Swastikas and conspiracies: K-12 antisemitic incidents surge, ADL says

One California teacher is accused of drawing lessons from an antisemitic text that claims Jews control U.S. elections and blackmailed presidents.

By Dan Rosenzweig-ZiffMarch 23, 2023

Bishops discourage Catholic health-care groups from performing gender-affirming care

Opponents of the new "doctrinal note" such as New Ways Ministry, a Catholic LGBTQ outreach organization, blasted the bishops’ statement as "neither good theology nor acceptable pastoral care."

By Jack JenkinsMarch 23, 2023

In photos: Muslim world comes together to celebrate Ramadan

Almost 2 billion Muslims across the world will observe the fasting month of Ramadan — abstaining from food and drink from dawn to dusk.

By Morgan Coates and Adela SulimanMarch 23, 2023

Rev. Frank Griswold III, Episcopal champion of gay clergy, dies at 85

The Rev. Griswold in 2003 consecrated the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church and touched off a firestorm across the wider Anglican communities.

By Brian MurphyMarch 21, 2023

Notre Dame’s new spire is underway, with hopes of late 2024 reopening

The cathedral, normally Paris's most visited landmark, has been closed since it was gutted by an April 2019 fire.

By Rick NoackMarch 18, 2023

‘City of Faith’ exhibit celebrates South Asian religion in NYC

A new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York suggests the city can’t be understood without religion.

By Kathryn PostMarch 17, 2023

State lawmakers push for priests to report abuse heard in confessional

Catholic bishops argue the statutes would infringe on the First Amendment rights of priests.

By Jack JenkinsMarch 17, 2023

More mainstream retailers are offering Ramadan goods

Two new children’s books from Muslim authors hit Target’s shelves as part of the retailer’s new Ramadan and Eid holiday collection.

By Kathryn PostMarch 17, 2023

Catholic watchdog names bishops tied to sex abuse and urges pope to act

Researchers are demanding that Pope Francis release the names of bishops investigated under a 2019 policy meant to formalize the church's handling of sex abuse cases.

By Marisa IatiMarch 15, 2023

Vt. school banned from sporting events after refusal to face trans player

A Christian school in Vermont was banned by the state's athletic association for violating policies against gender discrimination.

By Kyle MelnickMarch 15, 2023

As Francis marks a decade as pope, what does it mean to be 86?

For most of us, it’s an age beyond the realm of what we’ll ever experience.

By Chico HarlanMarch 13, 2023

Pope Francis at 10 years: He has made his mark, but early hope has faded

Within the Catholic Church over the past decade, conservative opposition to Pope Francis has intensified, while many on the left say he hasn't done enough.

By Chico Harlan and Stefano PitrelliMarch 12, 2023

Horror shows like ‘Mayfair Witches’ hire occult consultants to cast their spells

As witches and interest in Wicca became more common in the broader culture, occult consultants are finding more work on film and television sets.

By Heather GreeneMarch 10, 2023
The Washington Post

Catholic group spent millions on app data that tracked gay priests

The group used the data to find clerics who used Grindr and other dating and hookup apps and shared their work with bishops, a Post investigation has found.

By Michelle Boorstein and Heather KellyMarch 9, 2023

Francisco Ayala, biologist who bridged science and faith, dies at 88

Dr. Ayala resigned his university position amid sexual harassment allegations, which he denied and blamed on his expressive manners as a "European gentleman."

By Brian MurphyMarch 7, 2023

In Florida, Latino evangelicals mobilize against DeSantis’s crackdown on immigrants

"Allowing politics to interfere in the decision-making of congregations," said Carlos Carbajal, who leads an immigrant evangelical congregation in Miami, would be a "betrayal of the gospel."

By Alejandra MolinaMarch 7, 2023

Hells Angels, a synagogue shooting and Iran’s shady hand in Germany

Germany’s security services see an uptick in Iranian regime activity aimed at Jewish targets and the Iranian diaspora community in Germany.

By Loveday Morris and Souad MekhennetMarch 6, 2023

For many congregations, wiping out medical debt has become a popular calling

While donations from religious groups constitute less than 20 percent of RIP Medical Debt’s overall revenue, they are becoming an increasingly common way for congregations to do social justice.

By Yonat ShimronMarch 3, 2023

Catholic leaders turn to YouTube and podcasts to reach new followers. Will it work?

Bishop Robert Barron, a YouTuber, and Father Mike Schmitz, a podcaster, have built substantial followings online. Their goal: to get people to church.

By Stefano MontaliMarch 3, 2023

Southern Baptists seek reforms after abuse crisis. But who pays for them?

Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee said it had lost $6 million over the past fiscal year, mainly due to costs of responding to the sex abuse crisis.

By Bob SmietanaMarch 2, 2023