Work Without Barriers

How connectivity, security and performance in a mobile device help power success

The following profiles, while distinctly different, are of two dedicated professionals at the top of their fields. Busy, aspirational and constantly on the move, they both require a device that keeps them connected, productive and at the forefront of innovation. Each is in an industry where perfection is the name of the game.

Take a quiz and answer these questions on how they can both stay mobile while maximizing the power of their devices—and in the process, discover how to get the most from your own.

Executive Innovator

Greg is a senior-level executive at a major consulting firm, overseeing an elite worldwide team of managers, developers and rock-star IT professionals.

Manager on the Move

Samantha is a corporate manager at a successful retail company, overseeing a nationwide team of store managers and product specialists.

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Meet Greg

A day in his work life might include high-level meetings with clients and tech leads. He also communicates with partners and media outlets worldwide, and is a go-to for big new ideas.

Greg is pragmatic, but a big and innovative thinker who equips his team with the technologies and strategies they’ll need for success.

Meet Samantha

Her work routine includes reviewing store design concepts and traveling while staying connected to colleagues. She makes decisions fast, and can’t be slowed down when she’s on the road checking in with local managers or reviewing store performance.

She’s looked up to as a leader, providing clear directions in a business where delivering measurable results means everything—even when she’s on a tight schedule.

Global Workstations

Instant Desktop

Greg wants to ensure his international team of consultants can achieve peak productivity as they meet with clients and travel the world. This globetrotting group bounces from one country to another, leaving little time to set up complicated workstations when they’re on the move.

How should Greg equip his team with a powerful mobile desktop solution without spending extensive resources on hardware and space for his on-the-go workforce?

Samantha is looking for a mobile solution that will let her evaluate inventory deliveries while managing a busy schedule that includes store checks and sales forecasts when she’s on the road. She needs the ability to multitask efficiently, giving each assignment her full attention without interruption.

How should Samantha multitask most effectively between store checks, sales forecasting and evaluating inventory while she’s traveling?

Greg could always:

One option is to:

Spend company time and resources to set up workstations across the globe, along with hiring additional team members to provide support and maintenance

Bring multiple devices on the road so she can stay connected and check on shipments and forecasts at the same time

Or opt to:

Another is to:

Empower his team to meet the demands of a fast-paced global enterprise with an easy-to-use, powerful desktop solution powered by the devices they’re already using

Use a single powerful device to stay on top of multiple tasks, or any other challenges that might come her way

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This will slow the team down

This could impede productivity

Setting up workstations around the globe will cost time and resources and distract his stellar team of professionals. Instead of empowering them with the tools they need to work efficiently, they’ll find themselves hindered by tedious logistics, and Greg can’t afford to restrain his team with outdated technology.

Bringing multiple devices on the road is both cumbersome and complicated. Samantha often finds herself working outside a traditional office while traveling, and she doesn’t stay at any office very long. Lugging extra equipment to stay connected reduces free time and mobility—which can result in lost opportunities for her and her company.

There’s a better choice for staying mobile

This is the better choice for seamless mobility

On the road, Greg can do his own work effectively and keep his team connected by getting them all set up on Galaxy S8’s powerful mobile desktop experience solution, DeX. By using it, Greg’s workforce can turn any location into a workspace without messy wires or hacking document management by emailing themselves. The entire team can display apps in desktop mode as well as connect to their existing virtual desktop. Plus, there is no need for extra desk phones, as the Galaxy S8 is still fully usable as a phone while connected to the DeX station.

Even on her most exhausting itinerary, DeX gives Samantha the stability and capabilities of a desktop experience as soon as she pops her device into the station. The setup is minimal, so she’s got hassle-free mobility with a powerful desktop experience that can be used on any screen with an HDMI connection. She can execute multiple tasks at once with multiple windows, quickly switching between apps, adjusting display sizes and copying inventory information from one window to another. Using Samsung DeX gives Samantha what she wants from a desktop experience: a big screen, a full-size keyboard and a mouse.

Keeping it all Secure

Smooth Communication

As Greg’s team travels the globe, passing through busy airports, train stations and hotels, security is a must. For an enterprise level operation filled with important contracts, confidentiality agreements and sensitive material, even the slightest security breach—through accessing non-secure WiFi or a device accidentally left in a cab—would be a major setback.

How should Greg make sure his employees’ data is secure as they travel the world?

In Samantha’s frequent travels, meeting remotely with managers from across the country is an important part of staying on top of business. Being able to communicate with a robust video conferencing solution is critical to staying informed while making important decisions. Samantha is evaluating her options for staying connected while she’s on the move.

How should Samantha most effectively manage video conferences with employees from across the country?

