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Adventure abounds! Whether you’re searching for firefly festivals, a retro-futuristic sand city or other wondrous curiosities, look no further. We’ve partnered with the all-new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek to bring you expedition inspiration. So, go ahead, answer a few questions and be on your way.

*Vehicle shown with available accessories

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Embrace the “active” in activity and hop, skip, jump or blob (more on that below) your way through these playful pursuits.

Embark on a packrafting excursion

Make like a latter-day Thoreau and set out on a long-range, all-terrain wilderness trip. With a lightweight, inflatable rubber boat rolled up in your backpack, your excursions become truly amphibious—letting you conquer rivers and streams and lakes just as easily as hiking trails.

*Vehicle shown with available accessories

Play bubble soccer

Soccer served up with a side of silliness. Wedge yourself into a giant blow-up ball, then run and kick and try to score goals—all while knocking your opponents to the ground in this frantic free-for-all. It’s not as easy as it looks: the trick is to keep calm and stay on your toes—extra points for not slipping out of your sweaty suit.

Go powerbocking

Strap a pair of carbon-fiber spring stilts on your feet, and you’ll find yourself striding like a giant and jumping like a kangaroo. Powerbocking, the latest urban fitness craze, improves agility, increases stamina, strengthens the core and, according to some estimates, works 90 percent of your muscles as you sprint and leap—or, if you’re truly daring—vault and stunt like an acrobat.

Try blobbing

What do you get when you cross trampolining with human cannonballing? The answer is blobbing, the ultimate group water sport–slash–high-flying thrill ride. Round up your friends, head for a lake, and take turns launching each other from the edge of a “blob” by leaping onto it from dizzying heights. The longest, highest catapult wins the day.

Master metal yoga

If you think moshing and meditation could never be in the same room together, let metal yoga set you straight. Yogis practice poses while releasing negative energy through howls, screams and head-banging, or while listening to a soundtrack of drone and ambient black metal. Fans call it nothing less than cathartic, exhilarating and liberating. Go ahead, exercise your inner demons.

off roading

Less traveled = more fun. The world’s most wondrous adventures don’t come to you, you have to seek them out. So, get lost (and we mean that in the best possible way).

Hang ten with Fido:
try dog surfing

When it comes to surfing, four legs are infinitely better than two. Grab your best buddy and hit the beach for a doggie wave-riding crash course. The options are endless—windsurfing, bodyboarding, boogieboarding or skimboarding, solo or in tandem. Just remember you’ll need extra board-carrying capacity, such as the raised integrated roof rails found on the all-new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek.

*Vehicle shown with available accessories

Get lost in a corn maze

Have a compass at the ready before heading out to get lost in your nearest maize maze—labyrinths of corn that are as simple (or maniacal) as the farmer who planted them. Some are basic grids; others are diabolical rabbit holes that test your mettle with taunting twists and turns. Either way, your mind will surely be tickled with these 3D brain teasers.

Take the high road

Cruise through altocumulus clouds on Colorado’s Mount Evans Scenic Byway—the highest paved road in North America. Climbing to 14,130 feet at its peak, this highway to heaven offers the most dazzling views accessible on wheels—and the most dizzying drops you'll find anywhere. Just make sure, on the descent, that you’ve got the help of a vehicle with 8.7 inches of ground clearance and available hill descent control, like the all-new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek.

*Vehicle shown with available accessories

Behold the
synchronous fireflies

It’s one of nature’s greatest laser light shows: each summer, the forests of Appalachia magically strobe with the coordinated pulsing of thousands of lightning bugs. When the skies are clear and the moon is dark, head to the Great Smoky Mountains or the Allegheny National Forest to glimpse the twinkling mating dance of photinus carolinus—one of only two American species of synchronous fireflies.

Tour America's ghost towns

They rose out of nowhere—pop-up towns in deserts and scrublands, abandoned monuments to bygone booms in gold or oil or copper. All across the Old West, dozens of America’s ghost towns still stand—ringing with the sounds of gunshots and saloon brawls and other frontier follies. Get out your electromagnetic field detector and hunt among the ruins for poltergeists. And should you actually see a ghost, it doesn’t hurt to have standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive for all-conditions traction—found on the all-new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek—for a quick getaway.


Audiophiles, listen up! These offbeat yet euphonic excursions will be music to your ears.

