Rosina Rubin
Panelist, On Small Business

Rosina Rubin is Chief Financial Officer of Attitude New York, Inc., a high-end chauffeured transportation service. Since joining the company in 1990, she has helped grow a struggling small business into a successful enterprise with more than 60 employees. Prior to entering the entrepreneurial arena, Rosina spent six years in corporate communications at NBC, and several years as a freelance writer for publications including New York magazine and Premiere.

In her spare time, Rosina curates the work of her late aunt, painter Anna Walinska (1906-1997). She has curated seven exhibitions, including two in New York City, as well as the inaugural exhibition at the Center for Holocaust Studies at Clark University and an exhibit at the Ghetto Museum at the Terezin Memorial in the Czech Republic.

She is a member of the Brandeis University Arts Council.

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