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A federal judge dealt the Trump administration yet another legal blow in a ruling that halted President Trump's plans to withhold federal funding from cities and towns that refuse to detain immigrants for deportation. Judge William Orrick called the order broad and vague.
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While the mainstream media will cover this as another failure, the president’s core supporters will not see it that way. They see someone fighting to keep his promises and will give him an “A” for effort.
The new offer includes increases in border security and defense spending, including money for repairs to existing fencing and new surveillance technology to patrol the nearly 2,000-mile border.
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The first daughter took her first crack at diplomacy abroad in her new role as assistant to the president, speaking at an economic conference in Berlin and sharing the stage with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund.
Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz and ranking Democrat Elijah E. Cummings said they believe Michael Flynn neither received permission nor fully disclosed income he earned for a speaking engagement in Russia and lobbying activities on behalf of Turkey when he applied to reinstate his security clearance.
The May 2016 rampage by Eulalio “Leo” Tordil, a career law enforcement officer, left three dead, three injured and prompted a massive police manhunt.
Less-educated federal workers were found to have a substantial advantage, according to the report from the Congressional Budget Office, but more-educated ones lag behind.
The California company is accused of turning units in four apartment buildings into illegal short-term rentals and failing to pay taxes to the District.
There are already four Democrats vying for the nomination to challenge Rep. Barbara Comstock next year.
On Monday, three people were killed, pushing the number of homicides to date to 101, raising alarm among the public and city authorities.
Charging cars outside peak energy periods will help prevent strain on residential transformers, which can be overwhelmed if multiple electric vehicles are charging in close proximity.
The study from George Washington University looked at 12 dishes and found that one-third of the samples were incorrectly labeled.
Including Monday’s loss to Colorado, Washington's bullpen has blown 4 out of 12 save opportunities this season.
Electronic devices are banned from the grand courtroom, and not even lawyers can have a cellphone in the room.
If you pay close attention to Washington’s dining scene, you’ll notice that there’s something different about the latest flurry of short-term supper clubs and bars.
The military buildup on both sides comes amid heightened tensions over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs and warnings from the Trump administration that “all options are on the table” for dealing with the regime in Pyongyang.
In strategy and substance, the American public disagrees with the conservative policies that President Trump and congressional Republicans are pursuing to replace the Affordable Care Act, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll.
Inspectors with the Fair Labor Association found two dozen violations of international labor standards during a two-day tour of the factory in October.
The speech came in the wake of criticism that he and his aides have made several insensitive remarks regarding the Holocaust, including a suggestion by the White House press secretary that Syria's president had committed more egregious attacks on his people than Adolf Hitler.
The parents behind a controversial YouTube prank channel with nearly 750,000 subscribers have said their family is now in counseling.
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The White House wanted to say President Trump issued more executive orders in his first 100 days than Franklin Delano Roosevelt. But Roosevelt beat Trump by more than 3 to 1 during that period.
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