The moon was born after a cataclysmic collision 4.5 billion years ago, and the fact is we might not exist without it.

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn say 39-year-old Francis Gurahoo attempted to smuggle the Guyanese songbirds into the United States on Sunday.

A study found that dogs, but not wolves, have a muscle that allows them to make their eyes look bigger and sadder — a move that may have elicited human care during domestication.

Miami Beach police arrested a woman Saturday for stomping on and stabbing a sea turtle nest.

The show in Richmond reveals long-past innovations in the Roman city, which was buried in ash from Mount Vesuvius’s eruption in A.D. 79.

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As chronic wasting disease strikes animals across a widening territory, concern is growing among scientists and public health officials that the disease might leap to humans.

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Almost a year after unveiling a plan to move USDA science divisions, the agriculture secretary has selected a relocation site.

“We know what they look like once they’re dead," said astrophysicist Allison Kirkpatrick. "But the rest of it is just pieces that we’ve guessed at.”

The report does not change the historical consensus about early cannabis use but does add some striking physical evidence for it.

Scientists plan to study the fully grown wolf's DNA.

Employees at the National Institute of Food and Agriculture voted to organize as tensions between labor and management are at an apex.

Commercial fishermen who fear a wipeout say they will ask Congress to declare a disaster.

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Research reveals a slowly evolving transformation rather than an abrupt collapse.

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Ex-“MythBusters” star puts together all types of gizmos with a little help from technology, history, chemistry and human ingenuity.

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In a tweet, President Trump appeared to indicate that the moon is part of Mars. He also seemed to overlook his own administration's efforts to have the United States send astronauts back to the moon.

Sixteen cats donned video cameras for a study so researchers could analyze their every movement.

The teeth of a dragonfish don't sparkle. But they are as hard as a shark's and pointy as a piranha's.

After passing in both chambers of the state's legislature, the measure now sits on the governor's desk.

The Digital Giza Project combines research and imaging to provide a portrait for academics — and armchair explorers.

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The sun shines fully on Jupiter before the summer solstice arrives.

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