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The 45th president delivered a fiery nationalist manifesto but made little overt attempt to soothe a nation still wounded from arguably the ugliest election season of modern times. He also signaled that he intends to govern as if waging a permanent political campaign.
The order, which directs federal agencies to minimize the health-care law’s “economic and regulatory burdens,” appears to give room for the government to stop enforcing the penalty for people who fail to carry the insurance required of most Americans.
Donald Trump began his presidency as he ran his campaign — with blunt, searing talk about a crippled nation in dire need of bold, immediate action.
Inaugural addresses are not designed to be fact-checked. But President Trump’s address was nothing if not unique.
In some ways, President Trump is more like a corporate raider of the 1980s than a typical politician of 2017. 
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Participants — mostly women and mostly white — said they came to take the most public possible stand against Donald Trump. The gathering also provided therapy for many, the balm of immersing themselves in a like-minded sea of citizens who had shared their anxiety and disappointment in the election outcome.
Heavy traffic and crowded Metro trains have been reported throughout the D.C. area. The Federal Triangle Metro station is closed for security and logistical reasons.
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Patriotism came in a shade of pale blue cashmere and matching suede gloves. Glamour — and a hint of globalism — came in white crepe and silk gazar. And just like that, the controversy over who would dress the first lady after such a divisive election shifted from a boil to barely a simmer.
A shared tweet about crowd sizes apparently made someone at the Interior Department nervous enough to stand down dozens of official Twitter accounts.
The body language of the incoming and outgoing president spoke to an unimaginable weight moving from one set of shoulders to another.
Trump’s presidency is seen as a threat to the ideals of many in Brussels, the home of vast organizations that bolster international alliances. 
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The wet weather will return this evening with light, sporadic showers, followed by steadier moderate to occasionally heavy rain Sunday.
She will work through the end of her current contract after weathering a tumultuous tenure at the helm of Virginia’s flagship public university.
The hotel giant, which hopes to get its second publicly funded incentive package in less than 20 years, signed a letter of intent to lease space for a new headquarters about five miles from its current Bethesda base.
Jerry Brewer
Since a miserable 10-game start, Washington has become the team many hoped for.
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Birtherism? It was Hillary Clinton’s fault. Russian hacking of the DNC? No proof it was Moscow. The Smithsonian gift shop is charging $50 for the “richly illustrated memory-book.”
She wanted to know why he had to reschedule, and she found out their meeting was shadowed by an invisible third wheel.
Some research links the tuber to health problems, but taters can be a source of nutrients.
Go easy on your wallet: Try these cost-effective fixes before calling a contractor.
Hungarian students returning from skiing in France slammed into a highway barrier. Thirty-nine people survived, though some were seriously injured.
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Accused drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán pleaded not guilty to the charges against him as prosecutors revealed in stunning detail how they intend to build their case.
Garvey’s son Julius, who led the campaign to exonerate his famous father, said there was also disappointment in Jamaica, where he is considered a hero and whose recent prime ministers had urged Obama to grant the pardon.
While the rest of the league changes coaches and quarterbacks at a dizzying rate, three of the NFL's most decorated teams succeed by sticking with that they have.
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