President Trump pledged to end a strategy of “nation-building” and instead institute a policy aimed more squarely at addressing the terrorist threat that emanates from the region. But his prime-time address was short on details about the new policy and an expected increase in troops, with Trump insisting that conditions on the ground would determine troop levels and strategy.
Interviews with more than a dozen senior administration officials and outside allies reveal how President Trump mulled over a new strategy in a 16-year conflict that bedeviled his predecessors.
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The president's proposed strategy is an incremental shift that may help hold the line against a resurgent Taliban, but isn’t likely to change the course of the war.
The war in Afghanistan has become a symbol for wartime graft and corruption in one of the world’s least governable countries.
Rescue efforts were underway after the USS John S. McCain was damaged during a collision with an oil tanker more than three times its size.
But the new Washington Post-ABC News survey also found that there was little change in Trump’s overall approval rating.
Solar Eclipse 2017  
Millions of Americans gasped and groaned as the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in 99 years zoomed across the country, dazzling many but disappointing some whose view was obscured by clouds. We were mercifully distracted from the dire news of the world, at least briefly.
The story must be told.
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The deal is a major step forward for the oft-delayed light-rail project and is expected to be signed next week, ending worries that the Purple Line might fall victim to the Trump administration’s desire to trim transit spending.
The Home and School association at Lafayette Elementary said the questionable transactions dated to 2016.
Some attendees expressed anger to city council members as they described their own experiences at the rally in which a woman was killed.
Loud outbursts occurred until a judge ordered Antonio Williams to undergo a mental health evaluation. He has been charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of the three girls, all younger than 10, who were in his care.
The Air Force awarded Boeing and Northrop Grumman contracts worth more than $328 million each and the chance to compete for the final phase of the project to rebuild a critical component of the nuclear arsenal.
D.C. Sports Bog
Much like Tom Yawkey in Major League Baseball, George Preston Marshall ardently resisted integrating his NFL team and Washington was the last to do so in 1961.
Republicans worry that the president could do more harm than good by encouraging a primary challenge against Flake.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s wife Louise Linton boasted of flying on a government plane with her husband to Kentucky on Monday and then named the numerous fashion brands she wore on the trip in an unusual social media post that only became more bizarre minutes later.
Federal agencies are acting boldly to address employee misconduct, but as a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office case shows, fixes are not that easy.
Turn on the news and you see people who can’t get along, even in the same party. Tune into Hallmark, and you see characters who work together and reach the end of the show smiling.
Amid a serious outbreak in Minnesota, anti-vaccine forces are stepping up their oppositon to efforts by public health officials and clinicians to halt the disease's spread.
How did people view solar eclipses in the past?
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This is why you need special sunglasses to view the total eclipse
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U.S. Navy destroyer collides with a merchant ship
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'Game of Thrones' power rankings: ‘Beyond the Wall’
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