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Hours after a federal appeals court struck down North Carolina's voting restrictions, saying they were intended to blunt the clout of black voters, a judge said Wisconsin’s voter-ID law is “a cure worse than the disease.”
Campaign 2016
The campaign said a system maintained by the Democratic National Committee had been hacked but that its own computers had not been compromised, denying news reports that the campaign had become the third Democratic Party organization whose systems had been penetrated.
General-election polls show that voters trust Donald Trump more than Hillary Clinton on the economy, and her campaign has been told by donors and advisers that she must strip down her message.
Rio 2016
The Female Muslim Athlete
Nada Aljeraiwi, left, and Noura Al Hajeri laugh after competing in the ITU World Triathlon in Abu Dhabi. (Nikki Kahn/Post)
Women in Middle Eastern cultures are finding sports so essential that they compete in hijab headscarves, loose-fitting abaya robes or other covering — and have fostered such a demand for more breathable fabrics that they’ve spawned a new industry.
A Maryland woman told lawyers that a key witness and jailhouse informant said he lied about his testimony in the case, according to defense attorneys for the man accused in the 2001 death of the Washington intern.
A train carrying 75 passengers derailed near East Falls Church station earlier this morning, forcing the station to close and disrupting service for commuters.
Mornings and early afternoons look like the best time to get outside, although showers are still possible during these windows.
Two months after Antwon Pitt returned to the city, federal officials lost track of him after he cut off his GPS bracelet. He was arrested two days later on drug charges, but a D.C. magistrate judge released him without knowing the details of his time in prison.
The Virginia governor’s commitment to free trade landed him in hot water this week with the Clinton campaign and exposed the tension between his dual roles as governor of a state reliant on international business and “first friend” to the Clintons.
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In addition to receiving formal training in painting and other creative skills, students are learning about intellectual-property rights so they can effectively sell and protect their work.
Take advantage of the summer lull and keep waits to a minimum.
The triple play, along with Max Scherzer’s strong start, allowed Washington to beat San Francisco, 4-1.
Chris Rolfe of D.C. United, in his first extended interview since suffering the injury in April, described his trials in vivid detail.
Although the bill is a significantly weaker version of a law passed by Vermont, the legislation will require most food packages to carry a label, a symbol or an electronic code indicating whether the item contains genetically modified organisms.
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A senior Israeli official will arrive in Washington next week for final negotiations involving an aid package that will last more than a decade after President Obama leaves office.
During a training exercise in the Mojave Desert, the aircraft was about to drop ordnance on a simulated target when it broke apart in midair and erupted into a fireball, a Marine said.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced that mosquito bites were likely to blame for four human cases of the virus just north of downtown Miami.
Campaign 2016
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Over four days, one 18-year-old delegate from rural North Carolina watched as the Democratic Party rolled out celebrities and musicians, pastors and presidents to persuade skeptical Americans that they could trust Hillary Clinton. It worked. Until the final night.
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Fact-checking Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech
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Ron Charles previews the play 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'
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Would you rather ‘make America great again’ or is ‘America already great?’
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Metro train jumps tracks in Northern Virginia, bringing morning commute to a halt
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