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Campaign 2016
The senator and former governor of Virginia became the pick after a search that included less-conventional candidates who offered greater appeal to the party's liberal base. He won out because of a calculation that his addition to the ticket could outgun Donald Trump's outsider bombast.
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Critics question Timothy Kaine’s liberal bona fides on trade, banking reform and other issues.
In his home state, Timothy Kaine followed gift laws — and that could create problems on the campaign trail.
Roger Ailes outside News Corp. in New York. (Getty)
Although many longtime confidants have come out in support of him, sexual-harassment claims against the former chairman of Fox News date to the 1960s.
Police and prosecutors said the 18-year-old suspect in the rampage that killed nine people at a busy shopping area had no known political motive and may have been mentally ill.
The state’s highest court ruled 4 to 3 that the governor overstepped his clemency powers by issuing an order in April restoring rights to all ex-offenders who are no longer incarcerated, on probation or parole.
With high humidity and heat indexes in the 100s, the options are to sweat (and hydrate!) — or just stay inside.
Police are searching for the person suspected of killing D.C. resident Alonzo Jackson, then taking his vehicle from a gas station in Prince George's.
The former Virginia governor was found guilty of public corruption in 2014, but the Supreme Court overturned the conviction last month.
Some museums and government agencies were in the dark, leading to the evacuation of some buildings and sending some government workers home.
Players said they would continue to give their opinions on social issues despite fines doled out by the league recently for similar actions.
Lack of clutch hitting doomed Washington again as it fell to the visiting San Diego Padres.
She was watching the game out of the corner of her eye so he suggested they go to another bar to watch the game together.
Don’t believe people who claim that eating five to eight times per day will control your appetite. 
A behind-the-scenes look at the wakeful days and sleepless nights at a bed-and-breakfast.
One of the saviors of the 15-pound crustacean learned from a news report that it was destined for a dinner plate.
Campaign 2016
(Melina Mara/Post)
Some messages include details of perks provided to certain donors, while others detail discussions between party officials about undermining the presidential bid of Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Several cards give cardholders exclusive deals — access to events, free museum admission or the chance to hang out with Disney characters — with no purchase required.
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In taste test, which Havana Club rum will win?
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Why Clinton chose Kaine as her running mate
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Here’s what we know about the Munich shooting rampage
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5 facts to remember during a heat wave
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