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After a month of intense national scandal and heightened international outrage, France’s highest administrative court, the Conseil d’Etat, overturned the ban on the full-body bathing suit in 26 of the country’s coastal towns and cities.
Campaign 2016
In a blistering speech, Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of “taking hate groups mainstream,” while the Republican nominee repeatedly claimed that Clinton is a “bigot” toward African Americans.
Jake Brown spends a Thursday afternoon with friends. (Marvin Joseph/Post)
Longtime residents — many of whom are older black women afraid to walk to the store or leave their homes at night — urged police to restore order.
A process aimed to rid Washington neighborhoods of drug dealers and criminal activity has also ensnared over the past three years dozens of tenants who were charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession or faced no charges at all, a Washington Post review has found.
The hottest four summers on record dating back to 1872 have all occurred since 2010.
Police said the man robbed a PNC branch wearing construction clothes and a white mask.
The invitation-only, everybody-dress-in-white picnic riles the naysayers.
It's time for the annual celebration of your best, worst and funniest wedding stories.
The magnate's deal to build a high-end hotel and condo complex on District-owned property required him to build 61 affordable units in Anacostia.
“I was Trump before Trump was Trump,” boasts the Prince William politician as he stumps for his party’s nominee in a key swing state.
New data show that more companies are embracing high-deductible health insurance plans and placing new restrictions on drug purchases.
In baseball, momentum is a fickle thing that players feel far differently than fans.
Jefferson County schools in Alabama are still bound by a federal desegregation court order, which means a federal judge will have the final say over whether one small suburb will be allowed to secede.
With his action, a total of seven presidents have taken steps to safeguard part of the Hawaiian archipelago — one of the most biologically diverse areas of the world.
Yellen signaled that the central bank is moving closer to raising its influential interest rate amid sustained improvement in the job market.
Iranian vessels approached American ships at high speeds three different times in the Persian Gulf Wednesday, a day after a separate incident with a U.S. destroyer in the Strait of Hormuz.
Sisters Paula Merrill and Margaret Held were found by a police officer performing a wellness check in Durant, Miss.
Dana Manjhi walked six miles in India's eastern state of Odisha with his dead wife's body on his shoulders.
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The National Park Service turns 100. Its animals celebrate by eating.
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Why did police visit D.C.’s ‘Good Morning Man’?
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Late-night laughs: Real and fake candidates
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Here's what Americans living near the Mexico border say about Trump's wall
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