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Campaign 2016
Democratic Convention
Tuesday night’s program amounted to a reintroduction of Hillary Clinton, a public figure who is nearly universally known — and widely disliked.
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Bill Clinton has at times seemed caught between the then and the now.
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President’s comments reflect growing concerns that Putin is seeking to meddle in election.
The senator from Vermont is trying to transform a presidential bid into a coherent and lasting movement of new voters.
John Hinckley Jr. will be released from a government psychiatric hospital to live full time with his mother in Williamsburg, Va., after a federal judge ruled that he no longer poses a danger to himself or others.
A line cook allegedly came out from the back of the restaurant and told the cashier she would not cook for the Alexandria officer.
The ruling comes after more than a year of controversy over the Senate workers' pay, which was tied up in a hard-fought contract negotiation and a union organizing drive.
The proposal would keep the system closing at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and would move up the closing time to 10 p.m. on Sundays, alarming D.C. officials and business leaders who said it would hurt the city’s economic and cultural life.
She received a warmer reception than she did at the Republican convention last week. She also demanded more support from fellow Democrats for the cause.
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe lauded Holton’s service, highlighting her work to reform the state’s standardized testing regime — known as Standards of Learning — and to raise education funding.
Jonathan Papelbon couldn't hold the two-run lead in ninth as Cleveland rallied to win 7-6 and hand Washington its sixth loss in eight games.
There is a silver lining though: It looks like the super-hot temperatures are behind us for the time being.
The U.S.-trained counterterrorism troops were once so loathed they were nearly disbanded. But the elite group, which has spearheaded nearly every major fight against the militants, has proved to be the country’s greatest weapon.
Campaign 2016
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Looking back at Ralph Nader’s third-party run and Al Gore’s close loss to George W. Bush, Democrats worry that Jill Stein could cost Hillary Clinton the election this time around.
Imagine, if you will, the kind of outcry that would occur in the United States if the government sent a Secret Service detail to protect Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates.
Although the history isn't widely known, historians maintain there’s no debate about the accuracy of the first lady’s comments, which acknowledged a painful reality at the Democratic National Convention.
A new study found that men were younger when they got the disease and often had atypical symptoms.
A cursive resurgence has been championed by a mix of educators, researchers, parents and politicians who lament the loss of linked-letter writing and cite studies attesting to its cognitive benefits. And some just like the way it looks.
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