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The effort reflects the tight timeline Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell faces in his attempt to hold a vote before the August recess — and the pressure he is under to make changes that improve the Congressional Budget Office’s measure of coverage levels and federal spending.
Several analyses show that the bill would place such large financial burdens on many people, especially those who are poor, that millions of Americans probably would decide they could not afford to be insured.
History suggests that presidents who have governed successfully have been both revered and feared. But GOP fixtures in Washington are beginning to conclude that Trump may be neither.
Hadiza Modu, 40, fled to Cameroon after a Boko Haram attack and returned to Banki this year. (Jane Hahn for The Post)
Hadiza Modu, 40, fled to Cameroon after a Boko Haram attack and returned to Banki this year. (Jane Hahn for The Post)
Over the past few months, at least 5,000 Nigerian refugees have been rounded up in Cameroonian villages and refugee camps and expelled, according to U.N. officials. Refugees around the world are facing growing hostility from host countries and shrinking protection from the legal framework put in place to defend such vulnerable people decades ago.
After speaking for double the allotted time at a German conference, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross got his mic cut, triggering laughter and applause from the audience.
The story must be told.
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Raymond Blanks usually takes a bus more than three miles to Whole Foods. (Marvin Joseph/The Post)
Raymond Blanks usually takes a bus more than three miles to Whole Foods. (Marvin Joseph/The Post)
Over the past decade, the range and quality of grocery stores has proliferated in wealthy neighborhoods. But poor wards have seen supermarkets dwindle, leaving 50,000 people for every grocery store.
Service had been suspended for almost 10 hours after the incident late Tuesday. Trains will be traveling at restricted speeds out of Washington.
In an open letter to his customers, the Baltimore restaurant owner blamed the Trump administration “for targeting the Hispanic community.”
The Utah Republican made the comment that lawmakers have trouble stretching their $174,000 salaries to cover housing weeks after stating that poor people should give up iPhones to pay for health insurance.
The first daughter and White House adviser followed the meal with a SoulCycle session the next morning.
Whether you're looking for a free gathering or an exclusive soiree, you'll find plenty of fun options this year.
Since March, passengers on flights to the U.S. from certain mostly Middle Eastern countries have been prohibited from bringing laptops and tablets on board. But those restrictions could be lifted if airlines and airports adopt the new security protocols, officials said.
Sanders was in the middle of blasting the media, specifically the use of anonymous sources and the now-retracted CNN story on Russia ties with the Trump campaign, when newspaper editor Brian Karem interjected.
Three weeks after winning a special election, the new lawmaker is set to miss votes on legislation that would have an outsize impact on his constituents.
Women, who were required to wear dresses or skirts, may now wear pantsuits or dress slacks, the church says. Mormon men, known for their crisp white shirt and tie look, are now able to wear light-colored dress shirts.
(Nicki DeMarco,Erin Patrick O'Connor,Ashleigh Joplin/The Washington Post)
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