A Post-ABC poll finds 37 percent of adults trust President Trump either “a great deal” or “a good amount” to responsibly handle the situation with North Korea, while 42 percent trust the commander in chief “not at all.” By comparison, 72 percent trust U.S. military leaders, including 43 percent saying they trust them “a great deal.”
Only 8 percent of Americans surveyed think North Korean leader Kim Jong Un can act responsibly. A war of words this past week between Kim and Trump may have opened a potentially dangerous new chapter in the North Korea crisis.
Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said President Trump’s “rocket man” insult for Kim Jong Un makes a military clash more likely. Trump responded to Ri’s comments in a tweet Saturday night: “If he echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they won’t be around much longer!”
Republican leaders are trying to rally support for the latest attempt at replacing Obamacare. But even some senators who back the bill sound ready for a new option.
President Trump called on NFL owners to fire players who kneel during the national anthem during a speech in Alabama on Friday. (The Washington Post)
Commissioner Roger Goodell and others in the league are getting it right by responding to the president’s baiting comments with civility.
The island is running out of drinking water and prescription drugs, but leaders are confident Puerto Ricans will endure.
The story must be told.
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Zaire Kelly, 16, stabbed a would-be robber, who then shot the teen in the head, police said.
The hotel chain’s decision to host the event comes after other corporations have publicly refused to do business with white supremacists and hate groups.
Teens are increasingly delaying activities that had long been seen as rites of passage into adulthood. But some said alcohol has been supplanted as the substance of choice by marijuana.
(Amy Davis/Baltimore Sun)
(Amy Davis/Baltimore Sun)
Known as the Cowgirls of Color, the foursome are a rare all-female team competing in the Bill Pickett Rodeo, the country’s only African American touring rodeo competition.
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Maryland will pay owners up to $60,000 to move, but many businesses said that won't cover their relocation costs.
The freshman, who had been lauded as something of a savior for the Terps in recent weeks, has now joined the long, tortured tradition of Maryland quarterbacks cut down by injury.
Daniel Murphy’s blast in the 10th inning was Washington’s 206th homer of the season.
Critics argue that the industry holds itself to one standard and its customers to another.
At what point is it time to stop looking for greener pastures and settle in for a bit?
Bake custardy apple squares, start a brisket in your slow cooker and more tasty ideas for the weekend.
Chancellor Angela Merkel was widely expected to win a fourth term in office as Germans went to the polls on Sunday in an election that is also likely to see the farthest right-wing party in 60 years, the anti-migrant Alternative for Germany, win seats in parliament.
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“If we win, we will struggle to establish Islamic rule,” said one leader.
Analysts said the exercise was a chance for the Kremlin to shoot a message straight to the Pentagon that Russia has a formidable fighting force that must be reckoned with.
Edgar H. Smith
Mr. Smith was released in 1971 in a case involving the 1957 death of a 15-year-old high school cheerleader, and he became a cause celebre, only to return to prison for another gruesome assault.
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“We’ve heard the concerns,” the Health and Human Services secretary said Saturday in the wake of Politico reports that he had taken at least two dozen charter flights since early May, costing taxpayers about $300,000.
It’s only September, but this has been a busy year in the news. We present one question per month, including October (it will make sense, we promise). The faster you correctly answer, the more points you can score.
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