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The distrust between U.S. intelligence agencies and President-elect Donald Trump became open antagonism after he mocked a report that Russia intervened to help him win the election.
Russia clearly wanted to help Trump defeat Hillary Clinton, the CIA said. But in another briefing, the FBI was more circumspect.
Democrat Chuck Schumer denounces “meddling” by Russia, but Republican John McCain says he’s uncertain of the CIA’s secret report that Moscow helped tilt the election toward Donald Trump.
People close to the transition team confirmed that Rex Tillerson is the choice for secretary of state. His close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin could become a flash point in confirmation hearings.
Clockwise from top left: O.J.: Made in America, Veep, The Night Of and Atlanta. (ESPN Films; HBO; HBO; FX)
Clockwise from top left: "O.J.: Made in America," "Veep," "The Night Of" and "Atlanta." (ESPN Films; HBO; HBO; FX)
The Post's TV critic writes that he's never had a harder time narrowing down his top 10. Where else could a weary nation — its throats raw from arguing and its fingers exhausted from trading social-media insults — collapse on the collective sofa and find reprieve? 
Two explosions Saturday night near a the entrance to a soccer stadium killed at least 29 people, mostly police officers, officials said.
The Sunday morning blast, which also wounded 35 people, came less than 48 hours after a bomb killed six police officers.
The former presidential contender, who called on Trump to drop out of the race in October, also endorsed Republican Ed Gillespie for Virginia governor.
The move came after the team acquired outfielder Adam Eaton, who was part of a plan to shift Trea Turner from center field to shortstop, which have relegated Espinoa to the bench.
Corey Stewart, a GOP candidate for Virginia governor, says he “will never compromise on your God-given right to keep and bear arms.”
(Bill O'Leary / The Washington Post)
(Bill O'Leary / The Washington Post)
(Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)
(Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)
(Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)
(Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)
Philip J. Hirschkop represented Mildred and Richard Loving in the landmark 1967 Supreme Court case that legalized interracial marriages.
Emotions ran strong in both locker rooms as the Black Knights held on for their first win in the rivalry series since 2001.
Witnesses said they saw Charles Caldwell hit two cars and fail a sobriety test near the MGM casino.
The three flagship restaurants — Marcus, Fish by José Andrés and Voltaggio Brothers Steak House — are tipped toward the decadent. After all, a casino is not a place you come to tell yourself no.
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John Wall scored 24 and Kelly Oubre Jr. added 19 as Washington went on an 11-0 run late to secure the 110-105 win.
We’re back with 10 questions ripped from the headlines. As always, you’ll score higher with faster correct answers.
Hyundai’s luxury sedan is attractive, comfortable, innovative — and a bit wearying on a long drive.
One dough, five cookies: This flexible dough will save your sanity — and lots of time.
It’s time choline gets the attention it deserves. You can find it in liver, egg yolks and lima beans.
State treasurer John Kennedy’s victory over Democrat Foster Campbell in Saturday’s runoff locks in a 52-to-48 advantage for Republicans in 2017.
The party had dismissed the possibility that there were enough white, working-class voters in non-urban areas to overcome its advantages with African Americans, Latinos, unmarried women and highly educated voters.
The president-elect disparaged Mexicans, vowed a crackdown on immigration and promoted building a wall, but thousands of Mexican Americans embraced him for a variety of reasons.
Rep. Ruben Gallego said he admires Gen. James Mattis but does not support waiving the law requiring that a military officer be out of active duty for at least seven years before heading the Pentagon.
The attacks, which appeared to have targeted police, struck shortly after the conclusion of a soccer match on Saturday in the Turkish city.
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The family of Ryan Thomas Jessen, who went for treatment of a migraine but had a brain hemorrhage, wanted his dog to know “why her human never came home.”
We tested the least essential gifts of this holiday season
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Users of opioid painkillers often grapple with risking addiction or living with pain
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CIA assessment: Russia tried to help Trump win 2016 election
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2016: Who had the ‘worst year’ in Washington?
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Health Care Look Ahead (Dec. 12)
The Washington Post will look at the future of health care in the new administration.
HHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and Post columnist David Ignatius will discuss the latest threats to national security.