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The explosion shattered a square packed with peaceful demonstrators, mostly from the Shiite ethnic Hazara minority. The death toll of the suicide bombing, claimed by the Islamic State, was the highest for any terrorist attack in the Afghan capital after more than a decade of fighting between Taliban militants and Afghan and NATO forces. 
Materials found at the home of the 18-year-old who killed nine people at a busy shopping area suggest that he extensively researched shooting sprees before his rampage, German investigators said.
Although many longtime confidants have come out in support of Roger Ailes, sexual-harassment claims against the former chairman of Fox News date to the 1960s.
Campaign 2016
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Her startling decision to run for the highest office in America set Clinton — who had already been first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state — on a path no woman has ever walked.
  • Jan 1, 1970
As the Democratic ticket debuted, the presumptive vice-presidential nominee thrilled a crowd in Miami by using Spanish throughout his remarks.
A Pepco spokesman said the utility doesn't think the outage, which began Friday afternoon, was caused by the heat. Meanwhile, a malfunctioning elevator led to the closure of the Washington Monument.
The hottest stretch of the year is upon us, so prepare to take it slowly and spend plenty of time in cool places.
Police are searching for the person who killed D.C. resident Alonzo Jackson, then took his vehicle from a gas station in Prince George's.
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Janes Island State Park, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and accessible only by boat, preserves more than six miles of pristine beaches and more than 3,000 acres of marshlands and forests.
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County Executive Isiah Leggett withdrew his support for the measure, saying he feared its passage could hinder negotiations on new contracts this fall.
The American Press Institute building, vacant since 2012, was designed by acclaimed architect Marcel Breuer. It now stands in the way of development associated with Metro's new Silver Line.
There is no single approach, but these habits can help you build a healthy relationship with your kids.
Practicing mindfulness can help manage stress, depression and low self-esteem.
A taste test reveals that the question is a lot more complicated than you might think.
Hundreds of government workers fired in recent weeks have one thing in common: They publicly backed removing Nicolás Maduro, whose term doesn't end until 2019.
"He essentially looked like he had a space helmet on," the bed-and-breakfast owner said after the animal — which was caught in an empty cheese-puff container — wandered onto his property.
Campaign 2016
Some messages include details of perks provided to certain donors, while others detail discussions between party officials about undermining the presidential bid of Sen. Bernie Sanders.
The people at the top of their parties' tickets have chosen running mates who don't quite live up to speculative options.
One of the saviors of the 15-pound crustacean learned from a news report that it was destined for a dinner plate.
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In taste test, which Havana Club rum will win?
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Why Clinton chose Kaine as her running mate
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5 facts to remember during a heat wave
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