A police officer performing a wellness check said it was “the absolute worst residence” he had been to in his five years on the force.

Aye-aye hands have small "psuedo-thumbs," fingerprints and all, in addition to the five fingers all primates have.

“Life From Above” shows how such imagery contributes to the study of weather, environment, geology and other fields.

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The woman had two animals named Jacob and Rachael. Then they started breeding.

Yongqing Bao captured an image just before the two animals clashed, which caught the judges' eyes for everything it conveyed.

More than a quarter of all plants and animals in a given ecosystem are being replaced every decade, a new study says.

Physarum polycephalum — “many-headed slime” — is making its public debut at the Paris Zoological Park.

More isn't necessarily better, at least for the excitation of brain cells.

Mucus isn't just a physical barrier to microbes — its potent biochemistry helps stop bacteria, too.

No one knows what Dutchess was doing for the last 12 years — or how she made it to Pittsburgh.

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Study suggests that the vocal abilities of these great apes have been largely underestimated.

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Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours, an 1814 color guide, is still relevant today.

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Fixing dogs has been dogma for decades. Here’s why some pet owners are skipping it.

A northern snakehead fish, a highly invasive species, was caught earlier this month in a Georgia pond.

Three scientists won the award for their development of rechargeable batteries.

“Our view of our place in the universe will never be the same again,” a Nobel committee member said.

Elephants are sympathetic animals that have been known to comfort each other when they are in distress.

A Florida-based rescue organization found the emaciated puppy while searching in the Bahamas for stranded animals.

Three physician-scientists from the U.S. and Britain will share the prize.

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