A report that identified a senior official in the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops as having visited gay nightclubs led to his resignation — and a loud debate on ethics and morals.

Platt, who once prayed for former President Donald Trump, said he believes the recent controversy has been a collision of several things, including racial tensions and political tensions.

Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill stepped down from his administrative position at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on Tuesday amid allegations that he repeatedly used LGBTQ dating app Grindr and frequented gay bars.

Michigan, where Resurrection School is located, does not mandate masks for students and teachers. But the lawsuit could set precedent around mask rules and religious exercise.

Internet privacy experts say this is a canary in the coal mine as more people come to understand what information is out there.

The public tours will come before church officials rededicate the building, making it again sacred — and closed to the public.

Since her transition, the Rev. Paula Stone Williams says she’s lost so many friends. “It still is devastating.”

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The Episcopal Church's litany, which is a kind of pleading, call-and-response prayer, now takes more than 12 minutes as it lists America's many recent mass killings.

When it came out in paperback last month, the book shot up to the bestseller list.

Francis spurred anger from church traditionalists and said he was acting “in defense of the unity of the Body of Christ.”

The settlement comes after U.S. Supreme Court rulings that strengthened religious exemptions.

The complaints about Gabriele Martinelli had been communicated to Pope Francis and a who’s who of cardinals and bishops.

Le segnalazioni sul conto di Gabriele Martinelli erano state inviate a Papa Francesco e a un élite di cardinali e vescovi.

New poll studied a half-million people over six years and found rising influence in both political parties of the religiously unaffiliated.

The Washington Post analyzed court documents and images of the nearly 500 people charged in the Jan. 6 attack to learn more about those who cited their faith in some way. Here are the stories of three of them.

The backlash was sparked by an Australian online marketplace’s decision to take down art depicting the comic book character.

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In a statement Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged that “for some, Canada Day is not yet a day of celebration.”

The Rev. Joseph L. Muth Jr. will retire this month.

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The pope's letter to the well-known U.S. priest comes three months after the Vatican's doctrine-enforcement arm called same-sex marriage "sin"

Bishops want to bring Catholics back to Communion. But they disagree upon how.

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La Luz del Mundo congregants ‘frightened’ after attempted burglary and shooting at two temples

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