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Campaign 2016
For the first time, 11 states are requiring a photo identification to vote in a presidential election. Many experts say that the process for obtaining an ID can be far more difficult than it might seem for hundreds of thousands of people across the country who do not have one.
His release of a video that includes the voices of two women who accused the ex-president of sexual assault underscored the presumptive GOP nominee’s willingness to go far beyond political norms in attacks on Hillary Clinton.
Surrogates and officials in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida will focus on Donald Trump’s response to the housing crisis.
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What China calls the “Golden Shield” is a giant mechanism of surveillance that blocks tens of thousands of websites deemed inimical to the Communist Party’s narrative and control, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and even Instagram.
Investigators are looking at campaign contributions and what they consider to be suspicious personal finances as part of a public integrity probe that has lasted for more than a year, according to two officials.
Edward M. Nero was acquitted of all four charges filed against him in the arrest of Freddie Gray, who died in police custody last year. Nero was among six officers charged in the case.
The families say they and their neighbors are being forced to move from a mobile-home park in Fairfax County because managers won’t renew their leases if any resident in the household lacks proof of legal status.
The Virginia medical examiner said Monday that Tarreece Sampson died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen.
On a Metro train in Montgomery County last month at 10 a.m., the suspect raped a passenger at knifepoint, then ordered her to another area of the car and forced her to perform a sex act, court statements and records allege.
Kathryn Thomson, a veteran legal insider who has been the federal transportation agency’s top lawyer, will focus solely on fixing the Washington region’s troubled mass-transit system.
Why has it been so awful this month? The storm track has been stuck over the Mid-Atlantic, continuously cycling system after system through, like a conveyor belt.
Eager to help counter anti-Muslim rhetoric in the presidential contest, these children of immigrants are entering races in the Maryland suburbs, emboldened by their upbringing and the encouragement of mentors.
After an hour-long rain delay, the Mets pummeled Gonzalez for seven runs and 10 hits, marking only the fourth time in his career he allowed so many of both in the same game.
A 27-year-old London man has been identified as the fourth "Beatle." His cohorts included "Jihadi John," who was videotaped beheading Western hostages.
A new report charged league officials with trying to influence a major U.S. government study on football and brain disease after agreeing to an unconditional donation to fund research.
The move came after Congress heard testimony that Kelly Hoggan had no prior experience in intelligence, that he played a role in reassignments of whistleblowers and that he took a $90,000 bonus.
Some of the wealthiest Americans, including Nebraska's Warren Buffett, are also power players in politics.
Campaign 2016
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