Create, Grow, Sustain:
People & Technology at Work

Sustainable practices are good for business. The CEO members of Business Roundtable have long been leaders in developing and implementing technologies that save precious resources like energy and water. Last year, our companies stepped up their efforts even further–harnessing the power of human creativity combined with the latest technical breakthroughs to take sustainability to new heights.

Energy Efficiency

The business case for energy efficiency is clear. Big data, improved sensors and smarter packaging help companies produce efficiencies across their operations.

19% Reduction
Using a global data management system, AECOM is able to better collect and analyze sustainability performance. Early results show regional operations delivering 12% to 19% reductions in electricity and paper use.
86% Reused or Recycled
General Mills is reusing or recycling 86% of all solid waste from its North American operations.
10 Million Kilowatt Hours
Solar units installed at Pfizer's Vega Baja and Guayama manufacturing sites in Puerto Rico will provide 10 million kilowatt hours of clean energy.
60 Million Kilowatt Hours
San Diego is moving street lights to energy-efficient LEDs under a collaboration that includes Qualcomm's Smart Cities Initiative. Lighting energy consumption could be reduced by 60 million kilowatt hours annually.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions fell in 2015 after an average growth rate of 2.4% from 2004-2014. Many companies have pledged to cut their overall emissions in coming years.

8.3% Cut in Global Emissions
International Paper has cut its global greenhouse gas emissions by that figure since 2010. During that time, the company also reduced its manufacturing waste to landfills by 17%.
33% Fewer Exhaust Emissions
Caterpillar's Tucson Proving Ground in Ariz., a site for testing new CAT® machines, is installing 500 kW of solar panels, pairing the renewable source with energy storage and CAT diesel generators. The hybrid solution will cut exhaust emissions by one third.
50% Reduction
in greenhouse gas emission cuts from John Deere Harvester Works in East Moline, Ill. after replacing its coal-fired powerhouse with natural gas boilers.
265 Solar Projects Underway
Edison International subsidiary SoCore Energy operates solar projects in 17 states, and produced 54 million kW-hrs of solar energy in 2015 alone.

Water Conservation

Droughts across the globe underscore the pressure on fresh water resources, which are often tapped in manufacturing. With a predicted 40% shortfall in fresh water by 2030, businesses are pushing for a more proactive approach to water conservation.

12% Reduction
Texas Instruments cut water use by 12% in 2015, a 3X increase over its goal. The initiative saved the company $2.5 million.
12 Million Gallons
of highly purified, recycled water that a new Xylem wastewater plant in Los Angeles will provide the community daily
14.2 Million Pounds
Southern Company is the driving force behind Renew Our Rivers, which has grown from a small community cleanup into a large grassroots effort. Over 101,000 volunteers have removed 14.2 million pounds of trash and debris from waterways in four states.
100% Waste Reduction
AECOM created the Halley VI, the world's first fully relocatable research station. In operation on the Antarctic ice shelf, Halley's design allows for 7% less fuel use and leaves no waste upon relocation.
Source: Business Roundtable's Create, Grow, Sustain 2016: People & Technology at Work.
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