Road to Recovery

Farmworkers pick grapes as the sun rises over a cloudy Roche Winery on Sept. 3. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)
Farmworkers pick grapes as the sun rises over a cloudy Roche Winery on Sept. 3. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

Sonoma’s vaunted wineries embrace online sales, budget pricing to woo pandemic drinkers

For years, the industry relied on foot traffic from millions of tourists to keep their doors open. The coronavirus has forced them to find a new way.
  • Sep 15

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The Road to Recovery is a new Washington Post section highlighting attempts to rebuild the nation’s economy, its communities and its spirit in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.
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Employers also have been expanding access to telehealth platforms and offering more mental health benefits.
By boat or on foot, exploring the watersheds that tie us together is a remedy for the pressures of the pandemic.
  • Nov 13
Chipotle Digital Kitchen is adopting the “ghost kitchen” model — empty of diners and fast on orders — to boost online sales in “non-traditional locations.”
The partnership is another illustration of the ways that the pandemic has shaken up the retail industry and shopping behavior.
More than 2 million women had dropped out of the labor force entirely as of October. Many are moms of-school-aged children.
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In perilous times, we hunger with a special zeal for creations by artists who can capture the experience for us.
Flora-Bama’s decision to hold its popular fish-throwing contest reflects the dilemma confronting small businesses during the pandemic: balancing economic survival with a desire for normalcy and the preservation of traditions that distinguish their communities, despite the health risks.
James “Tank” Espalin accepted a scholarship offer to play baseball at USC in eighth grade. He's now at Indiana thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Nov 2
Only a handful of venues have announced reopenings — with limited runs, limited casts and socially distanced audiences.
With few guests and fewer staff, a grim future takes shape for America's luxury hotels
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The pandemic has exacerbated the cruel inequities of the U.S. economy.
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Will we come out stronger because of it?
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Even before the pandemic exposed deep disparities, the gender wage gap persisted at every level of income and education.
  • Oct 8
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By the time it is safe again, many Americans may have lost the habit of going to the movies.
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Obviously, repeated nagging to “Be grateful!” will not prompt feelings of gratitude. Creating new family rituals makes a better strategy.
  • Sep 22
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The loss of small businesses will have a negative long-term effect on the country unless we act soon.
  • Sep 17
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Neither we, nor our companies, have changed nearly as much as we think.
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Fiddling around the margins or kicking problems down the road would exacerbate risks to the economy, to millions of Americans and to struggling businesses.
  • Sep 10
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My short-, medium- and long-term worries about the roaring housing market.
Whether you decide to venture into a theater may depend on what you think movies are.
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  • Sep 15