These believers are praying for a Trump victory to keep America Christian.

Lutherans, Methodists and other major Protestant denominations have lost millions of members. And those who remain are aging.

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In a new documentary, Francis says same-sex couples should be “legally covered."

Parishioners often foot the bill for them to stay in a conservative “oasis.”

Former members who left People of Praise, including some founders, said the group was too controlling.

Capitol Hill Baptist Church has no online services and has been meeting outside in a Virginia field since spring.

For three consecutive nights, hundreds of men have congregated on the streets of Brooklyn, dancing, clashing with police and burning face masks.

For some, the Supreme Court justice nominee's affiliation with a charismatic lay group has drawn attention to an often-misunderstood form of spirituality.

“I’m coming as an evangelical who is pro-life and prepared to say the Republicans don’t own ‘pro-life’ and they don’t own evangelical,” one leader said.

Questions about her affiliation with People of Praise are seen by some as evidence of anti-Catholic bias and by others as fair game for a Supreme Court nominee.

Ginsburg's rabbi recalled the justice's kindness to children and to her housekeeper and spoke of her as a modern-day prophet.

The Capitol Hill Baptist complaint says accommodating protests but not outdoor worship violates the First Amendment.

On the Supreme Court justice’s wall was a reference to Deuteronomy: “Justice, justice you shall pursue.”

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Religious institutions increasingly are trying to make reparations for slavery and systemic racism.

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James E. “Trey” Trainor III likened civil demonstrations to “complete anarchy” and a movement away from “Christian moral principles.”

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DYI shofar kits. Huge tents. Design thinking. Coronavirus pandemic forces Jews to rethink the High Holidays.

John Carr, longtime Catholic adviser who opposed abortion, say he will vote for Joe Biden despite the Democrat’s support for existing abortion laws.

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Sean Feucht began hosting open-air concerts in response to restrictions on religious gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.

Several high-profile Southern Baptist leaders have decided to stop using the “Southern” part of their name, calling it a potentially painful reminder of the convention’s historic role in support of slavery.

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Conversations citing “Save the Children” have spiked on social media in recent months, and some supporters of the movement have taken to streets across the U.S. to call for an end to child trafficking

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The Vatican criminal tribunal has agreed to broaden a sex abuse trial involving the Holy See’s youth seminary beyond two priests already charged to include the religious organization responsible for running the residence

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A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit in which a Muslim civil rights group sought to block the state of Maryland from enforcing its ban on contracting with businesses that boycott Israel

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Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler was appointed to the U.S. Senate last year on the hope that she would help the GOP hold on to moderates uncomfortable with the party’s right turn under President Donald Trump

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A Mexican TV broadcaster is confirming that Pope Francis’ bombshell comments endorsing same-sex civil unions were made during a May 2019 interview that was never broadcast in its entirety

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