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The rules, passed in a 3-2 vote by the Federal Communications Commission, require Internet providers, such as Comcast and Verizon, to obtain their customers' explicit consent before using or sharing that behavioral data with third parties, such as marketing firms.
Campaign 2016
A growing number of prominent Republican women are worried that party members stepping up to defend Donald Trump are causing irreparable damage to the GOP’s deteriorating relationship with voters.
The GOP nominee is paying millions to a little-known analytics company to find a way to target potential voters based on data from everyday life. Trump’s campaign sees promise, but doubters abound.
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From selecting pictures to verifying sources, every fact about a candidate is nitpicked to perfection by a small army of volunteer editors.
  • Jan 1, 1970
In a post on Facebook, the Alaska lawyer said Thomas fondled her when she was a 23-year-old Truman Foundation scholar, the National Law Journal reported.
The collision in late 2015 drew national attention and spurred changes that toughened drunken driving laws in Maryland.
Only minor injuries were reported. It was unclear if all 43 of the injured juveniles were on the school bus or if some also were on the Metrobus.
New House members would like to blunt Hogan’s ratings before next election.
The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission said the new mains ward off corrosion and will withstand breaks for longer than the 50 to 75 years that its current pipes typically last.
Petra Lovetinska Seipel broke gender barriers at the all-male military academy. She is now a Marine major in a country that might elect its first female commander in chief.
The 41st Marine Corps Marathon kicks off early on Sunday, and it will mean many road closures in Washington.
Twitter is shuttering the beloved app that championed the art of the six-second video.
Callers posing as IRS or other government officials extorted more than $250 million from people with threats of arrests and fines.
Erika Hurt was found unconscious in her car in an Indiana parking lot while her 10-month-old son was in the back seat.
Campaign 2016
The Oath Keepers are officially nonpartisan, but their concerns clearly echo Donald Trump’s warnings about a “rigged” election. It's the latest call to action for a group whose heavily armed members patrolled in Ferguson, Mo., and at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.
Some people said they hid in the desert to avoid being taken. Others were forced to walk toward Mosul but later managed to flee. Villagers also described mass executions of former policemen and army officers as the militants became increasingly paranoid about spies and collaborators.
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Uncertainty follows circus elephants’ final act
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In her own words: 'Jackie' speaks under oath about Rolling Stone gang rape allegations
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'Muslim is the new black.' Voters reflect on the 2016 campaign
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The Post taste tests 100 years of candy
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360-Degree Video
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A 120-mile-long canyon that’s grand in its own right, Palo Duro Canyon State Park is the nation’s second largest, but few Americans know about it.
The Washington Post hosts an election night viewing party at headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C.
Who is Donald J. Trump? To discover the man in full, The Washington Post assembled a team of award-winning reporters and researchers to delve into every aspect of his improbable life. (Also available in hardcover.)