Uber and Lyft are great for dating, but they've disrupted crucial moments of courtship. Who should drop off who? And how do you say (or kiss) goodbye instead of awkwardly staring at your phones?

  • Keith Plocek
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We're down to the final four, as Colton wrestles with indecision.

These documents help couples be intentional about roles and expectations.

  • Caroline Kitchener
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Sometimes Feb. 14 is memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Like many kindergarten boys, I thought girls were gross. But that didn’t stop me from liking Jennifer.

  • Sam Nelson
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There’s more anxiety around when to say it and what it means than ever before.

Dating culture differs by geography, and affects the meaning of those words.

  • Alice Robb
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Five women departed. Here's how it all went down.

Guess what happened to the contestant who had never been kissed?

Caelynn Miller-Keyes opened up to Colton about the darkest night of her life.

I have no relationship with my family, and I posted about this sadness in an online group where I mostly lurk. They offered to be like family, but then no one ever contacted me again.

  • Jenna Glatzer
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It’s still too early to be able to tell the women apart, but never too early for petty, manufactured drama.

The shift is happening on college campuses and in politics.

  • Caroline Kitchener
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For over 20 years, my husband had been in charge of dinner. When he died, cooking was a daily reminder that he wasn't coming home.

  • Susan Barr-Toman
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Colton had his first one-on-one date of the season, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

Don’t let others influence your opinion of your ex — or your situation. And avoid going to court.

I asked singles: Have you ever done anything really big in your life that you probably would not have done if you were married or in a serious romantic relationship? The results were inspiring.

  • Bella DePaulo
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Financial problems can be a relationship deal-breaker, but we've managed to work through them.

  • Rachel Kramer Bussel
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So many women have told me about breakups, cheating, detachment and callousness that can result when one partner is sick.

  • Caroline Reilly
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What used to be a subplot is now a main event. Will it be exploited — or challenge stereotypes?

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