Jimmy Carter was the first president to acknowledge it, but subsequent presidents expanded the tradition.

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The tour is headlined by Rick Green, founder of the Christian nationalist Patriot Academy and conservative Christian author and activist David Barton and his son Tim.

  • Jack Jenkins
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BibleGateway.com says pestilence, oppression and peace were among the most searched terms in 2020.

  • Emily McFarlan Miller
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They will have to navigate major policy differences over abortion and LGBTQ rights.

  • Christopher White
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The landmark cathedral has found a new audience online, but is struggling financially.

He was convicted of stealing papal documents in 2012 and served two months in a Vatican jail before being pardoned by Benedict.

A greater percentage of millennials are not affiliated with a religion, compared to older generations.

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As the Catholic Church pores over the meaning of the Vatican’s report on serial abuser Theodore McCarrick, a mother who raised the alarm decades ago is keeping her expectations for accountability low.

A year ago, bishops passed an oversight plan that still left bishops in control. After the McCarrick report, few seemed interested in additional lay or independent oversight.

He expected to take a more formal and interfaith approach to religious engagement.

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A new study finds Blacks are joining mostly White congregations, while few Whites join predominantly Black churches.

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Some see Pope John Paul II's decision to elevate McCarrick despite allegations of sexual misconduct as a serious blemish on the saint's reputation.

With unprecedented detail about a major abuse case, the report shows how the Catholic Church repeatedly received clues about misconduct with young adults.

The Vatican has been investigating allegations of sexual abuse against the former cardinal and archbishop of D.C., and how the Catholic Church hierarchy handled the accusations.

The future of families who have been impacted by Trump’s “Muslim ban” remains unclear.

“Even though we’re a small percentage of the population, we have to be out here doing this work, which goes to the core of Islam,” one organizer says.

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With the outcome of the presidential election still unclear, worshippers found solace in prayer.

The Supreme Court is being asked to strengthen religious liberty protections when Americans have increasingly diverse views about what constitutes religiosity and how it should be weighed against other rights and when and how much religion can be burdened.

The vandalism in a Jewish cemetery was discovered just hours before President Trump delivered his final campaign rally across town.

Jentezen Franklin and Mike Evans since 2016 have advised Trump on evangelical outreach and Israel, among other things.

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The first commercially printed Christmas card is up for sale, but it wasn’t universally greeted as a merry scene when it first appeared in 1843

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The Archdiocese of Chicago has agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle a lawsuit filed by a man who says he was sexually abused as a child by a defrocked priest who was convicted of sexually abusing several boys

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A new report has found evidence that nine more Catholic priests sexually abused children going back to the 1950s

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Faith-based organizing is revving up as Georgia becomes the political hotspot in the U.S. this winter

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Pope Francis, joined by the church’s newest cardinals at Mass, has warned against mediocrity as well as promoting one’s career rise

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