World’s deepest shipwreck, the Sammy B, is discovered by explorers

The World War II destroyer escort USS Samuel B. Roberts, which sank in the 1944 Battle of Leyte Gulf, was found off the Philippines.

By Adela SulimanJune 25, 2022

A ‘stock’ market for animals? Idea aims to protect threatened species.

The proposed system could help us see more clearly how we endanger creatures. It might also build biodiversity protection into our plans.

By Erin BlakemoreJune 25, 2022

WHO weighs declaring monkeypox a global emergency as European cases surge

A World Health Organization declaration could escalate the international response as monkeypox cases rapidly rise in Britain despite efforts to contain it.

By Jennifer Hassan and Annabelle TimsitJune 24, 2022

Trumpet the bloodhound wins Best in Show at Westminster Dog Show

Trumpet was the first bloodhound winner of the competition, besting a French bulldog named Winston and five other finalists.

By Lateshia Beachum and Kendra NicholsJune 22, 2022

Her dog died suddenly. Then a Chewy delivery brought a surprise.

Anna Brose recounted her experience with Chewy on Twitter this week, and her story went viral, with strangers from across the internet paying tribute to Gus.

By Timothy BellaJune 18, 2022

NASA launches an addictive and new — actually retro — game for you

The space agency's retro “8-bit” game teaches players about cosmic objects and a telescope scheduled to launch mid-decade.

By Erin BlakemoreJune 18, 2022

Invasive fire ants could be controlled by viruses, scientists say

A small study suggests viruses could provide an alternative to chemical pesticides, which are used widely around homes and public places.

By Meris LutzJune 17, 2022

Classifying animals by anatomy might not be best system, study says

Since Darwin's time, researchers have based their classification system for animals on anatomy. A new study says that approach may be all wrong.

By Erin BlakemoreJune 11, 2022

Webb Telescope hit by micrometeoroid but sustains no major damage

The direct hit on a mirror caught NASA by surprise and is still being analyzed.

By Joel AchenbachJune 8, 2022

Siberia’s tundra could fall to climate change, scientists warn

If the world doesn’t adopt consistent measures to protect the climate, scientists say, the tundra could disappear completely.

By Erin BlakemoreJune 4, 2022

Endangered Anegada rock iguanas are being eaten like popcorn by cats

Adult iguanas are fierce, but juveniles are falling prey to nonnative feral cats.

By Murray CarpenterJune 4, 2022

William E. Stoney Jr., NASA engineer during space race, dies at 96

He made important contributions to NASA's mission as a developer of early rockets and a lead engineer on the Apollo program.

By Emily LangerJune 3, 2022

Yellowstone bison gores visitor and flings her 10 feet, park says

The 25-year-old woman from Grove City, Ohio, whose name has not been released by the National Park Service, got within 10 feet of a female bison near a boardwalk at Black Sand Basin on Monday morning, according to a news release.

By Timothy BellaJune 1, 2022

Bears were tortured in cages. Now rescued, they climb trees and eat lasagna.

Rescuers brought them from South Korea to Colorado, where they frolic, roam and are fattening up.

By Cathy FreeMay 29, 2022

Spider and snake venom isn’t sterile

Seven venoms tested contained bacterial DNA and some of the bacteria could survive and even multiply in venom, a study says.

By Erin BlakemoreMay 28, 2022

Bits of an extinct bird’s eggshells may be clue to why megafauna vanished

Scientists have long argued about the mysterious creature that laid cantaloupe-size eggs in arid expanses of the Australian continent — and what its disappearance might signify.

May 25, 2022

Bear caught on video in Silver Spring yard stealing food from birds

Wildlife experts said they believe the bear was a male about 1½-years-old weighing between 100 and 200 pounds.

By Dana HedgpethMay 24, 2022

As monkeypox panic spreads, doctors in Africa see a double standard

Doctors and infectious-disease experts across the continent have worked to contain monkeypox outbreaks for years. Few seemed to care, or even notice, until people in the West started getting sick.

By Danielle Paquette and Rael OmbuorMay 24, 2022

Ben Roy Mottelson, Nobel laureate in physics, dies at 95

He shared the Nobel Prize in 1975 for his work on the structure and behavior of the atomic nucleus.

By Martin WeilMay 21, 2022