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Donald Trump and his aides seem to be testing the waters on changing one of his most extreme immigration positions and no longer calling for the deportation of an estimated 11 million immigrants. But many of his supporters don’t seem to mind.
Rescuers are scrambling to search for the missing after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake and a series of strong aftershocks struck the region, collapsing homes and rattling buildings as far away as Rome and Venice.
A large clinical trial concluded that half of women with high-risk, early-stage breast cancer might safely avoid chemotherapy.
Uber is testing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. (AP)
Cars capable of driving themselves may be coming sooner than you think, but whether they need the current essentials — including a steering wheel and pedals on the floor — has the industry divided.
If approved by voters, the agreement would end the longest-running armed conflict in the Americas. More than 220,000 Colombians have been killed in the fighting over the past half-century.
Gov. McAuliffe is set to announce on Friday a figure in the range of $1.5 billion, among the biggest in state history, two sources said.
In the first legal challenge to creating neighborhood homeless shelters, residents of Ward 3 say the city failed to provide the neighborhood an adequate opportunity to weigh in.
Tanner Roark struggled early and the bullpen was battered late as a ninth-inning rally fell short.
Scheduled to throw out the first pitch for the third time at Nationals Park, the Olympic swimmer first had to unburden herself of all the gold and silver she wore around her neck.
The order requires Maryland to recalculate projected passenger numbers to account for Metro’s deterioration and declining ridership before it can proceed.
Federal officials said Metro supervisors routinely discouraged the use of hand brakes in rail yards, posing a major safety risk.
The winter outlook for the D.C. area presented by several long-range forecasters may send shivers down your spine.
New data showed that many grade levels saw overall passing rates of about 40 percent in the second year of testing using PARCC exams, which are intended to measure readiness for college and careers.
In the majority-black school district, black students with disabilities faced suspension at 13 times the rate of white peers without disabilities.
The rising fortunes of Silver Spring’s entertainment district have been squeezing out the creative class with high rents and a dearth of usable space. Now a former police station will be renovated to include art studios and surrounded by new affordable and mixed-income housing.
The growing scrutiny around Mylan, the pharmaceutical company that dramatically raised the price of EpiPens, could prove awkward for the U.S. senator from West Virginia.
The goalkeeper’s criticism of Sweden after it upset the U.S. women in the Olympics was the final straw for soccer officials, who also took into account “past incidents involving Hope” and previous conversations with her.
Jurors deliberated for about 90 minutes before finding Atlanta truck driver Martin Blackwell guilty of eight counts of aggravated battery and two counts of aggravated assault for pouring boiling water over two men as they slept.
Campaign 2016
(John Minchillo / AP)
There are hidden hands behind much of what passes for political commentary and analysis on cable TV panel programs — often, the commentary comes directly from the candidates and campaigns themselves.
With each passing day, the Fox News sexual harassment crisis bears more resemblance to phone-hacking scandal at Rupert Murdoch’s shuttered News of the World, at least in their shared potential to devolve into legal morasses.
Heathrow Airport's baggage claim looked like a "Where's Waldo" tableau on Tuesday as athletes sifted through piles of red luggage.
Prosecutors say Mohamed Amiin Ali Roble left the U.S. for Syria to join the Islamic State in 2014 soon after collecting more than $91,000 for injuries from the 2007 incident in Minneapolis that killed 13 people.
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