Administration officials said President Trump’s empowered new chief of staff, John F. Kelly, moved to fire Bannon in an effort to tame warring factions and bring stability to a White House at risk of caving under self-destructive tendencies.
The announcement came after three of the five honorees for the arts awards said they would boycott a White House reception over the president’s handling of Charlottesville.
Jared Tucker went to use the bathroom, leaving his wife at a souvenir kiosk. That was the last time she saw him alive.
James Alex Fields Jr., center left, in Charlottesville last Saturday. (Go Nakamura via AP)
James Alex Fields Jr., center left, in Charlottesville last Saturday. (Go Nakamura via AP)
Before he was accused of an act of automotive fury that killed a woman and injured 19 others, James A. Fields Jr.’s turbulent formative years were marked by reports of abusive behavior toward his disabled mother and a marginal existence since graduating high school.
The Intersect
Millions watched Cantwell swagger at a white nationalist rally. Then came footage of him at the point of tears and a leaked OkCupid profile.
The story must be told.
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The victims, all younger than 10, were discovered when the mother of one of the children arrived home. A 24-year-old man who lives on the same block was arrested late Friday, police said.
Caruso Florist’s 86-year-old patriarch has built one of the District’s most durable businesses through an asset-light approach: no warehouse, no gardens, no greenhouses and almost no debt. 
(Norm Shafer for The Post)
(Norm Shafer for The Post)
Starting college is an anxious time for many students, with questions about meeting strangers and becoming independent. But in Charlottesville this year, the tensions are far more visceral as the Class of 2021 arrives on a campus jarred by last weekend’s white nationalist rally.
Capital Weather Gang
The air will be drier, if still humid, and highs will be in the 90s. Cooler winds seem to be on the horizon early next week, though.
Less than a month after he pulled himself from a start with a similar ailment, the right-hander told the club he couldn’t make his scheduled start Friday in San Diego.
Called upon at the last minute to pitch in place of an injured Max Scherzer, the reliever tossed 4⅓ scoreless innings in Washington’s 7-1 win against the San Diego Padres.
It requires the same skill to convince a judge that your client is innocent as it does to convince your reader that a couple is meant to be.
This could be the last chance to relax before school. Here are easy dishes with minimal fuss.
It’s important to keep a few (small) treasures to pass down to future generations.
The president offered no details after meeting with a dozen aides to discuss plans to send 3,800 more troops to the longest-running war involving the United States.
The fatality and one injury occurred in Kissimmee, just south of the theme park hub of Orlando. The other two officers were hurt shortly later in Jacksonville.
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In a first for the council, New York City pastor A.R. Bernard announced that he had stepped down from the unofficial board of evangelical advisers on Tuesday, the day the president made controversial comments about Charlottesville.
The president is pressing forward with plans for a large-scale political rally next week, despite pleas from the city’s mayor and other officials not to hold a polarizing event while feelings remain so raw over the violence in Charlottesville.
A day after the deadly assault that also wounded six people in the southwestern city of Turku, new information has led to authorities to start investigating the incident as the work of a terrorist rather than a murder case.
The Past, Rediscovered
People outraged by President Trump's racial rhetoric are quoting Martin Niemöller, a Protestant priest who once shared Adolf Hitler's nationalist ideology.
Innovators are looking to the ancient staples of bread and beer to solve a modern dilemma: food waste. The effort to remake them is leading to quirky and — according to our expert tasters — sometimes delicious creations.
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Las Ramblas witness: 'People were running for their lives'
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Is the total solar eclipse worth all the hype?
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Bree Newsome: Confederate monuments 'symbolize slavery and systemic racism'
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'Weekend Update' takes on Charlottesville
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