Take a trek to Arcosanti

It rises from the sand like a lost city on a planet far, far away—a retro-futuristic cluster of concrete towers, domes, and apses crowned with arcane glyphs. Arcosanti was the vision of an architect, constructed in the Arizona desert as an experiment in ecological living, but never completed. Today it’s a gorgeous and otherworldly setting for a host of cool, under-the-radar music festivals, from a cappella to bluegrass to EDM. Pack a tent and some sunscreen, and soak up the sounds in a truly transcendent desert utopia.

*Vehicle shown with available accessories

Hark the hymns of
The Wave Organ

Imagine a giant instrument played by the hand of Mother Nature. The Wave Organ, a mystical-looking sound sculpture jutting over San Francisco Bay, was created by artists out of PVC pipes and cemetery marble and concrete. As water laps at the organ and sloshes in and out of the pipes, the air fills with ambient sounds that evoke the tones, waves and percussive beats of early electronic music.

Rock out at an air
guitar championship

Break out your tightest leather and your swankiest spandex, flex your fingers, and get ready to rock out at an air-guitar contest. Whether you actually compete or just jam along in the audience, you can show off your flashy fretwork, wild wind milling and head-banging to rock’s most iconic riffs. It takes a whole lot of nerve and even more practice, but with any luck, true diehards might just make it to the annual world air-guitar championships in Finland.

Dive and jive to an
underwater concert

Throw on your swimsuit and dive into the sea for a mermaid concert—a truly quirky sonic sensation that’s both eerie and ethereal. At the Looe Key Reef in Florida, adventurous snorkelers “play” whimsical instruments along to hits broadcasting from waterproof speakers, while the audience swims and listens underwater—or otherwise on terra firma via a local radio station.

Be blown away by a
beatboxing battle

No instruments needed at these celebrations of hip-hop’s “fifth element.” Beatboxers battle it out using their vocal chords to showcase their skills in crafting kick drums, snares, crash cymbals and scratching. Limber up your lips to try it yourself, or sit back and be blown away by these ultimate contests of rhythm, originality and style.


Take your taste buds on a trip—literally and figuratively—with appetizing adventures that have you hunting, fishing and scavenging for your dinner.

Try truffle hunting

Think truffle hunting is just a European thing? Then you’ve never heard of “hillbilly truffles”—tuber melanosporum—that are cultivated Stateside at a growing number of orchards from Oregon to Tennessee and North Carolina. Immerse yourself in mycology at the dedicated fungi festivals that are cropping up, where you’ll be rewarded with dinners, cooking demos and—best of all—truffle hunts in the wild.

Dine at a critter café

Entomophagy—it may sound like some ancient pseudoscientific art, but it’s actually the practice of eating insects. Eighty percent of the world’s population dines on bugs—they’re delicacies in cuisines such as Mexican, Thai and Korean. And now crawly critters are making their way to tables across America, touted as sustainable meat alternatives. At restaurants from New York City to Denver to Los Angeles, you might just find yourself chowing down on grasshopper tacos, silkworm soup, cricket-garnished cocktails and a bevy of other bug bites.

Set sail on a lobstering cruise

If you’ve only ever seen lobsters in a tank or on a platter, hop on a lobstering boat off the Maine coast to catch crustaceans with the pros. You’ll haul traps and band claws, while learning to identify “hens” (females), “cocks” (males), “snappers” (young lobsters) and “chickens” (one-pounders). You may even get to feast on your spoils on deck or on shore. Oh, and the views of historic lighthouses, rocky cliffs and marine life aren’t so bad either.

Sign up for a
fermentation workshop

Bacteria, yeasts and molds used to be the bane of many a good cook. These days, they are one of the biggest—or is it tiniest?—trends in the foodie world, as hot young chefs from coast to coast are seeking out the bubble, fizz and funk of microbes to lend unexpected flavors to their creations. Roll up your sleeves and dive into the very ancient art of fermentation in a food course that boasts serious culture, and come away with your own batch of kimchi, kombucha, miso, yogurt or even cheese.

Master candy making

Calling all lollipop lovers! If you’ve got a serious sweet tooth, try your hand at whipping up your own bonbons in a candy-making workshop. From truffles, toffee and sea salt caramel to licorice, marzipan and marshmallows, you’ll learn all about the science of sugar—and melt, mold, dip and decorate your way to your own personal chocolate factory.

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