Allies say the former Florida governor has no choice but to go on the offensive against the GOP front-runner, but the strategy could further fuel the billionaire's unexpected rise.
EXCLUSIVE | The clandestine program in Syria is run separately from the broader U.S. military offensive against the Islamic State, U.S. officials said.
As Germany prepares for 800,000 asylum applications, Britain's program has accepted only 216.
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The State Department's latest release of correspondence shows she did not merely receive sensitive information.
The former Hewlett-Packard chief executive's presence will likely make that faceoff a more interesting debate.
The transit authority is struggling to get back the authority to draw federal funds -- a power taken away after a management oversight review led to many questions.
D.C. Mayor Bowser's plan to address the backlog of people without homes includes making more temporary shelter available all year long.
Occupants of newer homes say they would be penalized for their mandatory fire sprinkler systems.
While most of the focus has been on the former starting quarterback and Kirk Cousins, the decision has far-reaching effects on many people who are involved with the team.
There's a very specific letdown about a 25-year-old black man being effectively tossed aside in this town.
When heroin was seen as an urban problem, officials treated its use more as a crime than a disease.
The District has committed $13 million to give students more electives -- and improve their satisfaction and attendance.
The final tally of donations is not yet known, but a spokesman for the group said it has already exceeded $3.5 million.
Storen and Janssen faltered in the late innings as Washington blew a lead for the second straight night.
Joshua Mebane, 19, was found guilty of first-degree murder. He'd planned to rob a cabdriver because “they have money,” his former girlfriend testified.
Kim Davis could be held in contempt for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses a day after the justices rejected her appeal.
The president needs just one more vote in the Senate to be able to fully implement the controversial pact. 
All major U.S. stock indices declined by nearly 3 percent.
Police said they are searching for three suspects after a police officer in Fox Lake, Ill., was shot Tuesday morning.
The footage is the latest to raise questions about law enforcement's use of lethal force.
"War Room," which nearly topped ticket sales last weekend, is one of a growing number of independent religious movies earning unusually large profits. 
Comments from a 007 author that the actor is "too street" to play the role were seen as racism in the U.S. But then why did he suggest another black actor?
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