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Sergey Kislyak reported to his superiors in December that Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, asked him about setting up a communications channel between the transition team and the Kremlin using Russian facilities in the United States, an apparent move to shield pre-inauguration discussions from monitoring, according to U.S. officials briefed on intelligence reports.
Graphic: What we know about Team Trump’s ties to Russian interests
The Senate Intelligence Committee has asked President Trump’s political organization to gather and produce all documents, emails and phone records going back to his campaign’s launch, according to two people briefed on the request. The letter arrived at Trump’s campaign committee last week and represents the first time Trump’s official campaign structure has been drawn into the Senate investigation.
Allies at the G-7 summit have personally pressured the president to remain in the 2015 Paris accord, a decision that would be a striking reversal. “He came here to learn,” an adviser said.
A report of allegedly heated comments spread rapidly through the German press and social media, igniting an uproar. But what did the president actually say? Even administration officials have differing accounts. 
A once-packed henhouse stands empty on a farm in Aragua state, Venezuela. (Mariana Zuñiga for The Washington Post)
A once-packed henhouse stands empty on a farm in Aragua state, Venezuela. (Mariana Zuñiga for The Washington Post)
The government has cut back on food imports, and for farmers in most countries, that would present an opportunity. But at a time of empty supermarkets and spreading hunger, Venezuela’s farms are producing less, not more, making the situation worse. Government policies and extortion have created what economists see as a man-made disaster.
The story must be told.
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The judge, citing a Supreme Court ruling barring mandatory life without parole for juveniles, ordered new sentencing hearings for Malvo's convictions in Virginia.
Richard Collins III, 23, was fatally stabbed last week in what police said was a “totally unprovoked” attack while at a bus stop with two friends.
Critics had sued Mercer County schools, calling the program, which was offered as an elective during the school day for decades, unconstitutional.
County police, addressing concerns over park safety, will patrol trails and recreation areas, with a focus on Scott’s Run Nature Preserve.
Reston-based SkyRoll has weathered two recessions, a retail downturn, occasional problems in its supply chain and an 18 percent import-duty tax that its curmudgeonly owner really, really dislikes.
Jose Ortiz Morales, 55, who appeared to have gone unnoticed in the U.S. for nearly 30 years, is also wanted by Guatemalan officials for war crimes for his alleged role in the Dos Erres massacre.
The right-hander came within one out of a complete game before interim manager Chris Speier turns to Koda Glover to seal the win.
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Researchers see the fossilized skeleton known as the “Dikika Baby” as one of the most important discoveries in archaeological history, one that is filling in the timeline of human evolution.
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Zbigniew Brzezinski helped bring Jimmy Carter to the White House in 1976 and guided him through international crises that contributed significantly to President Carter’s defeat at the polls four years later.
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A Turkish judge issued an arrest warrant for the Oklahoma Thunder’s Enes Kanter over allegations that is a part of a “terror group,” according to reports. Kanter, a native of Turkey, has accused the government there of “human rights abuses.”
According to police, the assailant on a light-rail train in Portland used “hate speech or biased language” as he ranted on many topics before attacking the women, one of whom wore a hijab.
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Besides foreign policy, “Everything else he’s done has been a complete disaster,” the former House speaker said, according to an online energy publication. “He’s still learning how to be president.”
Untangling the web of Jared Kushner
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Trump's budget takes aim at wild horses
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Republican wins Montana's turbulent special election
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Acts of kindness inspire in Manchester
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In February 2016, presidential candidate Donald Trump promised $6 million in donations, including $1 million from his own pocket, to charities along his campaign trail. Months later, he had donated far less than he pledged. Post reporter David A. Fahrenthold went in search of the missing money and found a bigger story than he ever expected.
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