How CN is meeting the freight demands of tomorrow

CN’s agenda of Operational and Service Excellence -- aimed at finding the best balance between high levels of operating efficiency and safety, and improved customer service – has positioned the company strongly to meet the freight demands of tomorrow.

CN’s record of growing its business at low incremental cost and generating solid financial results has reinforced its position as an industry leader and a key part of the solution in fostering the prosperity of the North American markets it serves, creating value for customers and shareholders alike.

Of all the innovations that CN has launched over the last few years, perhaps none has greater significance than our bold program of supply chain collaboration. We are an engine of supply chain capability that ultimately helps our customers succeed. CN’s next great step in expanding our role in the economy is to look at what we offer customers from an end-to-end perspective, with a view to improving efficiency with our supply chain partners through the entire process.


While continuing to achieve solid hub-to-hub speed and reliability, we’re going beyond that to focus on the first and last miles of our service, including better car-order-fulfillment for merchandise traffic, better spotting reliability for grain and fulfillment of customer demand in other bulk commodities, and daily engagement with all ports and intermodal terminal operators. This requires an intense focus on every detail of the receiving and origination part of our journey, with one outcome in mind: better end-to-end service for our customers so that we can help make them become more competitive in their markets.

Our agenda is anchored on running a safe railway -- it’s the overarching imperative in everything we do. As a backbone of the economy, we take our role very seriously when we’re entrusted to move all kinds of traffic, including dangerous goods. Our safety record is solid and it’s been improving continuously for a number of years, but our pursuit of an even stronger safety performance is never ending.