Road to Recovery

(Logan Cyrus/Bloomberg)
(Logan Cyrus/Bloomberg)

Cranky customers, masked smiles redefine workplace culture: ‘Feels like we’re strangers’

In another outgrowth of the pandemic, service sector workers say they are losing out on tips and other pay predicated on engaging customers.

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The Road to Recovery is a new Washington Post section highlighting attempts to rebuild the nation’s economy, its communities and its spirit in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.
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St. Jude offers in-person classes five days a week when many other schools are remote.
Sports leagues around the world have wrestled with how to fake crowd noise, as playing in empty or near-empty stadiums became the bargain of playing through a pandemic. The NFL tapped two audio wizards to find a solution.
Microwave popcorn has boomed in the pandemic. Movie theater popcorn has tanked. American popcorn farmers have taken note.
The worsening inequality crisis is fueled by an economic model that allows large corporations to prioritize shareholder payouts over employee wages, Oxfam reports.
Record numbers of rounds. Booming equipment sales. An infusion of youth. How the golf industry survived and thrived in a pandemic.
For years, the industry relied on foot traffic from millions of tourists to keep their doors open. The coronavirus has forced them to find a new way.
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Co-parenting families across the United States deal with questions about custody and visitation during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Obviously, repeated nagging to “Be grateful!” will not prompt feelings of gratitude. Creating new family rituals makes a better strategy.
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The loss of small businesses will have a negative long-term effect on the country unless we act soon.
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Neither we, nor our companies, have changed nearly as much as we think.
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Fiddling around the margins or kicking problems down the road would exacerbate risks to the economy, to millions of Americans and to struggling businesses.
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My short-, medium- and long-term worries about the roaring housing market.
Whether you decide to venture into a theater may depend on what you think movies are.
The medical supply industry in India has ramped up production to meet domestic needs and also respond to global needs.
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Lawmakers should learn how to improve systems rather than dismantle them.
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I've studied higher education for 40 years. This is what I've learned about how to have a great experience, whether online or in person.
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