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The CIA has concluded that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system, according to officials briefed on the matter.
The transition team has asked department officials to identify which employees have worked on forging an international climate pact, raising concerns that Donald Trump's team may be singling out people who have helped implement certain policies under President Obama.
The experiences of three ex-generals dominating the president-elect’s national security team could lead them to urge caution in debates about the use of force. But former colleagues and experts said the generals are also more likely to see malign intent or view the world as a struggle between good and evil.
An effort to address the centuries-old attitudes that still result in widespread oppression and violence against women in India seemed promising in one village. That is, until an unexpected death by poison that pitted family member against family member threatened to reverse the hard-won gains.
  • Jan 1, 1970
It could be 20 to 35 degrees below average for this time of year in the Midwest, and daytime highs from D.C. to New York will struggle to climb out of the 20s.
Virtually all long-term users said they were introduced to the drugs by a doctor’s prescription, not by friends or through illicit means, a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll found. But more than 6 in 10 said doctors offered no advice on how or when to stop taking the drugs.
Without critical upgrades, federal inspectors said, the beleaguered transit agency's plans for an eight-car fleet will overload the power system.
Police said Charles W. Caldwell III was arrested on drunken-driving charges Thursday night outside the MGM National Harbor Casino shortly after the casino’s grand-opening ceremony.
Ogulcan Atakoglu, 21, had pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter in the deaths of a couple and their son.
In letters to the House and Senate, the president authorized an average pay raise for 2017 of 2.1 percent, instead of the 1.6 percent he submitted in August.
Students call for an end to licensing agreement unless working conditions improve in the company’s Vietnam factory.
The casino is expected to attract 25,000 more people to the massive complex of hotels, condominiums and shops that have sprung up on the riverfront in the past decade.
The advice columnist takes your questions about the strange train we call life.
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End of 1st period
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This fight is the first sign of an emerging strategy for Democrats who are looking to force their Republican counterparts to respond to Donald Trump’s campaign promises.
After Trump criticized a college student during the election campaign, she was blasted by calls, emails and social-media messages attacking her. “I didn’t really know what his supporters were going to do, and that to me was the scariest part,” Lauren Batchelder said.
The reemergence of words that were weaponized by the Nazis is generating a fierce debate over the power of language in politics, especially as nationalists surge on both sides of the Atlantic.
For most of her life, Annie was afflicted with an 85 percent stutter, meaning she would become “hung up on 85 percent of the words she tried to speak, which was a severe handicap,” as John put it.
Braulio Castillo of Ashburn, Va., was convicted of suffocating his wife while four of their children slept nearby, then staging it as a suicide.
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The totally hippest novels of 2016
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We tested the least essential gifts of this holiday season
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The Washington Post will look at the future of health care in the new Administration.