North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reacted angrily to President Trump’s speech to the U.N. General Assembly, calling it “unprecedented rude nonsense.”
Trump unveiled new financial sanctions on North Korea aimed at forcing nations, foreign companies and individuals to choose whether to do business with the United States or Pyongyang.
Senate Republicans reached a tentative deal this week to allow for as much as $1.5 trillion in tax reductions over 10 years, and there is a growing willingness within the GOP to embrace controversial estimates of the economic growth it could create.
The U.N. ambassador vehemently rejected the idea that she would be a potential replacement for Rex Tillerson if the increasingly isolated State Department chief were to step aside, but her influence within the administration has emerged in surprising ways.
(Sam Ward for The Washington Post)
In this gilded age of Washington excess, Madame Giselle’s casual references to her private jet and to her collection of glitzy residences seemed entirely plausible to her neighbors. Then she proposed a special investment opportunity. That’s when things got messy.
Neighborhoods have become disaster zones on the 100-mile island, covered in detritus, despair and destruction at levels its 3.5 million residents have never seen. For wheelchair-bound Elizabeth Serrano Roldan and her 82-year-old mother, the storm left them with no way out and no one heeding their pleas for help.
The story must be told.
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The victim was held captive for several hours and raped by the two men while a third person filmed the attack, according to a police statement.
Metro’s largest union is accusing the agency of a cover-up after a worker received an electric shock while inspecting a new train.
The football team that never wins learns from loss, perseverance, and at long last, a triumph.
(Salwan Georges/The Washington Post)
(Salwan Georges/The Washington Post)
Officials in Northern Virginia envision use of the river system to ferry commuters from as far as Prince William County to the Wharf in the District.
“So many minorities are locked up — white people are getting filthy rich from it,” one person at a recent D.C. panel said.
Georgetown Law just hired Sally Yates, the former deputy attorney general the president very publicly fired after she refused to defend his controversial travel ban.
Matt Wieters and Jayson Werth continued their recent struggles at the plate while Atlanta starter R.A. Dickey looked dominant, retiring 14 straight Nationals at one point.
Facebook reversed its position amid rising complaints from Capitol Hill that the company was not cooperating with its investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.
With more than a dozen contacts over the course of the 2016 presidential race and transition, it seemed appropriate to map out where Donald Trump’s interests overlapped those of the Russians.
Two health economists describe how lead exposure caused a “culling of the least healthy fetuses."
(Edgard Garrido/Reuters)
(Edgard Garrido/Reuters)
Authorities have confirmed 25 dead — 19 children and six adults — at the school and suspect that no one else will be found in the wreckage as all of the students have been accounted for. The development could become an embarrassment for the Mexican government after the story of “Frida Sofia,” a 12-year-old girl reportedly trapped in the debris, turned into a media sensation.
Such a position came up in the context of next week’s Senate runoff race in Alabama. Over time, more Americans have viewed same-sex relationships as legally sound and perfectly acceptable, but Gallup polling found that, as of this May, 23 percent of Americans think they should be illegal.
Life Lynn DeKlyen was born six days before her mother was buried. The infant died Wednesday, her family said, after living just 14 days.
Tests conducted on the brain of Hernandez, who committed suicide in April, showed Stage 3 or 4 chronic traumatic encephalopathy. His daughter is suing the NFL and the New England Patriots for allegedly leading him to believe the sport was safe.
In earthquake's aftermath, volunteers search where others can’t or won’t
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Homes destroyed and streets flooded in Puerto Rico after Maria
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How Hurricane Jose could influence whether Hurricane Maria affects East Coast
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How to hack your Keurig for a better cup of coffee
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