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Terrifying doorbell camera video shows 5-foot snake biting a man’s face

A doorbell camera captured the moment an Oklahoma man was bitten by a 5-foot snake on May 7. (Video: Mashawn Copeland via Caters)

Jerel Heywood planned to spend Sunday with friends in Lawton, Okla., but the afternoon took a turn. The Copelands had an unexpected visitor: a 5-foot 5-inch snake, wrapped around their porch light.

A doorbell camera captured the moment Heywood opened the screen door to Rodney Copeland’s home and the slithering reptile struck, biting the unsuspecting man in the face, CNN reported.

Since Sunday, the video of the nonvenomous snake attack has gone viral.

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Before the snake could retreat, a neighbor wielding a hammer saved the day. After hearing shrieks from Copeland’s wife and Heywood, he rushed to their rescue and beat the snake to death.

Heywood told CNN that his first thought was: “I got bit by a snake” and needed “to get to the hospital.”

The Copelands hurried Heywood to a hospital, where doctors treated the bite and placed him on antibiotics. Luckily for him, the snake was not venomous.

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Rodney Copeland told CNN that Sunday was the first time the reptile paid his home a visit.

“I was in shock,” Copeland said during the interview, suspecting the snake sought shelter from recent Oklahoma rain storms. “That could’ve been any one of us.”

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