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WHERE WE LIVE | Founded in the 1940s, Tauxemont has an eclectic mix of residents who love its houses, history and progressive spirit.
WHERE WE LIVE | Linthicum Heights is home to generations of families and close to much in the Baltimore-Washington region.
  • May 20
WHERE WE LIVE| The pandemic has only intensified the neighborliness that defines Eutaw Forest, a woodsy enclave near Waldorf.
WHERE WE LIVE | Greenwich Forest residents love their subdivision, one of the first built around automobiles.
WHERE WE LIVE | The demographic is getting younger, with more families, but the activist, small-town feel endures.
WHERE WE LIVE | South Riding has a host of recreational amenities and typically offers near-constant neighborhood events.
  • Apr 1
WHERE WE LIVE | Williamsburg Square/Ashton Place is affordable, family-friendly and next to a road that inspired John Denver’s breakout hit.
WHERE WE LIVE | Washington’s second-oldest community, known for good schools, safety and community, is also getting spruced up.
  • Mar 19
The community’s clubs and other groups, one resident says, are “a way of sharing our lives together.”
This highly sociable community is not the place for those who want to keep to themselves
  • Mar 11
WHERE WE LIVE | Drumaldry residents enjoy a sense of privacy but also community in their airy, light-filled homes.
WHERE WE LIVE | As a forest of cranes transforms the neighborhood, growth can feel a little overwhelming at times.
WHERE WE LIVE | A community shopping center and recreational facilities anchor the enclave of 442 houses and townhouses.
  • Feb 19
WHERE WE LIVE | The Montgomery County town and its quaint homes are nestled in 200 acres of forest and parkland.
WHERE WE LIVE | Residents welcome new housing and stores but worry about low-income families’ fate.
  • Feb 5
WHERE WE LIVE | A sports pavilion is the hub of a 5,500-unit planned community that has much more to offer.
  • Jan 30
WHERE WE LIVE | A vision begun in 1988 leads to a tightknit, walkable community full of amenities and green space.
WHERE WE LIVE | A D.C. tourism mainstay has a redeveloped waterfront to go with its old-world charm.
WHERE WE LIVE | Redeveloped neighborhood has a wealth of housing, restaurants, retailers — and a sense of community.
WHERE WE LIVE | The Md. enclave, just north of the D.C. line, is rich in history, foliage and neighborliness.
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