Dave Ramsey promoted a timeshare quick-fix. His listeners called fraud.

Listeners are suing the Christian financial guru for $150 million after he endorsed a company that defrauded his listeners for millions, they say.

By Timothy BellaJune 3, 2023

Virtual worshippers often satisfied, but plurality of Americans choose in-person services

‘Broadly speaking, the survey finds that most Americans who watch religious services on screens are happy with them,’ Pew researchers found.

By Adelle M. BanksJune 2, 2023

DeSantis sells himself as spiritual warrior in bid to win over pastors

With growing uncertainty surrounding evangelical support for former president Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is courting one of the Republican Party’s most sought-after constituencies.

By Jack JenkinsJune 2, 2023

Catholic Church in California grapples with over 3,000 lawsuits alleging abuse

Advocates have been stunned by the number of cases that surfaced during this revival window.

By Alejandra MolinaMay 30, 2023

Outsiders, strivers: New museum presents complex story of D.C. region’s Jews

The Capital Jewish Museum will be the region’s first of its kind. Among its exhibits is one on the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

By Michelle BoorsteinMay 26, 2023

Meet the activists behind the Texas bill to put chaplains in schools

‘It’s so important to elect conservatives and Christians to our local school board races,’ Julie Pickren, a champion of the bill, said in a recent interview.

By Jack JenkinsMay 26, 2023

Last Generation climate activists to stand trial at Vatican

They did not attend their initial hearing after gluing themselves to a statue.

By Claire GiangravéMay 24, 2023

A new documentary takes a deep dive into the ancient and modern practice of Sabbath

Martin Doblmeier's latest documentary takes viewers to various religious communities to illustrate their Sabbath practices.

By Yonat ShimronMay 24, 2023

Texas pushes church into state with bills on school chaplains, Ten Commandments

The Texas bills, and others around the country, come in the wake of the Supreme Court’s June ruling for a high school football coach who prayed with players.

By Michelle BoorsteinMay 24, 2023

Nearly 2,000 abused by Catholic clergy in Illinois, state AG’s probe finds

The attorney general's investigation began in 2018 and is the latest report from states detailing the far-reaching scandal in states across the country over the last several decades.

By Dan Rosenzweig-ZiffMay 23, 2023

What is Christian nationalism anyway?

Few people agree on what this movement truly is.

By Bob SmietanaMay 19, 2023

Timothy Keller, evangelical minister with national flock, dies at 72

He cultivated a national following with a theology that separated faith from party politics and centered conservative Christianity in the hubbub of modern life.

By Emily LangerMay 19, 2023

Latino faith leaders to gather for summit on Christian nationalism

Christian nationalism has ‘infiltrated’ the Latino Christian community ‘in such a powerful way,’ said one clergyman, ‘that they are not even aware of the position they are supporting.’

By Alejandra MolinaMay 17, 2023

Saddleback Church appeals Southern Baptist Convention ouster over woman pastor

The denomination has decided to remove several congregations from official affiliation.

By Bob SmietanaMay 17, 2023

North Carolina network turns unused church property into homes for refugees

These underutilized properties offer a solution to the shortage of housing for refugees.

By Yonat ShimronMay 15, 2023

David Sills, former seminary professor named in Guidepost report, sues SBC

The former seminary professor claims in a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for Middle Tennessee that he was made a scapegoat for the denomination’s sex abuse crisis.

By Bob SmietanaMay 15, 2023

Zelensky says ‘peace plan must be Ukrainian’ after meeting Pope Francis

Zelensky is rallying his European allies this weekend ahead of a planned counteroffensive on the battlefield.

By Stefano Pitrelli and Claire ParkerMay 13, 2023

How a U.S. president known to disparage Jews became godfather of Israel

Harry Truman used antisemitic slurs in private. But his surprise decision 75 years ago to recognize Israel, launching a fierce alliance, was a long time coming.

By Gordon F. SanderMay 13, 2023

Faith-based refugee resettlement agencies denounce new asylum rule

The new rule, which goes into effect May 16, rejects asylum claims for most people who cross the border but do not first seek asylum in Mexico.

By Yonat Shimron and Ajejandra MolinaMay 11, 2023

The IRS just hiked taxes on private jet flights. Pastors are not excluded.

The IRS just hiked taxes on private jet flights. Pastors are not excluded.

By Kathryn PostMay 11, 2023