Guide to Graduate Education Spring 2014

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Welcome to the Spring 2014 edition of the Guide to Graduate Education.

In the following pages, we take a look at how women who have non-business degrees are attending the University of Virginia’s School of Business in search of a MBA in business with a focus on entrepreneurship and leadership skills. In addition to building leadership skills, students are learning the business of corporate social responsibility at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business and George Washington University through programs such as Consulting Abroad. On page 6, read about George Washington University’s Consulting Abroad program in Lima, Peru. Students not only created a micro-insurance plan, but also saw how their work impacted society.

To become a leader and make an impact on society, it is important to continue to learn. This is especially true in the ever-expanding health care graduate programs across the country. Georgetown University is providing their students with real life work experience to help students gage what their day to day would look like. Some students find that in this practice, they are more interested in Health Care Systems or Health Care Policy.

In the first feature, we take a look at the Professional Science Masters degree at the University of the District of Columbia. We also learn just how important it is to bridge the gap between scientific know-how and business savvy to take students to the next level of their careers.


The Increasing Importance of a Graduate Degree

Women MBAs are on the Rise

The Evolution of Health Care Graduate Programs

Acting in Business with a Conscience

The Benefits of Learning Information Technology

New Academic Program Pairs Scientific Know-How with Business Savvy