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Campaign 2016
He has one week before meeting Hillary Clinton onstage again. It is a critical event for him. Yet everything the GOP nominee has done before and after the first debate sends a loud, clear message: Debate prep is for chumps.
The GOP running mate is an evangelical Christian with a long advocacy of socially conservative causes. His views are reassuring to some who are leery of the person at the top of the ticket.
Interviews with more than two dozen Republican officials show they are unnerved by Donald Trump’s erratic attack on a Latina beauty queen and other outbursts, and they are increasingly fearful that he is damaging his White House bid and doing lasting harm to the party.
Roberts with a photo of her son, Charles Carl Robert IV. (Post)
Even as parents awaited word on whether their children had survived the rampage, one father delivered a message to Terri Roberts: She and her husband were not the enemy.
Prosecutors suggested that Navy officials sought to funnel military equipment to rural Hudspeth County and set up a secret training base near the Mexican border.
Negotiators were unable to reach a final agreement for producing what would have been a historic event on the Mall.
Three sides of the Ashburn Colored School building, which dates to 1892 and is currently under restoration, were spray-painted Friday night.
In tiny Seat Pleasant, Md., an indefatigable incumbent recruited a new slate of candidates when the sitting council wouldn’t give him his way.
Unknown to most viewers, the public school in central Virginia has been preparing for two years to reap the exposure as it hosts the nationally televised event.
A lack of communication, especially under ordinary circumstances, really steams riders.
Donte Crawford's relatives said he had been bullied for months before he fatally attacked his classmate in a West Baltimore biology classroom.
The master bedroom suite. (John McDonnell/Post)
The cabana and roof deck. (John McDonnell/Post)
The living room. (John McDonnell/Post)
The kitchen and breakfast area. (John McDonnell/Post)
The back stairs and hallway. (John McDonnell/Post)
The library and whiskey bar. (John McDonnell/Post)
For the month of October, the 11,000-square-foot former temporary residence of the French ambassador on Foxhall Road has been adopted by the local design community, with 21 rooms and spaces decorated for imaginary owners.
College Football
Virginia vs. Duke
4th quarter
2:30, 4th quarter
1 2 3 4 Total
UVA 6 14 7 7 34
DUKE 7 3 3 7 20
Recent updates
2:51 Taquan Mizzell rush to the left for a loss of 1 yard to the Duke32.
3:37 Taquan Mizzell rush to the right for 9 yards to the Duke31.
3:50 Daniel Jones pass INTERCEPTED by Juan Thornhill and returned for 15 yards.
Stat leaders
K. Benkert
336 yards, 3 TD
T. Mizzell
14 rush, 60 yards
K. Johnson
5 rec, 46 yards, 0 TD
D. Jones
332 yards, 1 TD
S. Wilson
16 rush, 55 yards
A. Nash
8 rec, 82 yards, 0 TD
Blue Devils
Player stats
Passing: C A Yds TD INT
K. Benkert 23 41 336 3 1
Rushing: Car Yds TD LG
T. Mizzell 14 60 0 19
A. Reid 11 42 1 11
J. Ellis 1 3 0 3
D. Hamm 1 -2 0 -2
K. Benkert 4 -9 0 1
Receiving: Rec Yds TD LG
K. Johnson 5 46 0 29
O. Zacchea... 4 42 1 12
T. Mizzell 3 7 0 5
D. Eldridg... 2 112 1 84
A. Levrone 2 65 0 33
D. Dowling 2 21 0 14
H. Dubois 1 19 0 19
W. Craft 1 8 0 8
E. Butts 1 7 0 7
A. Reid 1 6 0 6
R. Burney 1 3 1 3
Player stats
Passing: C A Yds TD INT
D. Jones 33 54 332 1 5
Rushing: Car Yds TD LG
S. Wilson 16 55 0 8
J. Ajeigbe 7 27 1 12
D. Jones 8 24 0 10
Receiving: Rec Yds TD LG
A. Nash 8 82 0 20
T. Rahming 6 65 1 23
Q. Chamber... 5 98 0 43
D. Koppenh... 5 30 0 8
E. Schneid... 3 32 0 18
J. Lloyd 3 23 0 9
D. Helm 1 3 0 3
D. Jones 1 0 0 0
S. Wilson 1 -1 0 -1
Game Details
Navy vs. Air Force
1st quarter
8:03, 1st quarter
1 2 3 4 Total
NAVY 0 - - - 0
AF 0 - - - 0
Recent updates
8:09 Will Worth rush to the middle for a loss of 6 yards to the AF37. FUMBLE, recovered by AF (Haji Dunn Jr.).
