Researchers say plastic debris has caused the deaths of more than half a million hermit crabs on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands and the similarly remote Henderson Island.

A single ornithologist measured more than 70,000 birds, representing more than 50 species, since 1978. He doesn't plan to stop.

A new paper calls parts of a famous Russian experiment into question.

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An necropsy of a young sperm whale revealed 220 pounds of trash in its stomach.

Testing places the puppy's short life at a particularly interesting period of history, right around when many wolf lineages were going extinct and when dogs are thought to have emerged.

In the early evening, Venus will be so bright that it seems like a spotlight.

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Such interments use biodegradable shrouds and caskets, no embalming and other environmentally focused methods.

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A new study used — what else? — cat videos to determine how well people can identify the "inscrutable" animals' emotions.

“Scientists at Work” features almost 50 articles by oceanographers, archaeologists, and others about their tasks in the lab and the field.

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Scientists did not think it was possible for a stellar black hole, one that forms from a dying star, to be as large as the “monster” it discovered in our own galaxy.

Australia to assist after French icebreaker sent to relieve its Antarctic crew broke down.

The truck sped up, dragging Trigger behind it as the horse thrashed its head and flailed its legs, trying in vain to resist the moving vehicle.

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I’m glad I bought pet insurance. But for many, it’s an ongoing debate that often pits financial numbers against your emotions.

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It was a sad ending to a story that drew attention worldwide.

The interstellar traveler makes its closest pass to Earth in December.

The act gives law enforcement power to fight cruelty that happens across jurisdictional lines or on federal property.

At a time when some people ate raccoons or wore coats made from their fur, Rebecca the raccoon roamed the White House.

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Such warnings run into human calculations based on experience, community reaction, even wishful thinking. Experts ponder how to improve the alerts.

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There are fewer than 80 Sumatran rhinos left in the world.

Many types of trees show a synchronization in seed production, to the delight of squirrels and other animals in good years. Why it happens is a mystery

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