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WHERE WE LIVE | The 1960s townhouse community holds up well with affordability and lots of amenities.
  • 4 days ago
WHERE WE LIVE | Jefferson Manor is known for its convenience, neighborhood events and even a “beer fairy.”
WHERE WE LIVE | Many of the Montgomery County enclave’s homes were designed by Mar-a-Lago’s architect.
  • Jul 22
WHERE WE LIVE | The University of Maryland is the hub of a city that offers many amenities and easy access to D.C.
  • Jul 1
Though poverty and crime are facts of life, this D.C. community is cherished for its “vibrancy” and “aliveness.”
Residents like its large lots, abundant trees, diverse styles and family-friendly vibe.
  • Jun 17
WHERE WE LIVE | The planned community not far from the Potomac keeps its small-town feel as amenities grow.
  • Jun 10
WHERE WE LIVE | Community spirit helps preserve treasured old houses as local groups work to revitalize the area’s businesses.
WHERE WE LIVE | Founded in the 1940s, Tauxemont has an eclectic mix of residents who love its houses, history and progressive spirit.
WHERE WE LIVE | Linthicum Heights is home to generations of families and close to much in the Baltimore-Washington region.
  • May 20
WHERE WE LIVE| The pandemic has only intensified the neighborliness that defines Eutaw Forest, a woodsy enclave near Waldorf.
WHERE WE LIVE | Upbeat street names are a feature of Kirkpatrick Farms. So are good schools and lots of amenities and events.
  • May 6
WHERE WE LIVE | Woodley Park balances natural riches and nearby amenities in a close-knit community.
WHERE WE LIVE | The townhouse community is sociable and close to D.C., but its affordability is waning
  • Apr 22
WHERE WE LIVE | Greenwich Forest residents love their subdivision, one of the first built around automobiles.
WHERE WE LIVE | The demographic is getting younger, with more families, but the activist, small-town feel endures.
WHERE WE LIVE | South Riding has a host of recreational amenities and typically offers near-constant neighborhood events.
  • Apr 1
WHERE WE LIVE | Williamsburg Square/Ashton Place is affordable, family-friendly and next to a road that inspired John Denver’s breakout hit.
WHERE WE LIVE | Washington’s second-oldest community, known for good schools, safety and community, is also getting spruced up.
  • Mar 19
The community’s clubs and other groups, one resident says, are “a way of sharing our lives together.”
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