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The unconventional choice of the retired neurosurgeon underscores Donald Trump’s willingness to forgo traditional policy expertise in some Cabinet positions to surround himself with allies. Carson is the president-elect's first African American pick for a Cabinet-level post.
Preparations for a new strategy for engagement with Taiwan began even before Donald Trump became the GOP nominee, according to those involved in arranging the historic conversation.
The rejection of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's constitutional reforms emboldened anti-immigrant, anti-euro populists on the left and right who have steadily built power as an alternative to Italy’s old guard political leadership.
(Video: The Post; Photo: Sharif Silmi)
Edgar Maddison Welch, 28, of Salisbury, N.C., told police that he traveled to Comet Ping Pong to investigate “pizzagate,” a false conspiracy theory related to Hillary Clinton that spread online during her campaign and resulted in death threats against the restaurant's owner and staff.
In a monumental victory for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and thousands of others who have protested the project, the Army has denied an easement necessary for the pipeline to cross under Lake Oahe in North Dakota. But uncertainty remains over how President-elect Donald Trump, who has vowed to support pipelines such as this one, will respond.
Crime victims Kristin Van Goor, left, and Kimberly Potter-Cooper. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)
Crime victims Kristin Van Goor, left, and Kimberly Potter-Cooper. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)
Second-Chance City
A young man is linked to five armed robberies. Can he be rehabilitated?
A law to track and punish sexual predators around the globe is now at the center of a legal battle over a man who fled the United States to Southeast Asia.
The book, which lists job openings in the new administration, will be published this morning. But as of Friday, 65,800 men and women had already applied, transition officials said.
Advocates are fighting hard to prohibit the drilling technique. But the prospects of passing anything other than another moratorium appear dim.
“It’s just a passion,” Mike Wonsala said. “It just happens to be profitable, and I need a license to do it.” His passion has run afoul of neighbors in Mount Airy, Md., concerned about selling guns from a house near a school bus stop.
The weather may only get worse as the week progresses. The coldest air of the season spills into the region Friday through Sunday.
(John McDonnell / The Washington Post)
(John McDonnell / The Washington Post)
Jerry Brewer
A coach’s tirade is a button to be pushed once in a season. How Washington responds to Gruden’s anger is now the question.
  • 11 hours ago
The area near East Capitol Street and Benning Road has been hit hard by shootings. Prosecutors will urge a federal judge to take that into consideration in deciding a sentence for possessing ammunition.
On Sunday night, the Kennedy Center honored musicians Martha Argerich, the Eagles, Mavis Staples and James Taylor as well as actor Al Pacino.
He will visit with President Obama, who went to Hiroshima with the Japanese prime minister in August, becoming the first American leader to visit the site where the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb in 1945 to end Japan’s involvement in World War II.
Fire trucks arrived within three minutes, officials said, but nothing could be done to stop the flames, which were fueled by an array of artisan works, guitars and pianos that filled the cluttered studio space.
While much of the funding was once sought in response to natural disasters, it now is driven mostly by violence and war.
Abbas emerged Sunday night in firm control of his party, which took 16 of 18 seats up for vote on the Fatah Central Committee. Abbas will appoint three more of its 21 members.
Barry Svrluga
Big Ten champion Penn State is left out and has a legitimate beef. Time to fix that.
  • 15 hours ago
360-Degree Video
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Take a 360 look around the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, one of the most fertile sources of prehistoric fossils in North America.
Experts examine how the U.S. health-care system is being shaped by a disease that touches the lives of millions.
Health Care Look Ahead (Dec. 12)
The Washington Post will look at the future of health care in the new Administration.