Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) came under fire after revelations he helped steer legislation making it harder to act against giant drug companies. On Monday, President Trump declined to express confidence in his pick to lead the Office of National Drug Control Policy.
The Finance 202
As GOP lawmakers aim to take a significant stride toward their goal of a tax code rewrite, it remains a mystery how the plan will be paid for, if at all.
The Codik family in the capital of the Dominican Republic, shortly after arriving from Germany around 1940. (Family photo)
The Codik family in the capital of the Dominican Republic, shortly after arriving from Germany around 1940. (Family photo)
“Paradise” is how the writer’s aunt described the remote beach town in the Dominican Republic that became home for Jewish families during World War II. But the story of Sosua never entirely made sense to her. On a trip there, it quickly became clear why.
From NFL players who kneel during the anthem to Hillary Clinton and late-night hosts, Trump employs an endlessly evolving band of enemies to anchor his presidency and appeal to core supporters. Most days bring another round, like plot points in a 24-7 miniseries.
The story must be told.
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One teen told Damaris A. Reyes Rivas she would see her in hell, before plunging a knife into her, authorities said.
Few details were immediately available and law enforcement was in route to the campus.
The firing of Mark F. McCaffrey, a police officer for 30 years, threatened to upend a high-profile murder trial.
Washington landed in the top five cities, according to pest control company Orkin.
Authorities said the south fence line near the Ellipse has been closed.
Washington began last season with bench weapons and discovered more along the way. But as the winter months go by, they might need to find some new characters.
The militant group’s defeat in its de facto capital in eastern Syria, which it captured in 2014, would be a crushing blow to its once-sprawling caliphate.
Fact Checker
Facing criticism that he had not commented on service members killed in action, President Trump suggested that the calls are particularly difficult, saying that his predecessor avoided them as a result.
The senator from Arizona on Monday slammed “half-baked, spurious nationalism” in a thinly veiled critique of Trump’s leadership. Trump responded Tuesday in a radio interview.
The murder plot offers a glimpse into the North Korean leader's mind-set as the world anxiously anticipates his next move.
The Post-ABC News poll was conducted in the days after a sexual abuse controversy surrounding Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein made national headlines.
The Fix
The presentation of the poll suggested the Holocaust death toll is up for debate — and seemed to validate the claims of Holocaust deniers.
(Photo: Getty; photo illustration: Joe Moore/Post)
(Photo: Getty; photo illustration: Joe Moore/Post)
NBA Preview
Fair or not, certain NBA players get stuck with labels. It could be anything — me-first or injury-prone. Left unchecked, those reputations can come to define entire careers.
(Adriana Usero,Kate Woodsome/The Washington Post)
Iraqi forces retake control of key Kurdish areas
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'There's no peace': The toll of opioids
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Girls get serious on the importance of being funny
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How to Adult: Saving money on vacation
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