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A new Pew Research Center poll finds Americans broadly rejecting much of Donald Trump’s views on immigration, findings that come as Trump is striking a markedly different tone on the issue as his poll numbers are depressed and he is attempting to make inroads with minority voters.
Kellyanne Conway gamely went on Maddow's MSNBC show for a lengthy interview Wednesday night.
Trump misrepresents Clinton Foundation donors' meetings with Clinton as secretary of state, based on flawed social media reports.
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Even if the suspension feels light to some observers, the message is clear: The goalie may no longer be worth the trouble.
A spokesman for the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet described the Iranian actions as "unsafe and unprofessional."
It was the first day of school and the girl's mom was waiting at the correct Prince George's County bus stop for her. But when the bus pulled up, her daughter was no longer aboard.
Students were advised to choose other electives after the one physical education class being offered for seventh graders was over-enrolled, parents say.
Nicholas Cho, who owned the now-shuttered Murky Coffee, was at the center of a 2008 firestorm following an online battle with a customer.
Fairfax County police said surveillance video captured footage of a man peering into the windows of a home.
Police have released surveillance video showing the armed man who robbed a beauty supply store in Alexandria.
The Olympic gold medalist threw the ceremonial first pitch at Nationals Park on Wednesday night.
The "Top Chef" alum's debut restaurant will open at the beginning of November.
When the bakery opened in 2008, lines wrapped around the block, obstructing traffic and drawing hecklers.
The drugmaker said it will expand access to the allergy drug with a savings card that will cover up to $300. But experts say it doesn't address the broader problem and that the cards can't be used under programs such as Medicaid.
A series of powerful aftershocks kept rocking the hard-hit zone, complicating rescue efforts.
At least 16 people were killed when militants stormed and bombed the American University of Afghanistan.
The decision to retreat from contentious areas appeared to showcase increased U.S. leverage on the battlefield, and diminished the immediate threat of clashes between Turkish troops and Kurdish fighters.
InHerSight takes workplace feedback from women to create "scorecards" on how well companies provide for professional development, maternity leave and more.
Adam Hilarie met Hailey Bustos on PlentyOfFish. The Florida woman's real intentions became clear on their second date, police say.
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This tennis player has the fastest recorded serve. We tried to return one.
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The National Park Service turns 100. Its animals celebrate by eating.
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Here's what Americans living near the Mexico border say about Trump's wall
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What makes something cute?
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