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“We’ve still got more work to do,” the president said, arguing his former secretary of state was the most qualified to serve as his successor and that Republican candidate Donald Trump’s case for the presidency went against American ideals.
Donald Trump’s appeal to Russia — an extraordinary and perhaps unprecedented maneuver in American politics — alarmed many Republican leaders and foreign policy experts and drew sharp criticism from the Clinton campaign.
The big story at the Democratic convention for most of Wednesday was not the Democrats, but the GOP nominee’s talk about Russia.
Marilyn Mosby and her team offered multiple theories for how the accused officers were responsible for a Baltimore man’s fatal injury, but all fell flat during the trials.
Just 44 percent of the teachers in D.C. Public Schools reside in the District, and teachers at the city’s numerous charter schools tend to earn even lower salaries, making it a challenge to find housing in the city or close-in suburbs.
Even as riders turned to social media to voice opposition to a proposed cut, General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld said a curtailed schedule is necessary for the welfare of the subway system.
This is the second such probe to occur at the university within the past five years. After the earlier investigation, U-Va. pledged numerous steps to prevent sexual violence and improve case handling.
To a daughter of Ronald Reagan, Hinckley’s release from a government psychiatric hospital doesn’t represent justice as much as his efforts to wait out and wear down the system.
Jesse A. Olivieri, 31, of Pennsylvania, was shot in the chest after approaching a White House checkpoint with a gun and ignoring Secret Service orders.
By the time Stephen Strasburg gave way after seven scoreless innings, Turner had driven in three runs.
A formal announcement is expected to come out in the next several days. City officials hope the library will spur revitalization in a region beset by poverty and gun violence.
Of the major terrorist attacks that have rocked this country over the past year and a half, none has been perceived so strongly as an Islamic affront to the age-old idea of a Catholic France.
A bacterium was found to produce an antibiotic capable of killing one of the most hard-to-treat pathogens, which causes deadly skin and wound infections, bloodstream infections and pneumonia.
The tourists are gone, and thousands of locals are out of work and feeling abandoned after doing so much to help war refugees. “You don’t see people eating out of dumpsters yet,” said one resident. “But this winter? You might.”
Joshua Harris's 1997 book ushered thousands of young evangelicals into purity culture. Two decades later, one woman writes that she is grappling with the harm she says it caused her.
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Campaign 2016
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“This is a wonderful time in our history,” said Ann Moliver Ruben, 91, who put the slogan on T-shirts and sold them to a Walmart store in Florida, which pulled them from the shelves in the 1990s.
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