When you're used to wanting love, having it can be an adjustment.

  • Jenna Birch
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By saying Dumbledore is gay but not writing that story line, Rowling outs herself as a faux LGBT ally.

I worried about Dad — how he’d be and how I’d be with him.

  • Tess Clarkson
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Producers even arranged a commentator panel to theorize about what happened in Colton and Cassie's fantasy suite on their final date.

The leading man broke the show's formula. It's about time.

Two breakups, tearful interviews — and we finally see what's on the other side of the fence.

The joy of hanging out with young people when you’re old.

  • Erica Manfred
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On "90210," Luke Perry harnessed the appeal of the bad boy with a sensitive core.

  • Jennifer Keishin Armstrong
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Although the special was technically to discuss Colton, multiple women appeared to be vying for one of the most coveted gigs on reality TV.

Heartbreak and indecision cause our Bachelor to go rogue and leap over a fence.

For months now, “Bachelor” viewers have been tantalized every week by a promotional teaser in which Colton Underwood hurls himself over a gate under cover of darkness.

It was a stunning performance from professional soul mates, not lovers.

“I don’t treat meeting families lightly. Family means everything to me,” says Bachelor Colton, who goes on to meet four women's families and tell all four he's falling in love with them.

His gown showed that real men can wear dresses, and that that is something to celebrate, not shun.

  • Allison Steinberg
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Uber and Lyft are great for dating, but they've disrupted crucial moments of courtship. Who should drop off who? And how do you say (or kiss) goodbye instead of awkwardly staring at your phones?

  • Keith Plocek
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We're down to the final four, as Colton wrestles with indecision.

These documents help couples be intentional about roles and expectations.

  • Caroline Kitchener
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Sometimes Feb. 14 is memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Like many kindergarten boys, I thought girls were gross. But that didn’t stop me from liking Jennifer.

  • Sam Nelson
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There’s more anxiety around when to say it and what it means than ever before.

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