Uvalde school board calls on Texas to raise minimum age for assault weapons

The Uvalde school board is urging Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) to hold a special legislative session to raise the buying age for assault weapons to 21. Separately, district superintendent Hal Harrell put the Robb Elementary School principal Mandy Gutierrez on administrative leave.

By Gina Harkins, Andrew Jeong and Silvia Foster-FrauJuly 27, 2022

Uvalde intensifies doubts over whether tiny police agencies make sense

Tiny police departments offer community connection. But critics say they lack the training, expertise and accountability that bigger agencies can provide.

By Steve ThompsonJuly 19, 2022

Law enforcement agencies initiate probes after searing Uvalde report

The report issued Sunday blamed all law enforcement agencies at the scene for failing to swiftly rescue those in the school, and said some could have survived had they moved more quickly.

By Arelis R. Hernández and Maria SacchettiJuly 18, 2022

6 takeaways from the Uvalde shooting report

The 77-page report released Sunday by a special Texas House investigative committee presented stunning new details about the “chaos” and “confusion” during the attack at Robb Elementary School.

By Holly BaileyJuly 18, 2022

Texas House report on Uvalde shooting blames all agencies at scene

Nearly 400 law enforcement officers were at the school during the May 24 shooting and none took the initiative to save those inside, the report says, adding it was possible lives could have been saved if they had acted more swiftly.

By Arelis R. Hernández and Holly BaileyJuly 17, 2022

Uvalde school shooting survivors struggle as they await answers

Ahead of the first report into the May 24 Uvalde school massacre, officials are feuding and families are quietly facing financial troubles.

By Arelis R. HernándezJuly 16, 2022

New video shows police in Uvalde waiting in hallway while gunman fires

Newly available video obtained by the Austin American-Statesman shows a gunman walking into Robb Elementary undeterred and police milling about.

By Arelis R. Hernández and Lateshia BeachumJuly 12, 2022

Senate confirms ATF director nominee Steve Dettelbach

Amid a spike in gun violence and mass shootings, the Senate confirmed an ATF director for the first time since 2013.

By Mark BermanJuly 12, 2022

Trauma physicians have become depressingly prepared for mass shootings

Medical groups have been calling gun violence a real public health crisis for years.

By Caroline AndersJuly 5, 2022

There have been over 300 mass shootings so far in 2022

There hasn't been a single week in 2022 without a mass shooting. The July Fourth shooting in Highland Park, Ill., that left six people dead was one of fourteen mass shootings over the long weekend.

By Júlia Ledur, Kate Rabinowitz and Artur GalochaJuly 5, 2022

Uvalde schools police chief resigns from city council post

Pedro “Pete” Arredondo, whose response as police chief of Uvalde schools has been roundly criticized, is stepping down from an elected post on the city council.

By Karoun Demirjian and Arelis R. HernándezJuly 2, 2022

Journalists in Uvalde are stonewalled, hassled, threatened with arrest

Reporters came to Texas to tell the story of the Robb Elementary School massacre. But ‘we were seen as enemies’ by police, they say.

By Arelis R. Hernández and Paul FarhiJune 28, 2022

Where Texas teachers carry guns, a community feels more secure

The Utopia district has allowed some teachers and school staff to carry guns for years.

By Moriah BalingitJune 27, 2022

How the Senate defied 26 years of inaction to tackle gun violence

The legislation represents a crash effort between four wildly different lawmakers thrown together by circumstance and pushed to action by unspeakable tragedies.

By Mike DeBonisJune 25, 2022

House approves gun bill, which heads to Biden for his signature

The measure is the biggest breakthrough in gun violence legislation in 30 years, despite is modest nature.

By Marianna SotomayorJune 24, 2022

A half-century after one movement, ‘Fierce Madres’ in Uvalde call for another

After a long procession of funerals in the wake of the deadly school shooting in May, the collective grief in Uvalde, Tex., is turning into collective rage.

By Silvia Foster-Frau and Teo ArmusJune 23, 2022

Senate votes to advance bipartisan gun deal, breaking 30-year logjam

The text of bipartisan gun legislation is on track to be released Tuesday after the senators settled key differences, including how to structure language around the "boyfriend loophole."

By Mike DeBonis and Leigh Ann CaldwellJune 21, 2022

Updated timeline: How police responded to the Texas school shooter

The Texas Department of Public Safety released a timeline on June 21 that gives new details on the delayed police response.

By Hannah Knowles, Jon Swaine and Joyce Sohyun LeeJune 21, 2022

After school shootings, teachers struggle for years with trauma

Educators who survive school shootings must return every day to the site of their trauma.

By Nicole AsburyJune 20, 2022