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Spare me the depressing queer love story. It's time for a lighthearted rom-com where two women fall in love.

  • Kendra Kobler
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They're showing how great it is to be single.

Robyn Chauvin has tried to find intimate connection, but results have been frustrating.

When I convinced myself that I’d never re-partner, it was a form of protection. Now I'm ready to be vulnerable again.

  • Koraly Dimitriadis
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This should have been a good year for Grindr. Instead, the app has been plagued with blunders -- and many users aren't happy.

  • Jon Shadel
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They met long before the age of texting and Snapchat, but the lessons from their letters still hold true today.

The term began as a signifier of platonic love, not romance. Then the love birds swooped in and adopted it.

The lingerie company says plus-size and trans women don't fit its "fantasy," so I'm done.

  • Garrett Schlichte
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My sister used to be my go-to. But once she got married I decided to get myself an emergency contact who would emergency-contact me back.

  • Kate Martin
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Twitter's latest joke has a serious side: Women, don't put up with lackluster dudes.

The women in my family have always married and given up on their professional ambitions. I was determined to be different.

  • Marian Liu
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We spoke on the phone often, but when it came time to meet, I knew something was up.

  • Kate Kaufmann
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One celebration involves matching T-shirts and takes place in a different city every year.

Minh and Truc started as roommates. Then Minh realized she was in love — and asked Truc to leave the show with her.

Fighting had been an everyday occurrence for my parents. But it didn't have to be that way for my relationships.

  • Mekita Rivas
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I often tell them: Every couple, regardless of age, worries about their health, their finances, their chances of having a family.

  • Ruth Dawkins
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Why this one trait became a dating-app obsession.

If you're making a grand gesture, don't steal your partner's thunder.

How do you get over a breakup? First, you have to love yourself, pop stars say.

Using Tinder to encourage voting can be "a way more uplifting experience than dating."

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