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When one 31-year-old gets a deluge of texts, he thinks there’s a family emergency. “And then it’s a GIF of a baby farting,” he says. “I don’t need the anxiety, folks.”

“I think it was important that the show didn’t sanitize the process and our culture — it showed how things are in this moment,” says Aparna.

These are anxious, unsexy times, but many are still finding casual connections.

If entertainment attorney Doug Emhoff had a slogan for his role in wife Kamala Harris’s campaign, it would be: I’ve got you.

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I've been asking myself: Does it matter that I can't take many of his beliefs seriously?

"I tell Elaina that she’s the good thing that came out of all of this for me."

The show's lead has received an outpouring of support and messages from other women dealing with infertility.

Karina Montgomery went without human touch for months. Finally, something had to give.

“I was trying to convince him that [covid-19] was real and that he should be social distancing,” says one woman. “He was trying to convince me it was a government conspiracy.”

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A room tour, a grocery run, music playlists and other creative ways to deepen a connection.

Matt James may be the first black "Bachelor" lead, but franchise star Rachel Lindsay called the move the “bare minimum” and “the easiest thing" to do.

In 40 seasons of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” Rachel Lindsay has been the only person of color in a lead role.

Listen to your partner's experiences. Be willing to examine your own biases and educate yourself.

“I don’t ever really feel like you can change someone’s mind with a TV show,” says host Kristin Davis, who starred in "Sex and the City." “I think you can illuminate other people’s existence and that might create change in some people."

“It was amazing to see an image of not just black life, but black family,” their officiant says.

The coronavirus pandemic is leaving people in all kinds of limbo — and creating new bonds.

Despite the stress of coronavirus, most couples are not fighting more than they did before.

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Peter Weber is now dating Kelley Flanagan, his fourth runner-up — one of the many antics far more interesting than the actual show.

They put up decorations and popped champagne — and the groom's father officiated via Zoom.

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