He could choose to:

She could decide to:

Provide all employees with password-protected devices and educate them on the importance of security.

Bring an external webcam along while traveling, struggle with a poor-quality camera in her laptop or tablet, or find local workstations where equipment can be provided

Or decide to:

Or choose to:

Provide employees with ultra-secure devices that take advantage of biometric data, built upon a defense-grade security platform

Take advantage of a powerful video conferencing solution from a single mobile device

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This protection strategy isn’t enough

This could make things difficult

With determined hackers, competitors and the constant threat of prying eyes, basic security measures aren’t always enough. Even educating employees on smart security practices has limits if it’s not backed by the right technology. Not implementing a robust security solution will add enormous stress to Greg’s workforce, create concerns for clients and hinder the success of an otherwise thriving business.

Bringing dedicated video conferencing equipment will add cost and complexity to Samantha’s business travels. When spending time outside an office, trying to set up and optimize equipment will result in lost time and reduced productivity. Learning new configurations from local workstations will also cause interruptions in her otherwise punctual schedule

More powerful security is available

There is a better choice for staying connected

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Knox Technology gives Greg and his team the benefits of a multi-layered security platform. Capable of securing the most critical operations, Knox has been certified by governments and related organizations around the world, meeting and exceeding their stringent requirements. And Samsung Pass protection lets users enable biometric data—like iris scanning for example—to unlock secure platforms like password-protected mobile apps and website logins.

With the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samantha can stay productive outside the office while meeting with managers and inventory departments from across the country. With a front-facing 8mp camera equipped with Smart Auto Focus that tracks faces, Samantha can be in meetings with professional-grade picture quality and face tracking technology that’s ideal for video conferencing, whether from an office in New England or a warehouse in the Midwest. Delivering clear, crisp picture quality, the Galaxy S8 lets Samantha stay connected and focused wherever she may find herself.

Device Dilemma

Privacy is a Priority

Greg is researching new technologies and needs to decide what devices will work best for his all-star lineup of traveling consultants and IT specialists. The solution has to be mobile-friendly, robust and feature-filled without being too complicated.

What should Greg provide to his employees as a manageable, yet powerful mobile device?

Samantha often alternates between workspaces, so mobility is a top consideration, as is security. She can’t get weighed down by heavy equipment, but she needs to protect sensitive work data like market research and revenue projections. She also needs access to personal financial management tools, social media and the latest info on her passion projects—like an upcoming home purchase.

How should Samantha manage security while hot desking across the country?

One solution is to:

One option is to:

Offer employees a choice of various mobile devices across different platforms so each person can use the handset they feel comfortable with

Always use different workstations depending on the information she wants to access

Another is to:

Or she could choose to:

Implement a single mobile solution that offers his employees the most powerful, scalable technology available

Find a highly portable solution that is fast, reliable and secure virtually anywhere

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There could still be issues

This restricts capabilities

When it comes to ease of use and manageability, ordinary devices are not equipped with the latest in processing power, screen technology and software. Many seemingly powerful devices on the market are difficult to use and heavy or cumbersome to hold. And a lot of the lighter mobile devices make significant sacrifices in performance, screen size and battery life. Greg’s top-notch team will also be distracted trying to sync and manage their mobile devices across different platforms.

Keeping her job information to her work desktop and personal data to her computer at home is a burdensome way to optimize privacy and security. Managing the full suite of apps and platforms she uses to stay organized while bouncing between workstations is complicated, expensive and time consuming. It’s also limiting, as each computer will have its own settings, software and hardware requirements. This lack of consistency across devices will eventually eat up resources that could otherwise be used for work.

Instead, top performers choose this:

The better option is easy—but effective—security

A mobile device brimming with manageability features isn’t much help without a long battery life, and Galaxy S8’s smart battery saving features and fast-charging capabilities keep Greg’s team fully powered. And when they’re looking for mobile technology with an accessible, easy-to-use interface, they can take advantage of Galaxy S8’s stunning Infinity Display. Its enormous, nearly bezel-free design will let them stay productive while carrying a lightweight device that’s easy to hold in one hand. Powerful tools like Samsung Pay, Samsung Flow and Samsung Connect also streamline his team’s effectiveness as they service their demanding global client network.

With the Samsung Galaxy S8’s secure folder Samantha can keep her private life private—no matter where she is. It’s a simple, user-friendly, encrypted space, secured by Samsung Knox, where personal documents and apps can be held separately from the phone and stored in a private folder only visible and accessible to her and can easily accessed by using her fingerprint or iris scanning. All of her most valuable data and information—even the very sensitive material—is centralized, but she can also act as a gatekeeper without jumping to different machines.