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Federal health officials discuss response to the Zika outbreak

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Campaign 2016
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She sought to transcend doubts about her character by presenting an uplifting vision for the nation’s future, delivering the biggest speech of her public life.
The decision by a three-judge panel was an overwhelming victory for civil rights groups and the Justice Department that argued the voting law was designed to dampen the growing political clout of black voters, who participated in record numbers in elections in 2008 and 2012.
Trump not only took issue with the content of Clinton’s convention speech, but he also mocked the way she delivered her speech.
Khizr Khan, whose son was killed in the line of duty in 2004 in Iraq, said of Trump in a speech at the Democratic National Convention: "You have sacrificed nothing and no one."
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Corrections staff in Florida said Antwon Pitt repeatedly exposed himself and made threats. When he returned to Washington, he cut off his GPS bracelet.
A train carrying 75 passengers derailed near East Falls Church station earlier this morning, forcing the station to close and disrupting service for commuters.
Chris Rolfe of D.C. United, in his first extended interview since suffering the injury in April, described his trials in vivid detail.
With the "Zone Pass," Uber customers pay an up-front $30 fee that will allow them to pay $1 apiece for 20 rides in August.
Ingmar Guandique was convicted in Levy’s disappearance, but the case was overturned. Prosecutors said that in light of information received in the past week, they can “no longer prove the murder case.”
Celebrity co-owners Bill and Giuliana Rancic bring their sprawling, accommodating Chicago concept to downtown D.C.
Over the past 30 days, the Nats' star outfielder ranked 177th among 187 batters.
Take advantage of the summer lull and keep waits to a minimum.
Russian government hackers have breached the computers of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The intrusion appeared to be carried out by the same Russian intelligence service that hacked the Democratic National Committee earlier this year.
The Michigan attorney general’s office charged four current and two former state employees with misconduct and other crimes stemming from the lead-contaminated water crisis.
The suspect was found in an open ravine not far from the scene, according to local news reports. Police said they were still searching for other possible suspects
The slow results for the April-June period raise new warnings signs about the strength of the U.S. economic expansion.
The original cohort of readers has grown up. And the last time a Potter book came out, the Kindle didn't even exist. Can retailers still score a big hit in a new era?
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Fact-checking Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech
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So, who were the celebrities in the Democratic convention's cover of 'Fight Song'?
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Here's what happened on the last night of the Democratic convention
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Floor fights, secret meetings: How Virginia Republicans accepted Trump
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