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Innovation is the name of the game

RoboTek HD’s charming graphics and innovative game play will win you over, even if there isn’t much action. In the game, you’re battling robots by commanding up to three of your own. You and your robot enemy take turns in battle for control of the global map at several sites of varying difficulty.

In each round, you can add or upgrade your soldiers, put up defenses or attack the enemy. You make decisions using a menu that looks like a three-wheeled slot machine. Timing and chance play a part in your success. You can control the first wheel, but the rest is random. A two-wheel match strengthens your next move; match all three for the most strength and an extra turn.

The play never changes, which can get repetitive. But because the enemy gets much harder to beat in higher-level battles, RoboTek never gets boring. Free, for Android.

— Hayley Tsukayama