Hundreds of researchers will be trapped in sea ice to understand climate change in the Arctic.

A sweeping new study says a steep decline in bird abundance, including among common species, amounts to "an overlooked biodiversity crisis."

An artist used new scientific data to paint the features of a Denisovan, whose faces have been lost for tens of thousands of years.

Ranching and animal welfare groups made a surprising compromise to end a standoff over some of America's most divisive animals. But the battle may drag on.

He called her "one of our planet’s greatest advocates."

YouTubers are increasingly being accused of mistreating animals, but experts say "abuse" and "cruelty" aren't easily punishable under current laws.

Authorities blame inbreeding, saying the animals had weakened immune systems.

How much money would someone pay for a prayer? It depends on religious belief.

The State Department sent dozens of explosive-detection dogs to Jordan even after the agency in 2016 assessed a high degree of mistreatment and failure to care for the animals, a report found.

“It’s like a dystopian novel: To grow up seeing the world fall apart around you, and knowing it’s going to be the fight of your lives to make people stop it.”

Museum Day will allow people free of charge to explore all types of galleries covering history, astronomy, anthropology and art.

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After descending to the deepest point in the Arctic last month, Victor Vescovo and his team completed the “Five Deeps Expedition.”

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The trainers were tasked with getting the dogs to react as if they had eaten a cayenne pepper for a scene in the cable series "Manhunt: Lone Wolf," according to court documents.

It's responsible to ask questions about your health. Here are some answers about vaccines.

Onlookers said the pair tried to escape on their own but couldn't.

Scientists have found the first evidence for water in the atmosphere of a “super-Earth”-size planet — offering a tantalizing (if cryptic) new target in the search for life in the universe.

The "Cryodrakon boreas" was one of the largest ever flying animals, research shows.

A cashier in Japan stole credit card information from 1,300 customers using his "photographic' memory." Experts think he just has good memory.

The new plan, which calls for the elimination of nearly all experiments on mammals by 2035, was cheered by animal rights groups but criticized by some environmental and public health organizations.

An X-ray would later show the three-foot metal rod had impaled the the turtle so deeply, the spear spanned half its body.

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