President Trump announced more authority for the Treasury Department to enforce economic sanctions on North Korea and countries that do business with the rogue nation.
He also said that China's president had ordered Chinese banks to cease business with North Korean entities. Trump called the move "very bold" and "somewhat unexpected."
Big-time Trump supporters and ‘Never Trump’ conservatives have come together in their sheer, utter contempt toward a Republican-controlled Congress that could not back up its most basic promise: to repeal Obamacare.
Facebook reversed its position amid rising complaints from Capitol Hill that the company was not cooperating with its investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.
 (Nathan Morgan for The Post)
(Nathan Morgan for The Post)
Roy Moore, a former Alabama chief justice who was removed from office twice, believes God’s law comes first. In his current campaign, he has called for the impeachment of judges, including possibly Supreme Court justices, who issue rulings for same-sex marriage and sodomy.
Officials say they have accounted for all the children who were at the school destroyed by Tuesday's massive temblor. They believe an adult woman may be alive in the wreckage but that there are no more students. Mexicans had watched transfixed on live TV for over 24 hours as scores of emergency personnel had searched for a girl whose name was reported as Frida Sofia.
The story must be told.
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Gov. Larry Hogan's $9 billion plan also includes widening the Baltimore-Washington Parkway by taking it over from the federal government.
The 16-year-old boy tried to defend himself with a pocket knife.
Metro’s largest union is accusing the agency of a cover-up after a worker received an electric shock while inspecting a new train. Washington commuters, meanwhile, endured another slog.
In 1996, two decades after abducting Katherine and Sheila Lyon in Maryland, Welch attacked two girls in Virginia.
Teens aren't drinking, driving, dating or having sex at the same rates previous generations did. But one trend needs to be reversed: their lack of summer jobs.
President Abraham Lincoln’s life mask is on display in the newly reopened “America’s Presidents” gallery. (Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post)
President Abraham Lincoln’s life mask is on display in the newly reopened “America’s Presidents” gallery. (Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post)
Art Review
The National Portrait Gallery unveils a meticulous reboot of its beloved “American Presidents” gallery.
Expect an action-packed weekend of art and museum events, including Art All Night, Museum Day Live and the anniversary of the National Museum of African American History and Culture.
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Moscow accused U.S.-backed rebels of shelling positions where Russian forces were and raised the threat of a direct confrontation. The warning came amid rising tensions between the two groups of allies as both converged on territory held by the Islamic State in eastern Syria.
Her graduation from the service’s grueling Infantry Officer Course takes place Monday, said three military officials with knowledge of the training. The anticipated achievement, a historic first, comes nearly two years after the Pentagon opened all jobs in the military to women.
The powerful storm knocked out power to the entire island of Puerto Rico and felled cellphone towers, leaving many residents unable to call for help or communicate with family members.
The Fix
Trump's lawyer says it would be “truly shocking” if Manafort tried to profit from working for Trump. Is it on?
Life Lynn DeKlyen was born six days before her mother was buried. The infant died Wednesday, her family said, after living just 14 days.
Denizens of a real country reacted to the U.S. president’s comments with humor and anger — and, in some cases, relief.
Rhode Island this week became the seventh state this year to pass a law restricting access to guns for people convicted of domestic violence offenses.
Homes destroyed and streets flooded in Puerto Rico after Maria
Play Video 2:21
Hurricane Maria leaves a trail of destruction in San Juan
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Jeff Bauman reads famous Jake Gyllenhaal lines
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Kimmel rips into Sen. Cassidy's health-care bill - twice
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