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Hillary Clinton made it into the winners column despite the fact that her speech failed to show a side of her that America didn’t already know.
Clinton’s speech was the highlight of the convention, but it was relatively sparse in terms of facts and figures. Here’s a roundup of the most noteworthy claims.
The North Carolina preacher covered everything — labor conditions, guns, homeland security, LGBTQ rights, policing, immigration — in what may be the most engaging take on the issues that every other speaker touched on over the course of the four-day convention.
Hillary Clinton presented an optimistic vision for the nation’s future and offered herself as a fearless executive.
The Democratic nominee portrayed GOP counterpart Donald Trump as someone who would usher in “midnight in America.”
Clinton’s 57-minute acceptance speech capped a week in which Democrats espoused service and inclusion, while promoting Clinton’s “stronger together” slogan.
The Democratic nominee had a lengthy to-do list, including making the case that a politician who embodies the establishment and political status quo is the safest change-maker in this election.
Donald Trump's near-apocalyptic view of gloom contrasts with Republicans' historical embrace of American exceptionalism. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and Democrats have adopted the concept of optimism and confidence.
Ingmar Guandique was convicted in Levy’s disappearance, but the case was overturned. Prosecutors said that in light of information received in the past week, they can “no longer prove the murder case.”
The parents, both D.C. police officers, used a rental property’s address to send their three children to the city’s top public schools while living outside of the city.
In the July 5 incident, the train’s operator was only stopped by yells and screams of track workers after he argued over where he would take his break.
The heat dome is getting replaced with an unsettled pattern, which may include heavy rain and some localized flash flooding.
Barbara Mikulski, the longest-serving woman in Congress in U.S. history, seems to be everywhere at the Democratic convention, rallying party members and basking in her legacy.
Police Chief Earl Cook went to the restaurant to talk to the manager following the incident.
Local Sports
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Washington’s starter delivered seven strong innings and the team narrowly avoid another bullpen implosion in the 4-2 victory in San Francisco.
Russian government hackers have breached the computers of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The intrusion appeared to be carried out by the same Russian intelligence service that hacked the Democratic National Committee earlier this year.
This summer has seen China's worst flood season in nearly two decades. One of the few places to remain dry has been the Forbidden City, which depends on an "ancient drainage system."
The most expensive acquisition program in the history of the Pentagon is getting back on track, officials say.
After attacks in Nice and Normandy, the annual installation of beaches along the famed river — complete with imported sand, potted palm trees and ice cream stands — has been identified as the next potential target.
There was something off about the dead whale that washed up on a Maryland island. Now, scientists have confirmed that it represents a previously unknown species, and several specimens, including a skeleton hanging in an Alaska high school, share similar DNA.
Campaign 2016
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The intelligence director said spy agency secrets will be shared with both nominees. One senior official has vowed not to participate.
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