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Senate Republicans approved a budget that will allow the party to pass a $1.5 trillion tax cut plan without needing to support from Democrats. But lawmakers still face other potential headaches.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders sparred with a CBS correspondent at Friday's news briefing over John Kelly’s criticism of Rep. Frederica S. Wilson (D-Fla.) for listening in on President Trump’s call with a Gold Star widow and for her role in a 2015 dedication ceremony for a federal building that was named for two slain FBI agents.
The military’s counterterrorism strategy will focus more on Africa, put decision-making authority in the hands of commanders in the field, and expand the ability to use lethal force against suspected terrorists, Defense Secretary James Mattis told two senior members of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
Cruz last month at a hospital in San Juan. (AP)
Cruz last month at a hospital in San Juan. (AP)
Carmen Yulín Cruz has publicly sparred with Washington and referred to President Trump as “miscommunicator in chief.” A month after a hurricane turned lives upside down on the U.S. territory, she remains blunt but focused on recovery efforts.
 A D.C. appeals court set an Oct. 31 deadline for authorities to find a sponsor so that the government does not have to facilitate the procedure. But lawyers for the girl said it would be hard to find a government-approved sponsor to take custody of the teen, who is in a detention facility for undocumented minors who crossed into the United States illegally.
The president is considering two fierce critics of current Fed Chair Janet Yellen. Both candidates have spent years attacking the Fed's approach to keeping interest rates low in hopes of stimulating the economy.
The story must be told.
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(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)
(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)
Two division titles in two seasons evidently isn’t enough, but managers who can do better don’t come around often.
The design for the structure at 2215 Constitution Ave. was meant for an Abraham Lincoln memorial in Kentucky. It wound up on the Mall to house a trade association for drug companies, on land once owned by a man nicknamed “the Quinine King.”
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The Past, Rediscovered
Fifty years ago, tens of thousands of people marched on the Pentagon in a defining moment of the antiwar movement.
The former president suggested that Gillespie, the GOP candidate for Virginia governor, was also hypocritical.
(Katherine Frey/The Post)
(Katherine Frey/The Post)
(Jonathan Newton/The Post)
(Jonathan Newton/The Post)
(Nancy Andrews/The Post)
(Nancy Andrews/The Post)
(Toni L. Sandys/The Post)
(Toni L. Sandys/The Post)
(Jahi Chikwendiu/The Post)
(Jahi Chikwendiu/The Post)
Washington's faded and beloved old stadium on East Capitol Street will lose its final full-time tenant on Sunday. The memories will live on for D.C. sports fans.
When the cameras started to appear in police departments in 2014, experts predicted behavior on both sides of the badge would improve under the watchful eye of the lens.
Police said the men argued with a group of people who had been protesting the event at the University of Florida, shouted Nazi chants and then fired into a crowd at a bus stop.
Experts said the disclosure of the back pay would have triggered a federal tax bill of more than $100,000 for the Alabama Republican.
“Our statistical release bulletin yesterday made no link between terrorism and violent crime,” an official from the Office for National Statistics in Britain said.
The mountain visibly shifted during a September nuclear test, an enormous detonation that was recorded as a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in North Korea’s northeast. Since then, the area, which is not known for natural seismic activity, has had three more quakes.
The company issued a recall affecting 30 million units in June 2016, but the family of a 2-year-old who was killed said they were unaware of the danger.
The show has been on the air for less than a month. Thursday’s ploy with Hota Kotb to gain viewers was described by Vulture as “22 nearly unbearable seconds.”
(Adriana Usero,Kate Woodsome/The Washington Post)
The race to save coffee
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After the fire, heroes become homeless
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How to Adult: Saving money on vacation
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Wilson says Kelly ‘lied’ about her 2015 comments. Now there's video from the event.
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