How trendsetters use a strong, silent approach

A prominent icon in pop culture and beyond, the “strong, silent type” is not just about brooding and mystery. Many of today’s successful leaders have creative philosophies toward communicating beyond the spoken word, which impacts their personal and professional lives in profound ways. Here, we talk to some trendsetting thought leaders about their relationship to […]

Behind the curtain: Silent partners making big decisions

Today’s celebrity-obsessed culture puts a spotlight on individuals and groups that succeed beyond our wildest fantasies. In business, entertainment, sports and elsewhere, we look for attributes in these overachievers that we can emulate. Yet we often overlook the power of lesser-known individuals who operate behind the scenes in these celebrity stories—as important, if not crucial, elements to their success.

An interior reflection: Silence is power

In the professional world, silence can be a powerful tool, helping to create levity in meetings or leverage in tense negotiations. As co-founder and CEO of New York-based finance startup Bond Street, David Haber spends a lot of time crunching numbers. But when this Harvard graduate needs to a quiet place to unwind, he turns away from numbers and figures and toward nature.

An interior reflection: Silence is strength

Marcela Sapone, CEO and co-founder of personal butler service Hello Alfred, is on the go and on the clock, nonstop. But Sapone still sets aside quiet time for a thrice-weekly yoga practice at Kula Yoga near her home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which she says is essential to keeping her sane and sharp as an entrepreneur.

This is the biggest secret to negotiation

It’s been said that business, and indeed life, is just a series of negotiations. From convincing your cab driver to take the shortest route to the office to sealing a multi-million dollar deal, it’s all about getting the best outcome. Mastering negotiating techniques and tactics is vital to success in just about every facet of our lives.