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President Trump praised the Army lieutenant general as “a man of tremendous talent.” McMaster, who is outspoken and has been recognized for his battlefield leadership in the Persian Gulf and Iraq wars, has spent virtually no time at the Pentagon or in Washington.
McMaster will assume the position at a time of widespread security challenges, including Russia’s alleged meddling in last year’s election and North Korea’s ballistic missile test this month.
His planned executive orders are aimed at curtailing Obama-era policies. Although implementation will take time, it signals that the new administration is determined to promote fossil-fuel production.
With a president who has embraced discredited theories linking vaccines and autism, the anti-vaccine movement has gained ground — prompting concerns about basic childhood health care among politically and geographically diverse groups.
Yiannopoulos last month at the University of Colorado in Boulder. (Daily Camera via AP)
Yiannopoulos last month at the University of Colorado in Boulder. (Daily Camera via AP)
“Due to the revelation of an offensive video in the past 24 hours condoning pedophilia,” an organizer of the Conservative Political Action Conference said, the Breitbart editor’s booking was canceled. Yiannopoulos took to Facebook to defend himself against criticism of remarks he made last year.
The publishing house had faced criticism late last year when word got out that Milo Yiannopoulous had received $250,000 for “Dangerous.”
Civil servants on both sides of the partisan divide want to know what they can do or say in what is not just any ordinary workplace but the president’s own back yard.
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(Michael S. Williamson / The Washington Post)
(Michael S. Williamson / The Washington Post)
Rent at a new D.C. development would include a private bedroom and bath, shared kitchens and maid service. But neighbors say the residences could add 48 new residents to a small street and shouldn’t have been permitted.
The National Zoo's beloved panda spent her final day in the U.S. eating treats and charming fans before her flight to China.
The sports reporter said the hardest part was telling everyone — friends, family, viewers — that she had a recurrence. But the greatest salve has been the reaction she has received.
You may actually have to wear a jacket on Tuesday, with temperatures stuck in the 50s. But that should be the coolest day of the week.
Cox is a retired government teacher who’s worked closely with Speaker William J. Howell, who is retiring in January. The designation is intended to signal plans for an orderly transition.
There are only four living trees from the first president’s time at Mount Vernon. Joel King is on a mission to propagate them.
Halfway through its first year, Ron Brown College Preparatory High School, D.C.’s only single-sex public high school, encourages openness and acceptance in a safe space.
Barry Svrluga
D.C. United’s new stadium means the former home of the Redskins and later the Nationals soon will be vacant and at some point after that it could well be leveled. Thinking, simultaneously, “Thank goodness” and “Oh, no”? That seems about right.
  • 3 days ago
Thomas Boswell
Washington has a string of high-on-base-percentage players that will create constant pressure on the base paths and open up big innings.
  • 7 hours ago
Although President Trump did not explicitly say it, his remarks were widely perceived as suggesting that an attack had occurred Friday night.
Former Breitbart News chairman Stephen Bannon’s role as President Trump's chief strategist makes him one of the country’s most powerful men. But it also uniquely positions his former website as a potential force in the Trump era, a media juggernaut emphatically stamped with Bannon’s imprimatur.
As Russia’s top U.N. envoy since 2006, he was the longest-serving current member of the Security Council. He scaled the foreign ministry ladder over a turbulent 40-year period in his country in part by asserting Russia’s diplomatic relevance after the Cold War.
  • 5 hours ago
A U.S. military official said about 450 advisers are “operating closer and deeper into Iraqi formations” as a new assault on the key city gets underway. The remarks came as Defense Secretary Jim Mattis visited Baghdad.
Trump, who often criticized President Obama for his time on the course and who pledged as a candidate to play only when it would also be conducive to conducting business, had a full round with the pro player.
The three-hour debate in Parliament came after 1.8 million people signed a petition calling on the British government to cancel the visit. While lawmakers can’t force the move, it’s created a headache for Prime Minister Theresa May, who has worked to nurture ties with the U.S. president.
(Erin Patrick O'Connor/The Washington Post)
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