Two people familiar with the issue described President Trump as musing about the idea rather than outlining a plan of action, and several others said the president’s fury peaked over the weekend and that he and Jeff Sessions now seem to be heading toward an uneasy detente.
If President Trump forces out the attorney general, the fallout would be devastating to the rest of the White House’s agenda, said some Republican members of the Senate.
Republicans in the Senate seemed to coalesce around a “skinny repeal” that would abolish individual and employer mandates for health insurance and perhaps just one tax. But they’ll face strong obstacles in trying to do more.
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Last year, candidate Donald Trump presented himself as a social liberal seeking to move Republicans left on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights. (Getty Images North America)
Last year, candidate Donald Trump presented himself as a social liberal seeking to move Republicans left on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights. (Getty Images North America)
He once vowed to do more than rival Hillary Clinton to protect LGBT people, but since President Trump took office, he has taken positions more in tune with his social conservative base. Those familiar with Trump say his changing stances reflect his tendency to shape his views to the moment, rather than deep-seated hostility toward a group.
The White House has its counsel, and now Trump has his own personal attorneys, as does the Trump Organization. There are lawyers for each member of the Trump family. And that’s not counting the layers of lawyers for everyone else in the administration.
The story must be told.
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The two Virginia lawmakers came to different decisions on the “Hartzel amendment,” which would have blocked funding for transgender medical care.
The Fairfax County School Board is poised to vote on a measure that would rebrand J.E.B. Stuart High after a divisive inquiry into the history of the school and the legacy of its namesake.
A Montgomery County judge found Rita Sanders-Campfield, a mentally ill woman, guilty of killing her 67-year-old roommate. But for the victim’s family, the outcome was unsatisfying.
(Cheryl Diaz Meyer for The Washington Post)
(Cheryl Diaz Meyer for The Washington Post)
Over the decades, Thelma Kouzes has hosted 174 students from 34 countries in her Fairfax home. And on Wednesday she was surrounded by friends and family as her great-grandson blew out the candles of her 100th birthday cake.
Just 18,000 of the county’s more than 1 million residents live in the famously liberal enclave, yet a full third of the nine-member County Council hails from there.
Police arrested three in the July 19 shooting death of a pot dealer and charged them with first-degree murder. One suspect reportedly fled the scene after catching an Uber.
The abrupt awakening was sparked by a pitching change, a massive break, and a top-of-the-order combination the Nationals never envisioned fielding back in spring training.
An amusement ride malfunctioned on opening day of the fair, hurling people to the ground. The victims vary in age from teenagers to at least one person in their 60s.
The Senate will vote on the House-passed measure stepping up sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, in exchange for a promise to consider expanding congressional checks on the president later.
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During the campaign, the candidate proclaimed that 58 percent of African American youth was unemployed. Now that he’s president, Trump cites Bureau of Labor Statistics showing the rate for African Americans in general at 7.1 percent.
Officials on the Southern California campus are struggling to answer questions about why they didn’t respond sooner to concerns expressed about the now ex-dean.
The Netherlands unintentionally created a perfect laboratory for studying marijuana effects, and it produced troubling results for legalization advocates.
In her largest public appearance since the 2016 election, the former first lady touched on personal attacks that she faced again and again.
Pei Xia Chen had been married only briefly to Officer Wenjian Liu when he and his partner were ambushed and killed in their patrol car just days before Christmas.
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