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Campaign 2016
The foundation — sustained for years by donors outside the Trump family — never obtained the registration that New York requires to solicit money from the public, state officials said. Charities as large as Trump’s must also submit to an annual audit that asks, among other things, whether the charity spent funds for the personal benefit of its officers.
Justice Department officials told insurers suing over unpaid money that they want to negotiate a broad settlement that likely will draw from a Treasury fund that is allowed as much money as it needs to pay valid claims against the government.
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(Matt McClain/The Washington Post)
(Matt McClain/The Post)
(Matt McClain/The Post)
Wendy Uruchi Contreras hid the fact that she was in the U.S. illegally. Then she was arrested for drunken driving, making her a priority for deportation. The arrest also exposed her husband’s undocumented status and roiled their kids’ lives.
The U.S. president made solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a central part of his foreign policy, to little avail. Now a big question is whether the two-state solution championed by Shimon Peres died with him.
Authorities are investigating how at least 19 dead Virginians were registered to vote in this critical swing state.
Sheriff James F. Fitzgerald called the county's investigation into his behavior “humbling, hurtful and disappointing.”
There is no actual rat sanctuary operating, and the Park Service, aware of the faux post, said it is working to combat rats in Dupont Circle. The Yelp rating for now: 3.5 stars.
You won’t be able to get in this year — museum passes for the rest of 2016 have already been distributed — but individuals can obtain up to six passes beginning Oct. 3.
They say the new absentee-ballot system is vulnerable to tampering and privacy invasions — growing concerns in a year when hackers have breached the Democratic National Committee and targeted elections in at least two states.
The Chens opened Yum’s II carryout when prostitutes walked 14th Street NW. Now they’ve opened a dim sum palace next door to cater to D.C.’s gentrifiers.
They criticized the city for not releasing more information about the death of Terrence Sterling, who police said was shot when he intentionally struck a cruiser’s door.
True, Cubs fans have been waiting longer for a World Series title than Washingtonians, but D.C. has gone longer without making it to the World Series — the last time was 1933, a dozen years before the Cubs’ final appearance.
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Republican congressional leaders said the new law may have to be revisited over worries that it will expose U.S. officials to lawsuits abroad.
The bodies of Annie and Robin Korkki, who were described as “healthy and adventurous,” were discovered last week in Seychelles.
Bad roommates — and the ugly fights that come with them — happen to the best of us. But the feuds don’t usually play out on social media, with various snipes gathering 100,000 retweets.
Campaign 2016
A story published in Newsweek said Donald Trump’s company spent as much as $68,000 on a “foray” exploring business possibilities in Cuba in 1998, which would be a clear violation of the strict embargo in place at the time.
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Father Aloysius Schmitt helped as many as 12 sailors flee the sunken battleship where he was entombed.
Residents along the Gulf and East coasts are encouraged to monitor forecasts in light of the potential for a tropical storm or hurricane in their vicinity in the days ahead.
(Photo courtesy of Saad Bin Waqqas; The Post)
Leena Sharma accused her uncle of using land she owned — a bold move in a country where patriarchy remains deeply ingrained and where women have long been denied the legal right to own land. For Sharma, the consequences of asserting her property rights would prove deadly.
  • Jan 1, 1970
(Jason Aldag/The Washington Post)
Hillary Clinton in depth: Her path to the presidential nomination
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The untold story of black Indiana farmers who held onto their land
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Meet the former Miss Universe whom Trump called 'Miss Piggy' and 'Miss Housekeeping'
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New Jersey Transit commuter train crashes into Hoboken station terminal
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Post columnists and policy experts from the Cato Institute and Brookings Institution will preview the 2016 vice presidential debate.
Policymakers and experts will discuss and debate top cybersecurity issues facing the country today.
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