21 27 200 2 0
D. Moore 0 1 0 0 0
Rushing: Car Yds TD LG
T. Johnson 9 115 0 44
L. Harriso... 17 105 1 37
K. Goins J... 4 23 1 15
P. Hills 7 20 0 7
D. Moore 1 7 0 7
Receiving: Rec Yds TD LG
L. Jacobs 9 67 1 34
D. Moore 4 61 1 36
T. Morgan 4 41 0 15
L. Harriso... 2 10 0 5
T. Johnson 1 16 0 16
D. Hayward 1 5 0 5
Game Details
Just one night of pretending to be married gave one woman a confidence boost that has lasted for months.
There were several things the reviewers said (or didn't say) that left us scratching our heads.
After reporting on race-related issues and seeing his family's experiences, a journalist wonders if we can ever fix what is wrong.
The noxious fumes menaced civilians and forced Iraqi and U.S. troops to wear protective masks, but officials gave no indication that the tactic has interrupted the offensive.
The blockbuster deal between telecom titan AT&T and media conglomerate Time Warner casts a spotlight on tech giants’ accelerating conquest of media in an increasingly unbundled world.
Officials believe the ex-police chief from the town of Iguala, arrested while on the run, followed orders to get rid of the students — and then tried to cover up the police’s role in their disappearance.
Residents of Jubbet adh Dhib have waited nearly three decades for electricity while well-lit Israeli settlements have sprung up around them in the West Bank. 
  • 20 hours ago
The 53-year-old civil servant thought he was meeting the teen, now 17, but authorities had been monitoring her cellphone after she confided in her mother.
We've got questions about the presidential debate, sure, but those weren't the only headlines. Answer quickly for a time bonus.
(Jason Aldag/The Washington Post)
In Gettysburg, Trump supporters weigh in on future of movement
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Metro is considering cutting late-night service hours. Here are the four proposals.
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Election-free video: No Trump, no Clinton. Just a polar bear playing in a kiddie pool filled with ice.
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At Clinton rally, voters denounce Trump's rumors of rigged election
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360-Degree Video
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A 120-mile-long canyon that’s grand in its own right, Palo Duro Canyon State Park is the nation’s second largest, but few Americans know about it.
This Monday, October 24, James Hohmann goes live with Gary Johnson, Libertarian Nominee for President.
The Washington Post hosts an election night viewing party at their headquarters in downtown Washington D.C.
Who is Donald J. Trump? To discover the man in full, The Washington Post assembled a team of award-winning reporters and researchers to delve into every aspect of his improbable life. (Also available in hardcover.)
Explore the trove of original documents used in the development of The Post's biography about the Republican presidential nominee.