8:12 Will Worth incomplete pass to the left.
8:12 Midshipmen timeout.
Stat leaders
W. Worth
69 yards, 0 TD
C. High
3 rush, 8 yards
J. Tillman
1 rec, 39 yards, 0 TD
Air Force
N. Romine
0 yards, 0 TD
D. Johnson
1 rush, 2 yards
Player stats
Passing: C A Yds TD INT
W. Worth 2 5 69 0 0
Rushing: Car Yds TD LG
C. High 3 8 0 4
S. White 2 7 0 4
W. Worth 2 -4 0 2
Receiving: Rec Yds TD LG
J. Tillman 1 39 0 39
D. Romine 1 30 0 30
Player stats
Passing: C A Yds TD INT
N. Romine 0 1 0 0 0
Rushing: Car Yds TD LG
D. Johnson 1 2 0 2
J. Owens 1 1 0 1
Receiving: Rec Yds TD LG
Game Details
Purdue vs. Maryland
1st quarter
9:01, 1st quarter
1 2 3 4 Total
PURDUE 0 - - - 0
MD 0 - - - 0
Recent updates
9:01 35 yard field goal attempt by J.D. Dellinger is NO GOOD.
9:06 David Blough incomplete pass to the middle.
9:51 David Blough rush to the middle for a loss of 6 yards to the MD18.
Stat leaders
D. Blough
10 yards, 0 TD
M. Jones
4 rush, 14 yards
D. Yancey
1 rec, 8 yards, 0 TD
P. Hills
7 yards, 0 TD
T. Edmunds
1 rush, 0 yards
T. Morgan
1 rec, 7 yards, 0 TD
Player stats
Passing: C A Yds TD INT
D. Blough 2 6 10 0 0
Rushing: Car Yds TD LG
M. Jones 4 14 0 7
D. Blough 1 -6 0 -6
Receiving: Rec Yds TD LG
D. Yancey 1 8 0 8
B. Marshal... 1 2 0 2
Player stats
Passing: C A Yds TD INT
P. Hills 1 2 7 0 1
Rushing: Car Yds TD LG
T. Edmunds 1 0 0 0
Receiving: Rec Yds TD LG
T. Morgan 1 7 0 7
Game Details
This author hasn't opted for the suburbs over her apartment, despite its modest size.
It's not snobbery. Let a home cook’s skepticism prompt a test in your own kitchen.
Enliven your surroundings with these trendy yet timeless items, all available online.
On July 11, Sacramento officers were called to a well-lighted street by neighbors who reported a man waving a knife. The victim was in the middle of a mental health crisis, his family said.
"A woman that has great education and training and a great job is not susceptible to this kind of abuse by men, women or anyone," oncologist Bud Pierce said after the sitting governor revealed that she had been a domestic violence victim.
After an explosion on the launchpad, Elon Musk's company wanted a look at a competitor’s roof.
Campaign 2016
But aides to the senator's campaign have pushed back, criticizing how the audio has been covered and defending what Hillary Clinton said about young voters.
The MSNBC host said the Republican's supporters are patriotic but have a sense of betrayal.
Sign up to have The Fix’s Aaron Blake text you the highlights of each debate as it unfolds.
This nation that once sat behind the Iron Curtain is expected to reject E.U. quotas for accepting asylum seekers in a referendum this weekend.
The state wildlife commission was alerted after officers received a tip on Facebook. The two were charged with illegal killing, possessing or capturing of alligators.
(João Pina for The Washington Post)
On the eve of a vote that is expected to end Colombia’s 52-year conflict with the FARC, rebels like Yurluey Mendoza, who joined the guerrillas decades ago at age 14, are preparing to reenter a world very different from the one they left.
Officers spotted the teenager walking on a California road late one evening and thought, “What if we help him out?”
Russian officials have been alarmed by an anthrax outbreak that killed one nomadic boy and want to limit the risk of animals spreading the bacteria.
Researchers are looking at whether bacteria in the mouth can connect to ailments ranging from cancer to dementia to stroke.
  • 8 hours ago
(Jason Aldag/The Washington Post)
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Post columnists and policy experts from the Cato Institute and Brookings Institution will preview the vice-presidential debate.
Policymakers and experts will discuss and debate top cybersecurity issues facing the country today.
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