In its first ruling involving its landmark decision, the court rejected a Kentucky county clerk's request to be excused from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
The GOP's plans have hit a large and brash-talking obstacle in the form of the Republican front-runner.
Naming a starting quarterback is one of the most ordinary moves in the NFL. Washington doesn’t do ordinary.
Wok-fried shrimp dumplings. (Scott Suchman/For the Post)
My family’s food went from “Chinese grossness” to America’s “hottest food trend” -- not unusual in a country where cultural staples are reduced to fleeting fetishes.
The decision by the U.S. Supreme Court was a dramatic win for the former Virginia governor.
The 7,000 messages released include some deemed to include classified material, which the State Department removed.
He has inspired millions of U.S. Latinos, who hope that he can wield his influence to fix a fractured system.
The move appears to be an effort to temporarily sidestep questions about the legitimacy of the planned reappointment of Jane Marum Roush.
In an informal poll, 1,100 officers gave Cathy L. Lanier a vote of no confidence amid a surge in the city’s violent crime.
With more cameras nationwide, report says, 21,000 deaths or serious injuries could be prevented.
Wilson High’s Beacon newspaper staff wrote an editorial calling the decision “censorship” and "disrespectful."
The 18-year-old, who had mounted flashing lights in a blue Pontiac G6, did not indicate what he planned to do.
For multicultural couples, the rituals of parents’ homelands fight for space in the vision of an ultra-personalized union.
Casey Janssen and Felipe Rivero combine to allow five runs in the seventh inning, and Washington loses to St. Louis, 8-5, to slip 6.5 games back of New York.
Republican support for the nuclear agreement has eroded dramatically.
The images show the apparent destruction of the 2,000-year-old temple by the Islamic State.
Rep. Mike Turner: "I'm sitting on main street in Dayton, Ohio. I can tell you, the residents of this city are furious."
Beyond the environmental issues, there is international tension with Russia in the Arctic.
F. Glenn Miller Jr., who had represented himself during a strange trial, now faces a possible death sentence.
Shannon J. Miles is charged with capital murder in the “execution-style” death of Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Darren Goforth.
The indictment in the manslaughter case against Michelle Carter alleges she manipulated her boyfriend, who had a history of depression, to kill himself.
The company is going to focus more on original programming while its competitor, Hulu, picked up the contract for the blockbuster movies.
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