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The GOP nominee was subdued at a news conference in Mexico with President Enrique Peña Nieto. But hours later in Phoenix, Donald Trump resumed his usual aggressive tone during a speech on immigration, vowing to go especially hard after illegal immigrants who commit other crimes.
Mexicans hoped their president would demand an apology or forcefully reject the Republican presidential nominee’s proposals. But many in Mexico felt let down by Peña Nieto’s performance.
Here's our round-up of some of the more startling and interesting claims made by Donald Trump in his lengthy speech in Arizona.
The Supreme Court said it wouldn’t stay a lower court’s decision that the voter-ID law was unconstitutional for blunting the influence of African American voters. The state had asked the justices to allow part of the law to be used this November.
D.C. could experience a period of heavy rain and wind in a worst-case scenario.
Organizers are adjusting the course and giving runners an extra hour to arrive at the starting line, following word that Metro won’t open early on race day.
The National Fair Housing Alliance is filing a discrimination complaint against the bank with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development alleging that the lender has neglected foreclosed homes it owns in minority neighborhoods.
The Jesuit university said its religious mission includes educating students about other faiths.
President Obama set the amount as the default raise. Congress has made no move toward legislating a raise, and if doesn't by the end of the year, the default raise will be paid.
Reductions in cost and the number of beds will be weighed by the Maryland Health Care Commission in deciding whether to approve the project.
The GOP contends Gov. Terry McAuliffe is in contempt of court as he works to restore the right to vote for 200,000 felons.
Starters watched from afar — like, D.C. — as backups made their final bids for a roster spot before Saturday’s final cuts.
The left-hander delivered six strong innings and Jayson Werth hit his eighth home run of August to pace Washington to a series sweep in Philadelphia.
Ben Ferencz presented one witness at a trial that found 22 Nazi officers responsible for more than one million deaths. Now Ferencz, 96, is donating millions to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.
Brazil’s Senate voted overwhelmingly to impeach her in the culmination of a protracted process that divided the country. Michel Temer, who was her vice president, will assume full power.
A California church’s attendees say: “I have come to admit that I am powerless over my addiction to racism in ways I am unable to recognize fully, let alone manage.” Other churches host similar conversations.
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