With Sen. John McCain joining Sen. Rand Paul in formally opposing the plan, the bill was left one vote away from defeat, forcing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Trump into a difficult corner.
A fresh GOP failure on health care could have a seismic impact on the legislative dynamic and the emerging contours of the 2018 midterm elections.
Some complain that the retired general may be growing his mandate too far and that his strict regimen stifles Trump’s spontaneity — and cuts him off from his base.
The president promised that if the Alabama candidate didn’t win his Senate race, he would campaign in the general election for his opponent.
Insults between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are the just the latest in a long — and often more cutting — line of political putdowns. Here’s a look at jabs from America’s founding fathers, leaders from the 20th century and politicians of today.
Because of damage from Hurricane Maria’s floodwaters, officials worried that tens of thousands of people could be in the path of a massive amount of rushing water in the event that the Guajataca Dam, after suffering a “fissure,” releases into the Guajataca River, which flows north through low-lying coastal communities.
The story must be told.
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He tried to make himself heard over the shouts of demonstrators at the convocation address.
Capital Weather Gang
Unseasonably warm weather is set to linger over Washington through the end of next week.
Dangerous medical errors in the ward include the failure to take routine steps to prevent a newborn from contracting HIV and to properly monitor or treat a pregnant woman with potentially fatal blood-pressure problems.
In a state filing, the utility company said lines along Interstate 66 are more feasible. The decision follows local resistance to an approved route in Prince William County.
The Past, Rediscovered
Century-old pictures of African American soldiers from the Great War are now available online on the website of the Library of Congress.
Dusty Baker rested most of his veterans in series opener and it came back to bite him.
But he might have stumbled when he said alcohol was poison as she sipped a cocktail.
The best advice isn’t sexy. But there’s a reason it has stuck around.
Advice for kitchens, closets and more from a professional organizer.
European leaders have avoided speaking out against the referendum, but many wish to avoid a successful precedent for a breakaway region, given the number of similar regions across Europe that might try to do the same.
In their tax plan, GOP negotiators are also expected to include “full expensing,” which permits businesses to fully deduct their capital expenses immediately rather than writing them off over several years. But that provision will sunset after five years.
The Department of Homeland Security left it to individual states to decide whether to make public whether they had been targeted.
(Evelyn Hockstein for The Post)
(Evelyn Hockstein for The Post)
Critic’s Notebook
The Post art critic takes a second look at Washington’s newest monumental architecture.
Wisconsin’s redistricting maps are at the center of a Supreme Court case that could change the dynamics of U.S. politics — if the justices decide for the first time that a legislative map is so infected with political favoritism that it violates the Constitution.
Scott Pruitt’s schedule shows he had frequent meetings with industry officials — but few with environmental or public health groups.
Despite what he knows now about football's risks, Carter said on “First Things First” he wouldn't change his career choice — and he feels conflicted.
What to know about the GOP's latest health-care push
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Here's why Merkel is set to win another term as chancellor
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See Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria from the air
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How to hack your Keurig for a better cup of coffee
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