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The 45th president delivered a fiery nationalist manifesto in which he pledged fealty to all Americans, but made little overt attempt to soothe a nation still wounded from arguably the ugliest election season of modern times. He also signaled that he intends to govern as if waging a permanent political campaign.
The order, which directs federal agencies to minimize the health-care law’s “economic and regulatory burdens,” appears to give room for the government to stop enforcing the penalty for people who fail to carry the insurance required of most Americans.
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Donald Trump began his presidency as he ran his campaign — with blunt, searing talk about a crippled nation in dire need of bold, immediate action. His inaugural address broke with those that came before it. This, he made clear in case anyone had not yet gotten it, will be a very different presidency.
The president put everyone in power on notice, Republicans and Democrats alike, and said he’ll speak for forgotten Americans.
The president painted a portrait of the United States that often was at variance with reality.
The body language of the incoming and outgoing president spoke to an unimaginable weight being lifted from one set of shoulders and falling on another.
He was somber through the choreographed presidential rites of passage, fiery in his inaugural address and happiest among his adoring family and fans.
Donald and Melania Trump shared the stage with Vice President Pence and his wife, as well as the couples’ children, as singers performed Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”
The White House website and Trump’s branded properties illustrate how his administration will be entangled with his personal interests in a way unprecedented in presidential politics.
Less than two miles from the inaugural ceremonies, anarchists marched through the city’s streets, smashing bus-stop glass, vandalizing businesses and lighting fires. The violence prompted police to chase protesters with batons, hose them with pepper spray and apparently toss flash-bangs into their ranks.
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It is unclear what each of the speakers will talk about Saturday, but the speeches are expected to fall under the march’s rallying demand for equal rights for women.
She will work through the end of her current contract after weathering a tumultuous tenure at the helm of Virginia’s flagship public university.
Forced together on public transit, the two sides shared an uneasy calm on Inauguration Day.
Birtherism? It was Hillary Clinton’s fault. Russian hacking of the DNC? No proof it was Moscow. The Smithsonian gift shop is charging $50 for the “richly illustrated memory-book.”
The former Va. attorney general says a bill that freezes the company’s base rates hurts poor Virginians.
The retired Marine general is charged with helping securing the border with Mexico. Kelly will oversee a sprawling entity that does everything from protecting the president to safeguarding the nation’s electrical grid.
The Senate broke with decades of precedent by making a recently retired general the Pentagon’s top civilian leader.
Citing past harsh rhetoric against Bergdahl by newly sworn-in President Trump, the soldier's lawyers say he can't get a fair trial under the incoming administration.
Yahya Jammeh announced early Saturday he has decided to relinquish power, after hours of last-ditch talks with regional leaders and the threat by a regional military force to make him leave.
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Militants retook the historic city in December and soon began using the amphitheater for executions.
The Facebook founder is traveling the country, reconnecting with religion and fast becoming an object of speculation that he could be preparing a run for the presidency.
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