How middle market firms can deal with data security breach threats

Data security breaches have been rife in the last few years and have focused on hacks against large companies. Cybersecurity should be an even greater concern for middle market companies—those with revenues of $25 million to $1 billion—because they may lack the scale of operations that can offset the costs of a harmful breach. Small […]

| CIT | December 5, 2016

Five must-have data sources

Our world generates more information every day. Here's how to make sense of it. (Partner Content)

| CIT | November 17, 2016

Analytics puts midmarket companies in the big leagues

Analytics is changing how business gets done. Companies across all industries are going proactive and using Big Data to get a jump on market shifts, heightened competition, changing operational risks and more. And while launching a sophisticated analytics initiative might seem the preserve of Fortune 500 giants with seven-figure IT budgets, the good news for […]

| CIT | October 27, 2016

U.S. defense spending outlook

Defense spending is on the rebound. Responsive supply chains and smart financing are the answer to riding this trend.

| CIT | August 3, 2016

When regulation plays the telephone game

Regulation is nuanced, and applying new regulation can be spectacularly messy. Information gets twisted and is transformed as it makes its way across different communication channels and through different outlets. This means that misconceptions of how a regulation operates and how it affects real people and businesses can run rampant. Remember Obamacare’s Death Panels? Misinformation […]

CIT | CIT | November 12, 2014

The Regulation Chasm: Middle Market vs. Government

Mick Rich Contractors has been in business in Albuquerque, New Mexico since 1988. Rich is a familiar face to government officials and business owners across the Southwest. But his business has fallen from a peak of 100 people to a third as many over the past few years. The reason? Rich, like many small and […]

CIT | CIT | November 4, 2014

Public vs. Private Perceptions of Regulatory Impact

INFOGRAPHIC: New research by CIT and The Washington Post that found that middle market business influencers and federal government employees view the impact of regulation on the economy and middle market businesses quite differently.

CIT | CIT | November 4, 2014

Technology in the Middle Market: Nice-to-Have vs. Need-to-Have

Eric Anderson, the president of Quassy Amusement Park in Connecticut, isn’t a web geek or technologist. He does, however, use technology to help automate his business in a number of innovative ways, like how rides connected to the Internet send signals back to the manufacturer when parts need to be replaced to how its arcade […]

CIT | CIT | September 23, 2014

Middle market companies focus on orienting towards the customer

To truly respond to a customer’s needs in a rapidly evolving business landscape, middle market companies must engage with their customers on an integrated digital and physical level. And the way to achieve that state of being is through the creation of a customer-activated enterprise, according to an IBM global C-Suite study titled The Customer […]

CIT | CIT | June 12, 2014