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The CIA concluded that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to boost Donald Trump’s chances, rather than just to undermine confidence in the system, said officials briefed on the matter.
While the retired generals on the president-elect’s national security team could urge caution about the use of force, they’re more likely to see malign intent or view the world as a clash of good and evil, according to former colleagues and experts.
An interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter. (AP)
An interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter. (AP)
Live sports often compels viewers to stick with cable, but as more consumers cut the cord, what is happening at ESPN could affect channels up and down the lineup. For Disney, one of the most powerful media companies, the problems at its sports network risk dampening its other successes.
Three months after the Summer Olympics, Brazil’s cultural hub should be riding high. Instead it is a financial, political, crime-ridden mess, with many citizens fearing that the city is doubling down on chaos and corruption.
Without critical upgrades, federal inspectors said, the beleaguered transit agency's plans for an eight-car fleet will overload the power system.
Police said Charles W. Caldwell III was arrested on drunken-driving charges Thursday night outside the MGM National Harbor Casino shortly after the casino’s grand-opening ceremony.
Ogulcan Atakoglu, 21, had pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter in the deaths of a couple and their son.
Eight years after he took over MGM amid a reeling economy, Jim Murren basked in the glow of redemption as MGM opened its $1.4 billion casino at National Harbor in Maryland.
Temperatures will struggle to get out of the 30s on Saturday and will stay cold Sunday as clouds thicken.
Injuries to other players have put Navy sophomore Zach Abey in place to make his first start at quarterback just in time for the annual rivalry game.
Wealth has become synonymous with strength and protection.
This DIY project is easy, elegant and strangely addictive.
Three minutes and three breaths can change your whole outlook, according to this guru.
The Senate voted 63 to 36 to approve the measure less than an hour before the midnight deadline. Democrats had threatened a standoff over health-care benefits for retired miners and the use of U.S. steel in infrastructure projects.
Washington has become the first U.S. state to sue the company over pervasive pollution from the toxic industrial chemicals that have accumulated in plants, fish and people around the globe for decades.
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For most of her life, Annie was afflicted with an 85 percent stutter, meaning she would become “hung up on 85 percent of the words she tried to speak, which was a severe handicap,” as John put it.
Portman, widely considered a shoo-in for an Oscar nomination for best actress in “Jackie,” describes the first lady’s voice as not one way of speaking but many, which ties into the film’s theme of public image vs. private persona.
Braulio Castillo of Ashburn, Va., was convicted of suffocating his wife while four of their children slept nearby, then staging it as a suicide.
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