I have no relationship with my family, and I posted about this sadness in an online group where I mostly lurk. They offered to be like family, but then no one ever contacted me again.

  • Jenna Glatzer
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It’s still too early to be able to tell the women apart, but never too early for petty, manufactured drama.

The shift is happening on college campuses and in politics.

  • Caroline Kitchener
  • ·

For over 20 years, my husband had been in charge of dinner. When he died, cooking was a daily reminder that he wasn't coming home.

  • Susan Barr-Toman
  • ·

Colton had his first one-on-one date of the season, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

Don’t let others influence your opinion of your ex — or your situation. And avoid going to court.

I asked singles: Have you ever done anything really big in your life that you probably would not have done if you were married or in a serious romantic relationship? The results were inspiring.

  • Bella DePaulo
  • ·

Financial problems can be a relationship deal-breaker, but we've managed to work through them.

  • Rachel Kramer Bussel
  • ·

So many women have told me about breakups, cheating, detachment and callousness that can result when one partner is sick.

  • Caroline Reilly
  • ·

What used to be a subplot is now a main event. Will it be exploited — or challenge stereotypes?

It was a long, slow night — and not just because a contestant dressed up like a sloth.

Hollywood didn’t start this tradition — the Romans did.

The Melanie Griffith-Harrison Ford movie turns 30 this month.

Ariana Grande and Cardi B also gave us lessons we can take into 2019.

Most of the people I know spend the holidays with their families. Finally, I've found a place I belong.

  • Dawn Fallik
  • ·

Most bad gifts stem from lack of thought paired with last-minute shopping.

They're showing how great it is to be single.

Robyn Chauvin has tried to find intimate connection, but results have been frustrating.

When I convinced myself that I’d never re-partner, it was a form of protection. Now I'm ready to be vulnerable again.

  • Koraly Dimitriadis
  • ·

This should have been a good year for Grindr. Instead, the app has been plagued with blunders -- and many users aren't happy.

  • Jon Shadel
  • ·
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