Lutherans confront ‘perfect storm’ after trans bishop fired Latino pastor

Megan Rohrer last year became the first transgender mainline Protestant bishop — and then resigned after backlash for removing a pastor on a key feast day.

By Emily McFarlan MillerAugust 11, 2022

Church’s altered ‘Hamilton’ is followed by sermon comparing homosexuality to addiction

An edited version of the hit show produced by the Door McAllen church in Texas did not get the blessing of the Broadway musical's creators, a “Hamilton” spokesperson told The Washington Post.

By Timothy BellaAugust 8, 2022

Catholic bishops spent big on Kansas abortion vote — and maybe lost bigger

The Kansas abortion vote may hint at mounting backlash against the church’s involvement in the nation’s abortion debate — not least among Catholics themselves.

By Jack JenkinsAugust 5, 2022

Faiths unite against gun violence on anniversary of Sikh temple shooting

Sikhs are memorializing the 2012 mass shooting by standing in solidarity with other faith communities struck by mass gun violence and white supremacy.

By Alejandra MolinaAugust 4, 2022

Clerics sue over Florida abortion law, saying it violates religious freedom

The lawsuits are at the vanguard of efforts to rewrite the dominant narrative that says the only “religious” view on abortion is to oppose it.

By Michelle BoorsteinAugust 2, 2022

Democrats call on IRS to review right-wing group’s ‘church’ status

House Democrats say the Family Research Council, a right-wing advocacy group, may be exploiting its “church” designation to avoid scrutiny.

By Jack JenkinsAugust 2, 2022

Pope Francis says ‘door is open’ to eventual retirement as he slows pace

Pope Francis, on his return flight to Rome from Canada, said it was a “normal option” to think about retirement, although he hadn't reached that point yet.

By Chico HarlanJuly 30, 2022

Pope Francis takes leave of Canada in Nunavut amid criticism

Indigenous people say his apologies for the actions of "many Christians" in Canada's residential schools were a crucial first step. But they still want him to apologize for the Church as an institution.

By Chico Harlan and Amanda ColettaJuly 29, 2022

Kansas nuns oppose state abortion amendment, challenging archbishop

The nuns argue that Kansas’s abortion measure would have negative repercussions for women and allow politicians to “impose religious beliefs on all Kansans.”

By Jack JenkinsJuly 29, 2022
The Washington Post

A Congo teen alleged rape by a priest. She had to flee. He can still say Mass.

A Post investigation of an abuse case in a powerful African diocese found the Catholic Church failed to follow its new accountability rules.

By Chico Harlan and Alain UaykaniJuly 27, 2022

After court ruling, activists push prayer into schools

After the Kennedy decision, they say church and state are already too separate.

By Hannah NatansonJuly 26, 2022

Pope apologizes for ‘evil committed by so many Christians’ in Canada’s residential schools

On his first full day in Canada, Francis apologized to Indigenous survivors of the often-brutal system school system run in part by the Catholic Church.

By Chico Harlan and Amanda ColettaJuly 25, 2022

Catholics in D.C. mourn loss of Latin Mass after decree bans practice

Saint Mary Mother of God Parish in D.C.’s Chinatown was told that by Sept. 21, it was to cease use of Latin rituals.

By William WanJuly 24, 2022

Catholic Archdiocese of Washington to ban old Latin Mass in parishes

The move is meant to align the region with Pope Francis's wishes on an issue dividing the church along ideological lines.

By Marisa IatiJuly 22, 2022

Southern Baptists’ new president shines spotlight on rural churches

Bart Barber is the first Southern Baptist Convention president in nearly two decades not to emerge from an urban or suburban megachurch.

By Riley FarrellJuly 22, 2022

Under right-leaning Supreme Court, the church-state wall is crumbling

As America becomes more religiously diverse and secular, the Supreme Court has handed victory after victory to religious petitioners seeking more voice, money and access in the public square.

By Michelle BoorsteinJuly 17, 2022

Md. churches’ youth group ‘safe,’ leaving Panama amid political unrest

A Maryland church group leader said 17 kids and several chaperones came to Panama’s southwest coast July 7 to volunteer building a school in the mountains.

By Michelle BoorsteinJuly 16, 2022

Episcopal Church to study its role in federal Indian boarding schools

The denomination approved a resolution to seek the truth about its history with this issue.

By Emily McFarlan MillerJuly 15, 2022

Presbyterian Church vote declaring Israel an apartheid state upsets Jewish groups

The country’s governing coalition has so far ended ultra-Orthodox control over adherents’ phones.

By Eetta Prince-GibsonJuly 15, 2022