President Trump and advisers are privately discussing the possibility of replacing the attorney general, and some confidants are floating prospects, people familiar with the talks say. Trump took another swipe at Jeff Sessions on Monday, calling him “our beleaguered A.G.” and asking why he was not “looking into Crooked Hillary’s crimes & Russia relations?”
It was unclear whether the presence of Sen. John McCain, who days ago revealed he had brain cancer, will improve Republicans’ prospects of passing a procedural hurdle to move the health bill forward. The news came as many lawmakers said they still did not know exactly what bill they would be debating.
Trump speaks at the National Scout Jamboree in Glen Jean, W.Va. (Video: The Washington Post; photo: Reuters)
Ahead of President Trump’s appearance at a gathering of Boy Scouts in West Virginia, troops were offered advice: Fully hydrate. Be “courteous” and “kind.” And avoid the kind of divisive chants heard during the 2016 campaign such as “build the wall” and “lock her up.” But from the moment he took stage, Trump led them down a very different path.
The election was nearly nine months ago. But for the president and many Republicans, it remains a go-to counterargument as their agenda on health care and other issues bogs down.
The U.S. is relying on Moscow to prevent government forces and allies from interfering in operations against the Islamic State. But some argue that the Kremlin cannot be trusted to play its part in the short term and would gain an advantage over the U.S. in the long term.
The story must be told.
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Five women — and one man — are running for the Democratic nomination to challenge the congressman who famously complained at a February town hall that “the women are up in my grill no matter where I go.”
Officials said the policy change, which would have ended benefits entirely on Oct. 1 for families that had been on the rolls for longer than 60 months, would have ultimately cost more and hurt children the most.
City school officials now say they plan a “complete audit” of suspension data after documents obtained by The Post showed administrators knew students were being sent home without documentation at least as early as 2010.
Monday morning’s tornado, which touched down in Stevensville, Md., was the first EF-2 on the Eastern Shore since May 5, 2002.
A citizen fact-checker spotted the botched Utah banner in the Hall of States. On Monday, he was celebrated as the errant flag was replaced.
A mobile food pantry run by Maryland's probation and parole department is intended to alleviate one of the many pressures on people trying to stay out of jail.
With as many as 200 people packed into a sweltering tractor-trailer and tagged with colored tape to make them easier for smugglers to sort at the journey’s end, some banged on the walls for help and took turns breathing through a hole in the trailer’s side.
The scope of the reactions brings unsettling implications for democracy and discourse, and has prompted a debate about how much security is necessary — and affordable.
The president wanted a photo op with the White House's outgoing class of interns, but — predictably — got actual questions and told one reporter to "be quiet."
The move came amid growing pressure on Israel after its unilateral decision to set up the metal detectors in response to the fatal shooting of two Israeli police officers at the holy site.
The case of Lisa W., who has been arrested by Iraqi authorities, puts a spotlight on a new attacker profile in Europe: underage terrorists.
Teresa Danks, frustrated with cuts to education in Oklahoma, had been spending much of her summer at yard sales and thrift stores or scrolling through online sales and secondhand websites.
Kellyanne Conway warns of Robert Mueller's “band of Democratic donors.” Except that a lot of key White House figures are also Democratic donors — including Jared Kushner.
Ten dead in Texas in case of suspected smuggling
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Trump can't stop talking about Hillary Clinton
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'Game of Thrones' Episode 2: The Battle for King's Landing begins
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Snooty, the world’s oldest captive manatee, dies after 'accident'
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