Factory of the future
Beyond the assembly line
Published on January 6
Content from Goldman Sachs

“Manufacturing is undergoing its greatest transformation since the Industrial Revolution,” says Daniela Costa, head of the European Capital Goods equity research team in Goldman Sachs Research. New technologies are shaping a more connected, flexible and efficient factory floor. It starts at pre-production, where enhanced virtualization techniques are reducing the need for extensive physical prototyping. The robot is getting an update, too — collaborative robots, or “cobots,” work alongside humans, easing the workload for both. Along with automated vehicles to serve the assembly line and increased connectivity between software and the factory floor, these improvements could result in more than $500 billion in combined savings for manufacturers and customers.




Innovation flourishes where there are big problems to solve. In its “Profiles in Innovation” series, Goldman Sachs Research takes a look at emerging technologies that are creating new industries and disrupting old ones.  

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