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The Republican presidential nominee has been flooded with conflicting advice about where to land, with the tensions vividly illustrated this week as he publicly wrestled with himself on immigration, his signature issue.
Stephen Bannon was accused of battery against his wife 20 years ago. Charges were dropped, but the case, combined with irregularities in his voter registration and a report that he said he didn't want his twins attending a school because of "the number of Jews," raise questions about how well senior Trump employees are vetted.
Harold Bornstein said he crafted his statement declaring that Donald Trump would be the "healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency" in about five minutes while a limousine waited outside for him to finish.
Over 36 hours, Paul LePage insisted that the vast majority of violent criminals in his state were black or Hispanic, and he blew up at a Democratic legislator who he believed had — but who had not — accused him of racism.
Some parents and lawmakers have wondered how the university could hold so much in reserve while raising tuition 30 percent for in-state freshmen over the past three years.
When Anna Martinez wrote the District a series of emails about a firetruck with a rotting hole at a city park, she thought she was fulfilling her civic duty. She got a lesson in civic inertia.
COLUMN | If Friday’s preseason game with Buffalo showed the rusty versions of quarterback Kirk Cousins and his receivers, their regular-season editions could be something special for Washington, again.
According to Maryland authorities, Joseph Miller arranged to have marijuana — sourced from California and Oregon — mailed to residences in the region and tried to stay away from touching the product himself.
This month, state regulators cleared 15 companies to be growers and 15 companies to process the plant into medical products. None of the businesses approved are led by African Americans.
JJ struggled to swallow the pills needed to control the virus she was born with. Now, she has finally passed an enormous milestone that could lead to a healthy life for decades to come.
Timed admission passes to the much-anticipated museum will be available on its website, but officials warn visitors that getting in the first weekend will be difficult.
Tighten your family’s grocery list without skimping on nutrition.
The humble potted plant might offer a way to improve air quality and clear pollutants.
During the sleepy period for travel that comes as summer turns to fall, airfare usually favors customers.
The Bulls guard has been outspoken about gun violence before his relative, a 32-year-old mother, was caught in the crossfire while with her baby daughter on the city's South Side.
Mark DeFriest, now 56, was supposed to spend a few years behind bars, but repeated escape attempts (he made it out seven times in 13 tries) and other disciplinary issues have compounded his problems. 
An incident involving a woman spraying a packed train car with live crickets has just raised the bar for worst-commute-ever stories.
The former commander was on active duty at the time of the incident alleged by a female colonel, an internal document said.
The employees will receive the same benefits as full-time workers but only 75 percent of the pay.
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