The operation in Cambrils, a resort town southwest of Barcelona, took place early Friday. Police had arrested two suspects in the Thursday attack in Barcelona’s historic Las Ramblas district, in which more than 100 people were injured, but the driver of the van remains at large.
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The White House took the unusual step of saying the president’s chief economic adviser would not resign after people close to him said he was mortified by Trump’s remarks and that he has been bombarded with calls from friends asking him if he will leave.
The president assumed the role of leading spokesman for the racially charged cause, couching his defense in historical terms that thrilled his core supporters and signaled his intent to use cultural strife as a political weapon just days after deadly violence in Virginia.
As monuments to the Confederacy come under fresh scrutiny following the violence in Charlottesville, Va., the 32-foot-tall testament to Southern pride stands out for its hallowed location in Arlington National Cemetery. But there is little evidence of any public campaign to remove it. Even if there were, it’s unclear what legal path exists for it to be taken down.
One side of the memorial’s frieze shows an enslaved woman holding a soldier’s baby. (Calla Kessler/The Post)
One side of the memorial’s frieze shows an enslaved woman holding a soldier’s baby. (Calla Kessler/The Post)
The story must be told.
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The Republican candidate for Virginia governor has stressed that he doesn’t agree with President Trump on Charlottesville without actually mentioning him.
Some parents from a school in Charles County called for Superintendent Kimberly A. Hill to resign during a tense meeting with officials after a former staffer was charged with sexually abusing at least 24 children.
A customer posted his receipt from the Oceanaire in D.C., which charged 3 percent for “costs associated with higher minimum wage rates."
Everyone at the Hoyas’ men’s soccer game on Sept. 4 will be greeted with words of praise and 500 fans will take home participation trophies. Anyone who has had at least three jobs over the last three years will get free admission.
But test scores show slight gains in both math and English, particularly in the traditional public schools.
An audit has found that the city failed to collect millions of dollars in rent and struck a questionable deal with a private real estate broker to lease space that may not be needed.
American military action is being considered only in response to an attack by Pyongyang, the secretaries of defense and state said.
The June 17 crash off the coast of Japan killed seven crew members. A senior Navy officer said about a dozen sailors will face discipline, including likely career-ending actions against the ship’s captain and second in command at the time.
The Tennessee Republican has been one of the president’s most outspoken GOP critics in Congress and on Thursday he expressed displeasure with Trump’s response to the deadly weekend violence in Charlottesville.
Vendors are running out of them by the minute, but here are a few ideas if you're trying to track down some last-second sky-watching glasses.
The new @trumps_feed account checks whom the president follows every five minutes and then retweets any new tweets from them. And what do they tweet about? A word cloud shows a lot of tweets about Trump.
Finger-pointing and fallout followed the report that led to an apology and three resignations.
How Trump's talking points on Charlottesville match up with Fox News
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From dealer to author: A comedian's fight to break the cycle of addiction
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6 politicians Trump targeted on Twitter
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Father and son first responders die from Sept. 11 linked cancer
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