“I am scared there will be gun violence on the march ... but this is why we need to march,” said one student who survived the attack in Parkland, Fla.
Protesters from Los Angeles to London marched, held signs and chanted during “sibling marches” of the March for Our Lives rally.
“The media would have completely and utterly ignored your story,” Colion Noir of NRATV said, claiming the teens are promoting the stripping of Second Amendment rights.
(March for Our Lives)
The youth led the rally, but alongside them were teachers, some of whom traveled from across the country, who said they witness each day how fear and violence puncture their students’ lives.
“You are not only the future—you are the conscience of America and you can change the direction of our nation."
— Sen. Chris Van Hollen on Twitter
“Today, we grab our signs, we lace our shoes, and we get ready to roar. See ya there."
— Parkland student Delaney Tarr on Twitter
“Protest is good way of making a point, but making a change will require both sides finding common ground."
— Sen. Marco Rubio on Twitter
“I'm ready to change America and save lives are you?”
— Parkland student David Hogg on Twitter
“History in the making.”
— Parkland student Jaclyn Corin on Twitter
The story must be told.
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Capital Weather Gang
The D.C. area is stuck with cool conditions this weekend as temperatures remain 10 to 15 degrees below normal.
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Bills to toughen sentences and to add funding in Baltimore have stirred passionate debate in Annapolis. “We faced 347 murders last year in the city, and that doesn’t include the robberies at record levels," said one state senator.
The victim’s husband discovered her body and called 911.
Police said the cars were headed in opposite directions when they crashed Friday night in Montgomery County.
(Sean Shanahan)
(Sean Shanahan)
House of the Week
Architect David Childs, who worked on the Mall master plan and Constitution Gardens and was chairman of the National Capital Planning Commission and of the Commission of Fine Arts, restored the 1865 home in the mid-1980s.
On a morning full of moves and tough conversations, the Nationals’ roster for Thursday’s opener became clear.
Washington's second-leading scorer missed three games with an undisclosed “upper-body” injury.
(Shane Bevel for The Post)
(Shane Bevel for The Post)
Edge of Fame
At one time, Hanson’s rise to megastardom may have seemed stunning in itself, but the band’s greatest feat may be how it has survived.
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The Take
The president is flying solo, repopulating his team and getting ready for some of the biggest challenges — personal and policy — yet.
The move, which could prompt a new wave of retaliatory expulsions of U.S. diplomats in Russia, may come as early as Monday.
The Fix
In case you needed reminding that the election is just around the corner, former vice president Joe Biden got into a dumb spat with President Trump this week. It’s a sign of what's to come.
The Debrief
The failure to defeat an antiabortion candidate in an Illinois congressional primary prompts introspection before the party chooses its next presidential nominee in 2020.
NCAA Tournament
Half of the teams that have made it this far are annual college basketball powerhouses. The other four? Not exactly.
A Kansas City water park and a former employee have been indicted in the death of 10-year-old Caleb Schwab, who was killed while riding the Verrückt waterslide in 2016.
It's the first documented case of killer whale infanticide, according to a study published in Scientific Reports.
There is no rule that says they can’t do more, but the $1.3 trillion spending bill is probably this Congress’s last major achievement, as it observes what has become a tradition: settling into gridlock and girding for the midterm elections.