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Campaign 2016
The Republican presidential nominee has been flooded with conflicting advice about where to land, with the tensions vividly illustrated this week as he publicly wrestled with himself on immigration, his signature issue.
In a normal election cycle, Hillary Clinton's plans to link the GOP nominee with racists and anti-Semites would prompt Republicans to line up leaders and surrogates in defense of their candidate. This isn't a normal election cycle.
The schools in the university system had said they were caught between conflicting state and federal mandates. Now they are barred from enforcing provisions of the state law until a federal lawsuit is settled.
A woman walks with a boy on the rubble of damaged shops and buildings in Manbij, Syria. (Reuters)
The U.S. said the July 29 strike killed a group of Islamic State fighters, but activists said the dead were mostly men, women and children seeking shelter. The conflicting narratives reveal the difficulty of determining what really happens in an air campaign taking place beyond the reach of independent observers.
Over 36 hours, Paul LePage insisted that the vast majority of violent criminals in his state were black or Hispanic, and he blew up at a Democratic legislator who he believed had — but who had not — accused him of racism.
JJ struggled to swallow the pills needed to control the virus she was born with. Now, she has finally passed an enormous milestone that could lead to a healthy life for decades to come.
Some parents and lawmakers have wondered how the university could hold so much in reserve while raising tuition 30 percent for in-state freshmen over the past three years.
This month, state regulators cleared 15 companies to grow pot and 15 companies to process the plant into medical products. None of the businesses approved are led by African Americans.
According to authorities, Joseph Miller arranged to have marijuana — sourced from California and Oregon — mailed to various residences in the region and tried to stay away from actually touching the product himself.
After looking shaky for the first 20 minutes against a Buffalo team resting several starters on defense, Washington’s quarterback led three straight scoring drives in the second quarter of a 21-16 preseason win over the Bills.
Jeanne Clarke Harris will be the last major figure sentenced in the long-running investigation of the illegal financing of Vincent C. Gray’s 2010 mayoral campaign.
Timed admission passes to the much-anticipated museum will be available on its website, but officials warn visitors that getting in the first weekend will be difficult.
The left-hander allowed two runs in six innings to reach the milestone as the Nats win two in a row.
The now-retired commander was on active duty at the time of the incident alleged by a female colonel, an internal document said.
For many French Muslims and members of France’s intelligentsia, banning the swimwear sparked an outrage over an unnecessary crackdown on a nonexistent problem. But for others, including a former president, the burkini is a “provocation.”
Campaign 2016
Stephen Bannon was accused of battery against his wife 20 years ago. Charges were dropped, but the case, combined with irregularities in his voter registration, brought fresh scrutiny to how well Donald Trump vets his most senior employees and advisers.
Danica May Garcia was shot in the head in her home by gunmen who were targeting her grandfather.
An incident involving a woman spraying a packed train car with live crickets has just raised the bar for worst-commute-ever stories.
The news surprised researchers, who had expected to see school-readiness gaps growing — particularly given broad trends of rising income inequality and economic segregation.
Joseph Hall was 10 when he killed his father, Jeffrey Hall, a leader in the National Socialist Movement. The case has spurred proposed legislation on whether minors can waive their Miranda rights without legal guidance.
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